Chapter 127 – Certainly!


It is certainly nice that the skill levels of the other craft-focused Pioneers are raising, but don’t forget you’re not the only ones growing!

After all, I’m also leveling my own skills! And the higher the level of a skill, the more Skill Points it gives during its leveling process.

And as Skill Points are necessary to evolve skills, gathering Skill Points is fundamental in Frontiers.

And well, the performance of evolved skills is considerably higher than the performance of their lower tier counterparts.

This time I evolved three skills.

Improved Language became Linguist for 20 Skill Points.

Principle of Magic Language became Improved Principle of Magic Language for 20 Skill Points.

True Deciphering became Decryption for 15 Skill Points.

This consumed a total of 55 Skill Points, but of course, I didn’t evolve them all at once.

While I enjoyed the sweets obtained on the Halloween event, I slowly decided on which were the best options and evolved them.

The Skill Points were obtained from my usual grinding and from the rewards of the quest with Raksha.

And now, all three of those are evolved.

Of course, I still have many skills waiting for evolution, but it’s alright because I’m working on them on the order of priority.

The reason I evolved Improved Language was because I obtained permission to access the central archives of Liber.

This happened shortly after finishing Raksha’s quest, as the NPC researchers gave me another quest, and this permission was the reward from it.

I got a lot of recipes from Raksha’s quest, but there are even more recipes in the central archives.

However, just like the second floor of Capital Sabrina’s library, I needed to evolve Language to read anything there, so I decided to go ahead and evolve it.

After all, I’m making more and more connections with great people, so I should eventually gain permission to access locations with even better recipes inside them.

I had left Language waiting for quite a while last time, but considering the results from evolving it once, I decided that I shouldn’t hesitate and evolve it again right away.

In the end, there is no point in gaining permission to entering the archives if I can’t read anything there.

And thanks to that, I’m slowly obtaining new recipes.

Most of them are too easy or not very useful, but that can’t be helped. Even if you need a special permission to enter the archives, there is just no guarantee that you’ll get useful recipes out of it.

Nonetheless, Improved Principle of Magic Language and Decryption should also be great at helping me obtain new recipes, so I have no regrets in evolving them.

Decryption could also help me obtain recipes on books that I had already read before, but it’s just not possible to re-read everything I already read, so I’ll have carefully choose which books I want to go through again.

And it’s at those moments that Great Discovery and Ultra Concentration shine.

I wanted to evolve those two too, actually, but I didn’t have enough Skill Points for that… Can’t I get another quest that gives Skill Points as its reward?


Of the recipes I found in Liber, the one that seemed the most useful so far was a new Magic Doll recipe.

Until now I had only found the Magic Doll – Insect Type – Spider, but I now obtained the Magic Doll – Beast Type – Great Wolf recipe.

I can already have some expectations for it just from the name.

In any case, as Liber is the only city where one can get the Magitech skill, I was certainly expecting to find a Magic Doll recipe there, but as it was neither sold nor given as a reward from Raksha’s quest, I was actually kinda disappointed at it.

But now I found the Great Wolf recipe, so all is good!

However, the materials required to craft it are very troublesome, just like how it was for the Spider Doll.

Therefore, this time too, I asked for the twins to cooperate with me on crafting it. First, I asked them to help me with making a large amount of Magic Silver.

This time the Magic Silver wasn’t made all in one go though. The twins slowly worked on it bit by bit, as it was more convenient for them like that.

It can’t be helped. I am requesting their help, after all.

That said, there was also something I wanted to try out this time, so the production taking long actually felt just right to me.

What I wanted to test, was using one of the recipes obtained with Improved Principle of Magic Language and Decryption… It was a particularly strange recipe though.

It’s a recipe that strengthens materials. The Special Characteristic Enhancement Recipe.

This recipe doesn’t change the basic material though, and differently from Add, it also doesn’t increase the rank of the final processed material either.

It’s also a bit quirky to use, as it only enhances special characteristics of the material, so it does nothing on materials that have no noticeable properties on them.

Moreover, since they’re recipes, they don’t work on all type of materials, and instead can only work on specific categories of materials.

The recipe I got was the Special Characteristic Enhancement Recipe – Metal.

Among all materials I use, metal is by far the best and most common one, so this was a very good find.

However, this skill doesn’t do anything to Steel Ingots, since they have no special characteristics in them.

Even if steel ingots are required to make the best gear that is currently available, this is still fundamentally meaningless due to their lack of special characteristics.

On the other hand, something can be done with Silver Ingots, which are of a lower rank than Steel.

Silver may be used to create Silver Equipment, but those items don’t have any noticeable characteristic normally.

However, after I tried using the Special Characteristic Enhancement Recipe – Metal on the Silver Ingot, it gained the Light Attribute.

I guess it’s because silver is already considered a sacred material of sorts, since Sacred Silver can get the Divine Attribute, then normal silver getting the Light Attribute makes sense.

And on that note, with the discovery of Liber, we have now found out that at least 6 types of normal attributes exist. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and Darkness.

It’s a pretty standard lineup for a game, I’d say. It wouldn’t surprise me if Lightning and Ice also existed, but those haven’t been discovered yet.

That said, Light and Darkness aren’t as easily available as the other four.

Darkness can only be obtained from Lich Bones, and Light seems to only appear when silver ingots are enhanced with the Special Characteristic Enhancement Recipe – Metal.

Lich Bones are almost entirely out of stock, and no new lich has appeared since the first raid boss was defeated.

I guess things will remain like this for as long as a high-rank undead area isn’t found.

That said, people are doing plenty of woodcutting near Dotril, so maybe an area like that one will appear soon.

In fact, it’s probably about time to start worrying about maintenance woodcutting near Dotril… Or rather, the Guild already issued quite a few woodcutting quests with wonderful rewards near it, so the maintenance woodcutting is quite competitive in that region right now.

Currently, the only defensive battle fought so far was the one on Mizuri Village.

It’s good that no other defensive battles have been made, as that guarantees we can keep all the currently available regions, but… Sometimes I see people on the forums talking about how the current regions aren’t exciting enough.

And well, it’s definitely true that recent new areas haven’t been very hard.

In fact, shortly after a new area is unlocked, both Mika and Hime tell me that they don’t think it will take too long to completely explore the new region… And usually, that’s exactly what happens.

Though maybe that’s just because Mika and Hime are too strong.

I mean, Mika’s party is really strong. They’re probably one of the five strongest parties in the Zabrina Kingdom at the minimum.

The strength of Hime’s party varies more, since she often parties up with different people of Kikoridottokoru, but… As Hime has a lot of firepower due to her Spider Doll, while also being able to be a fantastic support by manipulating each thread individually, any party can easily get great success by having Hime by their side.

Due to that, both Mika and Hime end up being quite amazing.

Though well, that’s also because I give them priority when selling the best gear I can make!

Recently I feel like I’ve been giving more priority to making things for Hime over making them for Mika though…

In any case, I can only use the Special Enhancement Recipe on silver materials.

Silver may not be terrible, but it’s not as good as steel, nor is it as good as the unique stat-enhancing gear from Liber.

So, right now, I think the Special Enhancement Recipe will only show its true value with materials that we find in the future.

Right now I can only use it on metal, but there are other categories of items that can be enhanced if I get more recipes too, so there is also that. Who knows what results we’ll get when trying to enhance other types of materials?

Not to mention that I didn’t even try using this recipe on all sorts of metals yet.

That said, I’m currently the only person with the Special Enhancement Recipe, so it will take some time to do all the necessary tests.

Hime would surely love to help out with tests, but as we’re working with recipes here, I have no choice but to try my best.

Well, let’s do it slowly.

In any case, this recipe made me both happy and sad at the same time, because it further delayed the production of the Great Wolf Doll, as we’ll be strengthening the Magic Silver with the Special Enhancement Recipe.


“We finally finished it.” I said.

“It’s done!” Mii said.

“Truly finished!” Muu said.

“Applying this Special Characteristic Enhancement Recipe took way too long!” They exclaimed together.

“True, but we should now be able to make a much better final product, shouldn’t we?” I commented.

“Certainly!” They said in unison.

I had commissioned Mii and Muu to make a large amount of Magic Silver to me, but once it became clear that Magic Silver could be enhanced by the Special Enhancement Recipe, we ended up working on that too, so it took a long time to reach this point.

We were almost at the end of October now.

This whole process took about two weeks in real time, or one month and a half in-game.

That said, we now have enough material to make the Magic Doll – Beast Type – Great Wolf.

I’m really grateful to those two, truly.

And well, even if it took this absurd amount of time to prepare all the materials, crafting the doll itself shouldn’t take that long.

Therefore, we should be able to finish it in time for the last day of the event, which will probably have something happen depending on what side the balance is tilting towards.

I hope Hime will be happy seeing it!

“Then, I’ll start making it.” I told the twins.

“I’ll leave it to you!” Mii exclaimed.

“I’ll look forward to it!” Muu exclaimed.

“We’ll be watching for now!” They said together.

“Yes! I’ll do my best!” I replied.

Mii and Muu’s job was to prepare the materials.

From now on it’s my turn.

That said, I already prepared all other materials in advance, with only the Magic Silver needing the twins’ help.

The base difficulty level of the Great Wolf Doll and of the Spider Doll are roughly the same, so I should have no problem making the wolf when I already made the spider before.

The problem will be the magical remodeling after the doll is finished.

Mii and Muu seem to be already making plans for it and are excitedly waiting for the doll’s completion.

I’m a bit scared of imagining what the results will be this time, but I’m also looking forward to it.

And most importantly, this will certainly improve Hime’s battle potential!

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