Chapter 128 – Alright! Let’s do our best!


“Amazing…” Hime muttered.

“Hehehe.” Mii giggled.

“Ehehe.” Muu giggled.

“We’ve done our best!” They exclaimed.

After we finished remodeling the Great Wolf Doll, we immediately contacted Hime, and she came to see it right away.

This time she knew that we were making a new Magic Doll though.

And well, as operating it is too hard, only Hime can properly move this doll around.

Sure, there must be some other players who have high levels of Magical Gloves and Puppeteer, but those people aren’t as good at handling the thread as Hime is, nor are they on my priority sales, so it’s only natural that we’re selling the new doll to Hime!

“Well then, Hime.” I said.

“Leave it to me.” She replied.

Once I gave her the doll, Mii and Muu started explaining everything that we did on the Magical Remodeling.

While the three of us worked together on the Magical Remodeling of the Great Wolf, the main concept was decided upon primarily by the twins, so I left it up to them to do the explanation.

It’s different from how each of us remodeled a part of the Spider Doll separately. This time the twins devised a proper concept in advance, so the final product had an actual sense of unity to it.

There were some really hard parts to fit in within this concept of the Magical Remodeling though, so the final result ended up being more restrained than the one of the Spider Doll.

“Understood.” Hime said.

“Then start getting used to it at first!” Mii said.

“Once you’re used to it, go all out!” Muu said.

“Let’s start!” They exclaimed.

Hime just nodded in response.

Seems like their explanation has finished, so the tests of the Great Wolf Doll have now started.

As its name suggests, it is a super large doll that is more than twice Hime’s height. Just its mere appearance already gives off a real sense of power.

Though the same can be said for the Spider Doll.

Since Hime can already manipulate the Spider Doll with ease, the basic practice tests with the Great Wolf Doll were finished very quickly. Hime was able to perfectly move the doll around and its running movement made me feel like I was looking at an actual wolf.

But now is time for the real thing.

As soon as Hime raised her fingers, the fur of the Great Wolf Doll stood up and several arms appeared from inside it.

This is the true nature of our Magical Remodeling.

Various steel weapons are attached to each arm that appeared.

The Great Wolf Doll ran towards the prepared target and destroyed it in the blink of an eye.

The doll was moving two to three times faster than it was before.

Of course, the cause of the speed increase is known.

Those arms aren’t there just for attacking.

The arms come out of all sections of the Great Wolf Doll and they have been specifically made with parts that increased speed, acceleration and shock absorption.

Of course, just one or two arms wouldn’t be enough to get this huge speed, but Hime was managing ten arms at once to get this tremendous acceleration.

“Amazing…” Hime muttered.

“It’s definitely amazing!” Mii exclaimed.

“Totally amazing!” Muu exclaimed.

“It’s only amazing because it’s Hime handling it!” They said together.

She was manipulating ten arms at once for the acceleration while also using those same arms to attack.

The Great Wolf Doll’s speed was high enough to the point it left afterimages behind it.

The Spider Doll certainly was able to participate in high-speed combat, but definitely not to the extent that the Great Wolf Doll can.

I honestly thought that even Hime wouldn’t be able to manage this speed right away, but she was actually able to control the Great Wolf Doll flawlessly and completely crush the target that we prepared.

I’m sorry for looking down on you, Hime, you’re truly a master puppeteer.

Hime then started crushing our next targets in different ways while testing the different functions of the Great Wolf Doll.

As expected of Hime who loves testing things out.

Watching her tests also made us very satisfied with the overall performance obtained by the Magical Remodeling.

There are 40 arms total inside the Great Wolf Doll. Five on each limb, five on the tail, and the remaining fifteen are within the torso.

The arms on the limbs are the ones focused on mobility, so they’re the ones focusing on speed, acceleration and shock absorption.

The tail and torso arms are the ones in charge of attack and defense, and many weapons were placed inside the belly of the Great Wolf Doll too.

The idea is that one would be able to change which weapons the arms are holding according to the needs of your current situation, so it’s a highly adaptable doll.

The Spider Doll was certainly strong, but it can hardly be compared to the incredible Great Wolf Doll that we made!

I’m a bit worried about the possibility of the development team nerfing dolls due to this kind of thing, but considering that Hime is the only Pioneer who is able to control this kind of doll, it will probably be fine.

Not to mention that this can’t be made quickly anyways.

It was honestly really hard to make the Spider Doll already, and the Great Wolf was even harder.

… Though if you don’t remodel it, then it will only be half as hard as it was.


The delivery of the Magic Doll – Beast Type – Great Wolf to Hime is now over, and the Halloween event is now at its end.

The balance is greatly tilted towards the delivery side right now.

That’s probably because a certain someone overdelivered items for the secret-tier quest…

Yes! That was me! The sweets were too delicious, so it couldn’t be helped.

The development team still gave no explanation regarding the balance’s tilt, but most people on the forums are expecting that a special event will happen based on what side the balance is tilted towards.

Since it’s tilted towards delivery, most people are assuming we’ll get an event that is advantageous to producers.

Due to that, some people are doing a last spurt subjugation to see if they can tilt the balance to the other side.

But well, not that many people seem to be really trying to do that, since we still have no idea what will happen at the end anyways.

At this pace, the balance will probably remain tilted to the delivery side by the end of the month.

And since the event will not continue after the month ends, something should happen soon.

As for me, I’m just making steel gear, like usual.

But just as I was about to resume my crafting, I ended up receiving a message… Is this a good or bad timing?

When I opened it, I saw that it was apparently from the dev team.

Oh my… They’re announcing the progress of the event.


“Yuri, you ready?” Mika asked me.

“I’m ready. I think I prepared everything I might need!” I replied.

“As expected of Bucket.” Hime commented.

“We prepared as much as we could too, but we might still need to rely on you, Bucket.” Lolita said.

“It was clearly written that this result came from the balance being tilted towards delivery, so I guess it doesn’t hurt to prepare a lot…” Lulu said.

“It’s all good as long as we can enjoy it.” Mika commented.

“Alright! Let’s do our best!” I exclaimed.

The usual members of our girls-only-gathering are now aiming for the Pumpkin Labyrinth that was released for the event.

The message from the devs said that delivery-related events would occur on the labyrinth due to the tilt of the balance.

It turned out just as people expected on the forums.

There isn’t much information on how the Pumpkin Labyrinth works just yet though, so Mika and Hime will be working as our powerful escorts.

Their usual party members weren’t online right now, so the timing was just right.

I mean, it’s been less than an hour since we got the message from the devs, so it can’t be helped that they couldn’t organize themselves to go with their usual teams.

I’m looking forward to whatever lies ahead though.

And I expect to receive a lot of delicious sweets too!

Or rather, I’m participating on the labyrinth exploration just for that.

If I hadn’t received delicious sweets in this event, I probably would have ignored it altogether.

In any case, the Pumpkin Labyrinth seems to have entrances all over Capital Sabrina.

Specifically, the entrances are located in the same places that we could take our event quests at.

And since all entrances looked the same, we decided to just use the one that was nearest to my workshop.

And its inside was like… A western-style building?

The entrance had a mysterious bat design, so I thought we’d get a cave of sorts, but we’re instead in an out-of-place western-style building.

“Welcome to the Pumpkin Labyrinth! From here on, you’ll work together to clear the mini-games.” Suddenly, the pumpkin said that.

The same pumpkin that issued the event quests was now inside the labyrinth, and it was talking to us now.

Is it a he? A she? Well… Regardless of that, it explained to us that we’ll need to play three randomly-selected mini-games.

Wait, hold on, where is the delivery event? I thought the first mini-game would be related to delivering materials…

“So we need to make stuff with the materials hidden in this hall?” Mika commented.

“And we need to be careful when searching for them, because we’ll paralyzed for a bit if the event mobs find us.” Lolita added.

“They can’t be beaten…” Hime said.

“And there is a time limit, so we can’t be too cautious…” Lulu commented.

“Well, let’s just try it out for now.” I said.

If the balance was tilted towards subjugation, then I guess the content of the mini-games would be related to killing mobs?

Well, it seems like the balance can’t be moved anymore, so let’s just focus on the mini-games.


The Western-style building was fairly large and seemed to have three floors.

There are many event mobs wandering around it, so the difficulty level seemed to be fairly high.

And since the area was large, everyone had to gather materials separately.

It’s okay though, since we won’t be fighting the mobs.

… That said, I was the only one that was found by the mobs within a minute of starting the search, so I took a 20-second penalty where I couldn’t move.

Everyone else was collecting the materials by hiding well or positioning themselves in a way that didn’t let them be found.

I understand Mika and Hime being like that, but I’m a bit saddened that neither Lolita nor Lulu have been found by the event mobs yet… I have to do my best too!

By the time I finished collecting the necessary materials, I had been found by the event mobs over ten times… I’m not good at this minigame.

But I did great at the production part!

Well, it wasn’t very difficult to make, so Lolita and Lulu also made it quickly.

With this, the delivery to the pumpkin was completed and the first mini-game was cleared.

After that, more mini-games came, and they were all working with the premise of exploring this Western-style building without being found by the event mobs.

The second mini-game involved finding and delivering specific items that were hidden within treasure chests that were placed in various rooms.

We were luckily able to clear it in a single minute because Lulu found the item right away on the very first room that she entered.

The third mini-game was pretty hard, as it involved getting materials that were stuck to the back of the event mobs.

Mika and Hime were quite successful at that, but I wasn’t able to get a single one…

Well, the difficulty-level seems to vary greatly depending on the mini-game, so I guess luck is a pretty big factor in this event.

Especially because there is a time limit to it.

In any case, since we were able to successfully clear three mini-games, each of us received three Pumpkin Coins as reward.

Apparently, we can exchange our coins for a variety of event items.

Also, we can challenge the Pumpkin Labyrinth as many times as we want, so I’d like to keep on doing my best in order to get some juicy rewards from all this.

And well, I think the number of times I’m seen will slowly decrease as I get used to this… Probably.

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