Frontiers ~Chronicles of Bucket-san’s Detailed Pioneering~ 15


It had turned into quite a mess



Considering the remaining rental time I had, I thought it would be better to make something that I knew how long it would take, rather than something that I’ve never made before.

I wouldn’t be making “Bucket Helms” of course, but I was happy to have decided to make a lot of “Copper Greaves”, as some of them came out with an “Option”.


A “Copper Greaves” had come out with “Enhanced Durability (S)”, so I sent Rush-san an email to ask him if he’d like to buy them, but he replied with “I’ll pass for now”.

Well, the normal ones would lose durability after being attacked as well, but it’s not like they were going to be instantly broken or anything, so I understand why these ones wouldn’t make too much of a difference.

If we were talking about shields, which were meant to take a lot of hits, things would be different, but this was leg armor. No one would be tanking hits with their legs.




Just as I finished processing all the “Copper Ingots”, I received an ID mail from Mika-chan.

I had assumed not much time should have passed in the “real time”, but does she not sleep at all? I was a little worried about her.


Since I couldn’t figure out what Mika-chan had sent me either, I figured I’d have to take a look on the forum to see if I could find any posts from its creator talking about its performance.

Really, what was she doing? She ought to go to sleep.

It’s okay because there is no particular problem with simply checking on the forum, but I didn’t want to stay up all night on a wild goose chase. My brain would start to beg me to go to sleep, and I don’t want to have to listen to it…


After checking the forum, I found some posts talking about this.

Some people wrote that it was a store-level item, which I thought to be a bit of an exaggeration, but there were also many who commented that they wanted to have one of these for themselves.

However, it seemed that it wasn’t very expensive. Was it because its performance wasn’t that good?

Another reason was that many players who had a lot of money were now looking for efficiency. I felt that if they were to wait a little longer, they would eventually start to be attracted to its design and its price would go up.


I had several slots where I had no equipment on, so I just put it on myself.

I thought I’d get a bit more info if I posted a picture of myself with it equipped, but all the replies I got were regarding that stupid incident that had made me so famous as of late.




My rental time was nearly over, and I used most of the materials that I had purchased, so I decided it was time to wrap things up here and go set up my shop.

But I couldn’t forget to have my items appraised at the Guild before putting them up for sale.

I had made quite a few items, so I was sure I would get a lot of good evaluations out of them.


By the way, with consumable items, it seemed that you could only get an evaluation if you present a set of several of them.

Otherwise, you would be able to get a lot of rank points by simply presenting a bunch of easy to craft consumables, like potions, one at a time. It seemed that my favorite “Magic Circle” can be appraised in bundles of two.


As I loitered inside the Guild while waiting for the evaluation results, some people seemed to have noticed that the “Salopette Skirt” I was wearing was an Original item.

After talking to each other for a moment, a party approached me. They seemed to be a group of mildly-experienced beginners that had just finished equipping themselves.

It was normal to see beginners not fully equipped at first.

The fact that people were hunting, doing business, and equipping themselves in a progressive manner were proof that things were going well.

I’m not quite familiar with Light Equipment since I haven’t made much of it, but I could clearly see that about half of the members of that party were Heavy Equipment users.

Since they were all using Copper gear, I could also see that they weren’t playing as efficiently as the top players would.

Efficiency-wise, it would be best for people who started out as a party to simply skip buying Copper gear from the NPC store, and instead pool their initial funds to purchase a single set of Bronze gear to fully equip one party member, which would then be able to carry the rest of the party.

None of them was using any Bronze equipment, so that’s what I thought about them when I saw them.


Which meant that the next thing that they were going to be looking for would be…


“Excuse me, can I bother you for a second?”

“Yes, how can I help you?”
“Ah, good. Actually, we were looking for a first-grade equipment with an ‘Option’, and were wondering if you had any and were willing to sell to us…”


The “first-grade” equipment was a common name for the first kind of gear that can be crafted, such as Copper gear.

The reason why some people wouldn’t call it “Copper-grade” was that they would mistakenly assume that it was limited to Heavy-Equipment only.

Even though most people who frequent the forum were well aware that it wasn’t the case, not every single player knew that.

So, when they saw me wearing a “Salopette skirt” and a “Bucket helm”, which they had never seen before, they might have thought that I could wear both Heavy and Light Equipment.


“I do, but some of them are being appraised right now, so if you can wait for a little bit I’d be happy to show them to you.”

“Oh, really? Thank you very much!”

“You can thank me after we’ve finished doing business~”

“Right. We’ll be waiting here.”




After getting my appraised items back, I showed them the ones that had an “Option”. Some of them had caught their interest, but after we started talking about prices for our negotiation, they seemed to have realized that they hadn’t gathered enough information.


“–So they really cost more than what that “Option” item delivery quest offers as a reward, huh?…”

“That’s why nobody takes those quests. But if you were to set up a stall to sell these, you would quickly sell them and get a 20% to 30% profit.”

“…See? It’s just like we said.”

“Yeah… Sorry.”


Well, to put it simply, they didn’t have the “Merchant” skill, so they wouldn’t know anything about current market prices.

That’s why I used that delivery quest that asks for an item with an “Option” as reference. That same quest that no one had taken yet and still remained there on the quest board.


I think it’s a common thing for combat-oriented Pioneers.

Even if you look around the stalls, if you’re unlucky, you won’t get a chance to even see an “Option” item. And even if you do find one, it would be up to the stall owner to sell them according to the market price.

Moreover, getting an “Option” item when crafting was quite rare, so chances were you wouldn’t get the “Option” you wanted that easily.


I couldn’t help but use that delivery quest as reference. It was right there for all to see anyway.

But also even in their party there were some that wondered why that quest had been left untouched for so long, so I think it was better this way.


There seemed to be quite a few Pioneers who negotiated using that “Option” item delivery quest as reference.

Of course, they’d offer a price that is cheaper than the market price, so the seller would refuse, but it seems that there are a certain number of people who mistakenly think that the sellers are just trying to take advantage of them.

People who started the game without reading the manual or who hadn’t gathered enough information in the forum would fit that description.

One such person had made a thread complaining about it at the forum as well.


Since this party had a bit of common sense, and they wanted to negotiate in a serious and responsible manner, I told them the truth of that remaining “Option” item delivery quest, even though telling every single player in this game about it would be a complete hassle.


As a result, they were convinced of my story and ended up buying one of my “Option” items at market price.

But things didn’t go as smoothly after that.

Of course, there were many other people in the Guild who wanted “Option” items.

And all of them seemed to think that if all were to go well, they’d all soon have their gear upgraded, just as that party I did business with.


In other words–


“It’s our turn next!”

“What are you talking about? It’s our turn next! You’re cutting in line!”

“How much is this ‘Bucket Helm’?”

“Is that bracelet Original? Isn’t it for sale?”

“Would you sell that one-piece? I’ll buy it!”

“Do you accept requests for items with specific ‘Options’?”

“I’m planning to make a clan, would you like to join us!?”


It had turned into quite a mess.

Of course, I ignored the last one, but if I had to deal with each person separately, I simply wouldn’t have time to do anything else.


“Okaaay! Stop right there!

I’ll be opening a stall right after this!

I apologize, but I don’t take requests!

If it’s something I don’t have on my sales list, I’m really sorry, but I won’t be able to get it for you at this moment!

Those who are not happy with these terms, please take your business elsewhere!

Now please, let me through!”


Raising my voice, I was able to stop the turmoil before it started to disrupt the Guild’s business, so I moved quickly and hurriedly prepared to open my stall.

As expected, no one stood in my way as I left the Guild, and it was quite interesting to see that sea of people split in two, making way for me. It made me feel a bit like Moses.


After I was done with my preparations and checked that I hadn’t made any mistakes due to being in a rush, the Pioneers who followed me all at once started to read my sales list.

Nearly half of them gave up and left, and the remaining people started buying stuff from me one after another.


It’s true that many people were making nice progress and were looking for first-stage “Option” equipment, but not everyone.

The vast majority of players were either changing their fighting styles or having fun purely at their leisure.

Many of the Pioneers who followed me this time were only looking for “Option” and Original items, and the demand for first-stage equipment such as Copper gear was still high.

Incidentally, I found myself selling the “Copper Magic Thread Gloves” I had received as a trade-in from Hime-chan before I knew it.

Even though it was a very difficult-to-use piece of equipment, there still seemed to be some demand for it.




The purchases went smoothly, and only one person tried to invite me to their clan, probably thanks to the “Declining All Clan Invitations” poster that I placed the moment I opened my stall.

When I showed that person the poster, they went away, and I had no other problems after that.

The sales of my “Magic Circles” were increasing little by little, so it seemed to be about time I started to increase my stock. I was really looking forward to that.


Even after having purchased a lot of materials, I was able to earn a lot of profit, so it seemed that it was high time for me to take another stab at that place where I had that botched beginning at the very start of my adventure.


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