Chapter 130 – Intermission – Forum Talk

Intermission Arc (three chapters long)


[Best Defensive Equipment Is Steel] General Equipment Thread #233 [It’s Weak Against Magic Though]

164: Anonymous Pioneer

I recommend foot equipment!

165: Anonymous Pioneer

I’ve finally saved enough money to make my steel debut, but is there any store that sells steel gear with Options at a low price?

166: Anonymous Pioneer


Magic Iron Ring

167: Anonymous Pioneer


The strongest gear defense-wise is still steel, so don’t expect to find items with Options being sold for cheap.

168: Anonymous Pioneer


If you’re fine with items without Options, you can buy steel gear at stalls these days.

Whether that is good enough or not is a bit hard to measure though.

169: Anonymous Pioneer


A pervert equipment called full-body rubber suit was on sale the other day.

170: Anonymous Pioneer


If you’re making your steel debut, then it’s better to go for items without Options, because the Options basically double the price of the equipment piece.

Unless it’s a garbage Option, of course.

You’ll be much stronger if you buy two items without Options than one with Options, so just go for the former.

171: Anonymous Pioneer

Speaking of steel, Bucket is usually the one to sell the best items, but these days the products being sold on her store were actually made by other people.

172: Anonymous Pioneer


Share more info! What did it look like!?

173: Anonymous Pioneer


Speaking of bad Options, I think vitality enhancements is one of the worst ones.

174: Anonymous Pioneer


Someone really did this kind of thing? There are mad people everywhere…

175: Anonymous Pioneer

>> 171

How do you know who the creator is?

176: Anonymous Pioneer

>> 173

I’d say durability enhancement is worse. We don’t usually fight enough battles in a row to make it necessary.

177: Anonymous Pioneer


Dexterity enhancement is also pretty subpar. I can’t really feel the difference that comes from it.

178: Anonymous Pioneer


Let’s get rid of that crazy person!

179: Anonymous Pioneer


It’s useful to have it in case you don’t wanna bring backup gear with you in case of an emergency.

180: Anonymous Pioneer


I’d say the opposite. Durability enhancement is one of the best Options.

Hard opponents take a long time to die, so it’s natural that your gear will lose a fair bit of durability on the process.

Though well, it depends on the kind of weapon you use.

181: Anonymous Pioneer


Burn them down!

182: Anonymous Pioneer


Not having backups frees up space in the inventory too, which is quite useful.

183: Anonymous Pioneer


Yeah, this kind of people should be banned.

184: Anonymous Pioneer


It was just a simple deduction. The types of items on sale on her store aren’t the same as they used to be.

Moreover, it’s been a while since a steel item with two Options on them has appeared on the store, and Bucket made those regularly before.

185: Anonymous Pioneer


Come on, that item might actually be fun! I’d love to see the tank of my party use it!

Where did you see it up for sale?

186: Anonymous Pioneer


If inventory space bothers you, you could always buy the premium item that expands inventory size. It makes things a lot more convenient.

187: Anonymous Pioneer


That kinda makes sense… It’s worrisome though. Could something have happened to her?

188: Anonymous Pioneer


A pervert tank… No way! I don’t want that kind of tank in the game!

189: Anonymous Pioneer

On that note, I wonder if they’ll release more premium items with time… Maybe something that allows you to easily differentiate players from NPCs?

190: Anonymous Pioneer


I can confirm. Bucket is renting her shop to the other members of Works right now.

191: Anonymous Pioneer


Coming to think of it, the amount of steel items being sold is also smaller than before.

192: Anonymous Pioneer


Come on! Join us!

193: Anonymous Pioneer


Details, please!

194: Anonymous Pioneer


195: Anonymous Pioneer


Can you share more details about it?

196: Anonymous Pioneer

Perverts everywhere!

197: Anonymous Pioneer


She’s renting out that small shop?

Why would she do that when she is the only one who can make steel items with Options on them?

198: Anonymous Pioneer


Coming to think of it, there are quite a few Alchemy Items being put up for sale these days…

199: Anonymous Pioneer


I didn’t notice it because I never buy stuff with Options and steel gear is still put up for sale regularly.

Items with Options are just too expensive…

200: 190

An acquaintance of an acquaintance happened to tell me.

Bucket has apparently retired from the game for the time being.

She said that she’ll return later though, so she’s renting the shop out during her game vacations.

201: Anonymous Pioneer


They’re really way too expensive. Especially if they have useful Options.

I wonder how much money Bucket accumulated by selling those things.

202: Anonymous Pioneer


For real? Bucket retired?

203: Anonymous Pioneer

So a temporary retirement?

Is she waiting for the major update, perhaps?

204: Anonymous Pioneer


She’s retiring, but planning to return later?

It’s hard to imagine that person leaving the game though…

205: Anonymous Pioneer


Seems possible. There is no recipe for gear above steel at the moment, so maybe she is waiting until new stuff is discovered.

206: Anonymous Pioneer


Mini-retirement then!

207: Anonymous Pioneer


It’s okay, you’ll be able to buy items with Options soon! Just come explore the new areas and you’ll get plenty of money in no time!

208: Anonymous Pioneer


Bucket retired?

I feel a bit lonely now…

209: Anonymous Pioneer

Too sad!

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