Chapter 131 – Intermission – Leave it to us!


(Lalalu’s PoV)

“Mmm… I wonder when will Bucket return…” I muttered.

While sewing a new piece in the Magical Sewing Machine, I started thinking about the central figure of our clan, Works.

A player Pioneer who was at the top of the crafters and used her trademark Bucket Helm. She worked harder at production than anybody else.

That was Bucket.

At first treated me as a suspicious person and didn’t listen to me much, but either because she understood my enthusiasm or because she couldn’t resist the cuteness of the clothes I make, she ended up joining Works and became a central figure within our clan.

Her login time is longer than anybody else’s, and the amount of time she can keep on concentrating on her crafting is also bigger than everybody else’s.

While being at the top of the craft-focused player Pioneers, her noble producer spirit let her keep on making originals stoically!

I am not only a companion of Bucket, but am also someone who respects her a lot.

Everyone gets tired of doing the same thing all the time.

However, Bucket can keep on doing it forever.

That very simple fact is incredibly amazing in itself.

If you keep on doing the same thing over and over again, you’ll naturally start cutting some corners as you get used to it.

That’s not really a bad thing, but Bucket doesn’t do it.

I know it because I’m also a craft-focused Pioneer. Bucket never cuts corners.

And even though she is this kind of person, suddenly, she announced her retirement shortly after the news about the major update were released.

It came out of nowhere. A message to all members of Works that said, ‘I want to know when everyone is free, because I want to talk about something important.’

It was something she wanted to tell us all together instead of individually, so I replied with everyone’s schedule to her.

I’m her Clan Master, after all, so it’s natural for me to do that much.

But when we gathered at her workshop, we found out that the people of Works weren’t the only ones there. Mikan, Hime, Armilate, as well as some people from Gospel, Mist Knights and Kikoridottokoru were all gathered together in her living room.

It was impossible for everyone to sit down, so most people were standing. It couldn’t be helped, since Bucket’s workshop isn’t that large.

“Thank you all for coming even though you must have been busy.

“I know it’s a bit sudden, but I’ll be retiring before the major update hits.” Bucket told us.

While I was packed inside that small living room, I couldn’t swallow the words that Bucket told me… That Bucket, retiring?

That same Bucket who always puts her all into crafting?

That Bucket that gives me a peace of mind because I know she’ll always be there when I log-in?


“Sorry if I surprised you with this sudden announcement, but I can’t help it because it is related to real matters.” Bucket continued to speak.

We were all so surprised, so none of us could mutter a word in response.

I’m sure I left my mouth open and looked really goofy while I listened to her.

A colleague of mine at the company I work at repeatedly warned me to not leave my mouth open just because I was surprised, but I’m sure it happened again this time.

“But if everything goes according to schedule, then I should be back before the big update.

“So don’t worry, I’m not quitting Frontiers.” Bucket told us.

She’ll come back.

Her words made my thoughts, that had stopped functioning because of the surprise, start running again.

But in the end, I couldn’t say anything even after Bucket finished explaining it.

Many questions were asked by other people, and she answered the best she could.

But well, it involved real life matters, so she couldn’t go too deep into it.

We may be friends, but we’re not close enough to talk about this kind of thing.

I was keenly aware of that, and that alone, was enough to make me feel like crying.


“Then, please manage the store for me in the meanwhile, Works.” Bucket asked us.

“Alright. The salaries for your employees are paid through the Guild, right?” I asked her.

“You don’t need to worry about that. I already paid them an advance to cover two months of Real Time salary.” Bucket replied.

“… Should we keep the business hours the same as before?” Lulu asked her.

“Yes, please leave them as is.” She replied.

“It’ll be easier if we restock the store at fixed times, so we should schedule ourselves for that.” Mukaida commented.

“I agree.” Mii said.

“Indeed.” Muu said.

“Leave it to us!” They exclaimed.

After Bucket finished telling us what she needed to, the meeting was mostly dissolved.

The only people remaining in her workshop now were the members of Works, as she wanted to discuss what to do with her shop.

The main store in Capital Sabrina will continue operating and be borrowed by Works for the time being, while the purchase-only store at Dotril will be temporarily closed.

Sure, everyone in Works does own their own store, but Bucket’s shop is by far the most popular one.

Therefore, we’re very grateful to her for allowing us to use her store to sell our items.

Bucket’s shop is probably the most popular store in the Zabrina Kingdom right now.

Also, it’s not really possible to identify the creator of any given item, so it’s not like the buyers will know who made what item.

Not to mention that, unless you’re a collector, nobody will really care who made your item.

“Then, Lalalu, I’ll be giving you authority over the store. Please take care of it.” Bucket told me.

“… I understand.

“But I’m just renting it, alright!? You’ll definitely come back and start using your own store again!” I replied.

“Of course. I told you that I’m not quitting.” She told me.

“Absolutely! Pinky promise!” I extended my pinky to her.

“Yes, I promise. Pinky promise.” She entwined her finger with mine.

Then, from the next day onwards, Bucket really disappeared from Frontiers.

Even if I logged in immediately after returning home from work and checked my friend’s list, the name ‘Bucket’ was gray.

Bucket’s name had never turned gray before…

On that day I was feeling really down, so I just restocked the store and logged out.


“Hello…” Lulu said.

“Ah, Lulu, hey there.” I replied.

“I made something new…” She told me.

“Wow! Thank you!” I exclaimed.

While I was trying to do some crafting, Lulu came to visit, and it seems like she brought a new work.

I’m looking forward to it, because Lulu’s new creations are always delicious.

“… I thought it might be a nice distraction.” Lulu told me.

“Ah… Sorry, guess I worried you.” I replied.

“I’m… The same there…” Lulu told me.

“Lulu…” I muttered.

Just like me, Lulu also seems to be unable to properly focus on crafting because she is worried about Bucket.

In that case, it’s important to go for a change of pace!

She seems to have come with this kind of thought in her mind.

“Ah!” Mii exclaimed.

“Amazing!” Muu exclaimed.

“We want to eat too!” They said together.

“Mii!? Muu!?” I exclaimed.

“It’s alright… There is enough for you two too…” Lulu replied.

“Really!?” Mii asked.

“That’s great!” Muu exclaimed.

“We were right to come!” They exclaimed together.

While Lulu set the tea and sweets on the table, the twins seemed to have been caught by the smell of the sweets.

Maybe they two came here because they too were worried about Bucket, just like me and Lulu.

Though they’re still young boys, so I don’t think they’ll be able to say that.

“Tadaa!” Mii exclaimed.

“Voila!” Muu exclaimed.

“We brought a gift!” They said together.

“A gift?” I asked.

“… To Bucket, perhaps?” Lulu asked.

“Correct!” Mii said.

“Ding!” Muu said.

“She’ll be surprised once she comes back!” They exclaimed in unison.

While enjoying the tea and sweets, Mii and Muu lined up various items on the table.

Apparently, those were items that they used to remodel the doll together with Bucket.

I heard that it was quite hard to make those items even if one’s Alchemy was as high-leveled as Mii’s and Muu’s was.

From what they told me, Mii, Muu and Bucket worked really hard to make those things.

In that case I can see that this will surely be a great gift for her.

Unlike me, who was just worried and feeling down about it, Mii and Muu didn’t ever doubt the return of Bucket.

Or rather, they’re so sure of it, that they’re already preparing gifts for when she returns.

Ah… I’m not good, ain’t I?

In the end, I just couldn’t believe Bucket’s words when she said she would come back.

But Mii and Muu are different. They not only had no doubt, but already worked on such a wonderful gift…

“Lalalu…” Lulu muttered. She was probably thinking the same thing as I was.

“Well, we can’t lose to them!” I exclaimed.

Believe in Bucket and wait.

Therefore, I’ll prepare a return gift for her that will not be defeated by Mii’s and Muu’s gift!

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