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Frontiers ~Chronicles of Bucket-san’s Detailed Pioneering~ 14


I can fight even harder now



I forgot all about that “Bronze Ring” and made “Copper Ingots” for a while, and by the time I was finished, it had been an hour since I rented the facility.

Certainly, the general public may think this is nothing but a shame.

But I don’t really care about that.


Anyway, I’ll start by taking care of Hime-chan’s request first.

I’ll be making the Copper-tier “Magic Thread Gloves” –Namely, the “Copper Magic Thread Gloves”.

When I asked in detail at our little girls-only-gathering, Hime-chan was currently using “Copper Magic Thread Gloves” without any “Options”, so the idea is to make one with a useful “Option”.


Since there’s a recipe for them, it’s as easy as preparing the ingredients and using “Cast” on them.

I’m already used to how “Smithing” works in “Frontiers”, so I’ll be able to do it quickly.

By applying “Processing Completion” at the final touches, I’ll end up with a wonderful weapon that cannot be reproduced in the real world.



Copper Magic Thread Gloves

Magic Thread Gloves / ★4 / ATK +8 CRL +7 / Critical Power (S) / Durability 90



Unlike Bronze, Copper gear is a piece of cake! And it has an “Option” as well, so I think it came out pretty nicely.

Next, let’s make some “Magic Thread” and “Wire” for later use.


“Magic Thread” and “Wire” aren’t made through “Smithing”, but through “Weaving”.

I can understand the logic for “Magic Thread”, but the fact that “Wire” isn’t made using “Smithing” still puzzles me, even though there’s nothing I can do about it.


My “Weaving” Skill Lv isn’t as high as my “Smithing”, so the best I can do is ★3 items with it, though it should be good enough for the time being.

Since “Magic Thread” and “Wire” are both consumable items, I’ll eventually keep making them, which will in turn raise my “Weaving” level.


Next is the iron mask for Hime-chan. This one I managed to make almost instantly, since for some reason, there’s a regular recipe for it.



Copper Face Mask

Head / Heavy Armor / ★4 / DEF +5 / Durability 40



It is a type of mask that completely covers the face, but it was designed in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with Hime-chan’s trademark hairstyle.

I tried it on for a moment, and much like my “Bucket Helm”, it doesn’t obstruct one’s view.

Also, it wouldn’t fall off from my face even though it didn’t have a strap or anything like that, probably because it’s just a game.

I covered the parts that come in contact with the skin with a small cushion and tried it myself several times, and it felt comfy enough to wear regularly.


Those were all the items I had to make for Hime-chan, so I sent her an Email, which she replied to right away, even though I had decided to wait for a while since I knew she was probably in the middle of a hunt.

Since it’s Hime-chan we’re talking about, I’m sure she was responding to my Emails while hunting. She’s really good at doing more than one thing at the same time.

I was really grateful for her quick replies, since that allowed me to make more use of the rental time I had left at the facility.


Back when I made “Bronze Ring”, I thought that making accessories simply following their recipes would be rather rugged without any samples or a tremendous amount of work.

I wondered if it wouldn’t end up being just a simple ring made out of the metal that makes up its body.”

Well, it’s a beginner’s recipe, so as long as you have the “Crafting” skill, a template should be enough.

The recipe also includes a detailed drawing so you can see the item’s general shape.

I can understand it to some extent because it can be viewed from all directions with 3D images, but there are still many parts that can only be understood by actually making it.

So, first of all, I decided to actively make whatever I could make.

And since I’d be getting experience points with every craft, it was like killing two birds with one stone.


While there are two general categories of accessories, there are about 10 recipes for them.

There are quite a few types, such as rings, bracelets, and earrings.

They’re designed in such a way that you can make Original items using these as templates.




After making a set of Copper accessories, I’ll try to make various carvings on some of them with my “Crafting” skill.

However, if the number of carvings were to exceed a certain limit, it won’t be possible to make them.

Perhaps this is some kind of limitation that doesn’t allow an item’s shape or quality to be altered past a certain degree after using “Processing Completion”.

In other words, if you want to do more than that, you have to do it before “Processing Completion”.

“Processing Completion” is excellent anyway, and if you have a solid image, you can make rough adjustments as well as fine adjustments to some extent, so if there’s a need for a small degree of detail, it can certainly be done after using that skill.

However, there are still limits to how much you can correct with an image.

Using the “Crafting” skill on the section that cannot be corrected by just an image, it might be possible to produce a result that exceeds the limitations of  “Processing Completion”.

The result should be either Original or at least appear to be in terms of performance.


So I tried my hand at it, and here’s the result.



Copper Chain Plate Bracelet: Sunflower

Accessory / ★4 / DEF +2 / Durability 15



I carved a large blooming sunflower on the plate part of the chain bracelet.

The plate part is not that big, so it was quite difficult to work on.

It would not have been possible to complete it without “Crafting Arts / Lv1 / Correction”.

As the name suggests, this is an incredible “Art” that allows one to make corrections with a certain degree of freedom.

To use this “Art” to make this sunflower carving wasn’t easy.

However, it was very helpful because I could also use it to easily redo any wrong parts.

It took quite a long time to finish it, but it was fun, so it’s okay.


The result was an Original accessory which was better than a regular Copper accessory in terms of performance.

Well, it’s only a little bit better, and unfortunately it didn’t have any “Options”.


Since it is an Original item, there’s no market information about it, so I’ll quickly send an “ID mail” to Mika-chan, who I could count on in these cases. Though maybe she’s sleeping at this time.

I’ll also need to write down its performance info. The in-game Emails allow for sending a lot of detailed information about items and such, so maybe I should just attach as much information as I can, right?




Since I spent a lot of time making the “Copper Chain Plate Bracelet: Sunflower”, I didn’t have much rental time left.

Thinking about how it was about time for me to meet with Hime-chan, I left the “Rental Production Facility” in a hurry, and ended up bumping into her as I came through the door.


“You’re right on time, Hime-chan.”

“Yeah. I’ve been planning to meet you here.”

“Is that so? Sorry to have kept you waiting. Ah, here you are.”

“No problem.”


It seems that she finished hunting early and was waiting for me to come out.

I wish I had called that.

But considering Hime-chan’s personality, she’d prefer to wait until it was time to meet with me. This is all there is to it.


I decided to give her a little discount on the equipment I sold her as a way to apologize for making her wait.

By the way, Hime-chan is also giving me her old “Copper Magic Thread Gloves” in exchange. She figured it would make no sense to keep it even as a spare weapon.


“They don’t have much durability left, though.”

“It’s okay, there’s something I want to try using these.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“You are welcome~”


There was something really cool and mysterious about Hime-chan once she tried on her new gear.

The face mask looks really great on her!

Just like me with my bucket helmet, it seems that Hime-chan isn’t going to take that mask off anytime soon.


“I can fight even harder now.”

“Give it your all! I’ll keep working hard as well~”

“Yeah. You can count on me.”


After seeing the motivated Hime-chan off, I went back to the “Rental Production Facility” and quickly finished the remaining “Copper Ingots”.

Now I’ll use what little time I have left to make equipment to make money. Time to roll up my sleeves!


Since they sell well, I’ll be making a lot of “Copper Axes”, and I’ll also try to make some shields, which I have never made before.

There are three types of shields: small shields, arm shields, and large shields, with the small ones being the smaller ones, and the large ones being the larger ones. Pretty intuitive, isn’t it?

It seems that the larger the size, the higher its defensive power and the more difficult it is to handle. It is up to each person to choose whether they prefer a higher defense or a better handling.

Of course, some people don’t use shields. Like Mika-chan.

Mika-chan is a dual-wielding attacker, but instead of favoring evasion, she bulldozes through with heavy armoring that increases her defense.

She’s quite hot-blooded, so this style really suits her.


After making a series of shields, one large shield came out with an “Option”.

Moreover, it’s an “Option” that I’ve never had before, so I’m pretty happy with it.



Copper Large Shield

Large Shield / Heavy Equipment / ★4 / DEF +16 HP +35 / Vitality Up (S) / Durability 80



Since the starting value for HP is 200, having 35 extra points is no small thing.

However, since it also has the “Vitality Up (S)” skill, defense-oriented players who use this will have a higher HP than that by default.

Still, every extra bit of HP is always welcome.

But I don’t know anyone who uses a large shield, so it’s going to the stall.

By the way, the initial value of Magic Power is 100, but since I have the skill “Magic Power Up”, it has increased considerably, bringing it up to almost triple its original value.

I still have only 200 HP, though.


Wood is used as a material when making shields, so the pre-processing work increased my “Woodworking” Lv by quite a bit.

My main skill, “Smithing” has finally reached Lv 30, which earned me a new “Art”, “Smithing Arts/Lv 30/Repair”.

With this, I should be able to restore the durability of your heavy equipment by myself.

Until now, players had no choice but to rely on NPC blacksmiths, but they can now use this skill as well if they have it.

I think I’ll mostly use this “Art” with acquaintances or with equipment I receive as trade-in.

I’ll start with some preparations for the time being.


Special items are required to “Repair” equipment.

These items differ between those used for heavy equipment, which is created with the “Smithing” skill, and light equipment, which is created with the “Sewing” skill. A “Repair Stone” is needed for heavy equipment.

And there are two ways to use a “Repair Stone”. You either use a repair kit available at the [Rental Production Facilities], or prepare a special “Beginner’s Portable Repair Set.”


I can create a “Beginner’s Portable Repair Set”, so I quickly made one using “Tool Making”.

I can also make a “Repair Stone” using “Tool Making”, so I did that as well.



Beginner’s Portable Repair Set

Tool / ★4 / Durability 100




Repair Stone

Tools / ★3 / Repair Points 500



“Repair Stones” were a little different from normal items. Instead of durability, they have “Repair Points”, which are spent to restore a damaged item’s durability.


Even with the same repair value of 1, the repair kits found at facilities can recover about twice as much durability from an item than “Beginner’s Portable Repair Sets”.

Thing is, in order to use those repair kits, you need to actually go to a facility, while you can use “Beginner’s Portable Repair Sets” virtually anywhere. Also, “Portable Repair Sets” come in different tiers, with “Beginner’s” being the first one. Higher-tiered “Portable Repair Sets” can be even more efficient than the repair kits found at production facilities.


Now that my preparations are ready, I can recover the durability of the “Copper Magic Thread Gloves” I got as a trade-in from Hime-chan.

I’ll have to give it my all, won’t I?

Well, it turns out that the repair itself was quite simple.

All you have to do is put the equipment and the “Repair Stone” in place and use the “Art”.

But with this, I won’t have to worry about an item’s durability getting too low anymore.

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