Frontiers ~Chronicles of Bucket-san’s Detailed Pioneering~

Chapter 23 – Hello there!


I spent a lot of time making Bronze Ingots, and I read the book I borrowed in my spare time, the time passed by quickly.


Most NPC stores are open after 8 o’clock in the daytime in-game time, so of course real estate agents also open during that time.

The real estate agent dealing with the property near the south gate that I visited last time showed me a cheap property for business-use, but after all there is no change.

Well, it’s natural because time hasn’t passed at all. It would be scary if there were too many properties.


I decided to rent a property that is relatively close to both the [rental production facility] and the [pioneer union guild], which is located across one street from the main street of the South Gate, which I had been looking for.

There were properties facing the main street of the South Gate, but the price was obviously different.

If I advertise on stalls or bulletin boards before the store opens, it will probably be okay even across the street. I can go back to the stalls in case of an emergency.


But first of all, I need to look at the property.

I can’t say anything without seeing it, so I’m leaving for a property tour with the person in charge.


“Is this the biggest vacant store on the main street? It’s surprisingly large.”


“Because the previous owner was a company, it is a reasonable size.

The second floor is the living space. This is the sales space where you are now, but as you say, it is one of the largest in the [Capital Sabrina].

There is also a space in the back where you can put a production facility, so it is especially recommended for those with promising futures. ”


“I don’t know if my future is promising, but I’d like to have a store like this one day.”


“No, don’t be humble. Bucket is a very famous person even among us. I would like to introduce such a property to people with promising futures.

However, it would be convenient for Bucket, and there are some properties that you have in mind, so please keep this place in mind for reference only. ”


For the time being, I also visited the property facing the main street, but it’s size is still good.

Ultimately, I want a property that is large enough to accommodate my own facilities.

But I don’t need this much sales space. It is difficult to replenish the products.

Is it ideal to use this kind of place jointly with many clan members? After that, I wonder if I will rent some of the place by taking an exhibition fee.


Rather, it seems that my information is distributed to real estate agents. Non-player characters can also use the bulletin board, so it’s natural.

The real estate agent who never ceases to smile is deceived with an ambiguous smile and we moved to the property I had eyes on.


◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


I knew it, but the property I was looking for was very small.

Especially after seeing such a large property a while back.


Since there is no living space, there are only two rooms, a sales space and a break room.

And I can rent a personal warehouse or a store warehouse dedicated to the store for the Inventory, which would be perfect for both security and convenience.

However, I haven’t rented a personal warehouse yet, so I shouldn’t forget to sign a contract for it later.


I can use a store warehouse when I sign the contract, but since the size of it is fixed for each store, it will be the smallest for this store.

Even so, there will be more space than the expanded item box that I am using now, so it will not be a problem for now.


Because it is a small property, the tour is over in a blink of an eye.

There were no particular problems either, so I decided on this store immediately.

Returning to the real estate agent immediately after, I signed the contract.

The first contract was a 30-day rental contract with in-game time.

If I want to continue it, I need to sign another contract.


There are no particular restrictions on viewing or visiting properties, but to contract them, there is a merchant Lv requirement.

This is the same as opening a stall requiring Level 15 Merchant Arts, and purchasing or renting a store requiring Level 50 Merchant Arts.

Of course, I have more than 50 Levels of Merchant Arts, so there is no problem. It’s natural because I had been running stalls endlessly.

By the way, pioneers are exempt from all taxes, so there is no problem even if you do not take that into consideration.

It seems that it is only a disadvantage for a country that wants to have a large number of people to counter the magic tree, such as the possibility that valuable force will be lost if tax is taken from the pioneer.


I paid the rent for 30 days at the time of contract and received the key, and secured the store.

Cleaning is not necessary, and the shelves that are indispensable for the sales space are already in the store so there is no problem.

The other room also has a small table and chairs, so it will be enough as a resting space.

If necessary, I can make it myself or buy it later.


With this, when I get a clerk, I can start business.


◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


I will head to my castle at once.

I just visited it, but it doesn’t matter. It wasn’t my castle at that time!


“Email Mika and Hime-chan.”


I sent the email in an euphoric mood while running back to my castle!

When I unlock it and turn on the lighting of the built-in magic tool, a small sales space is revealed. It’s really small! It is so small that it will be full if 5 people enter. But that’s good!

Behind the built-in counter is a break space smaller than the sales space.

If two clerks and I took a break together, it would be full! It’s really narrow!


I was too excited and I knew it was a little strange, but it was fun so I couldn’t help it.

It feels like I’m about to dance in joy!

I wasted time opening and closing the “store warehouse”, moving the layout of the chairs with three legs and the small table little by little, and when I was playing around, Hime said “I arrived” via call.




“Hmm. Congratulations.”


“Thank you, Hime! It’s my castle, I’m happy. I’m glad I did as Mika told me to.”


“Hmm. I envy you.”




The first customer is Hime.

20 seconds to show around the sales space. Next is the break space. This one took less than 10 seconds! It’s way too narrow!


“Next is a clerk.”


“That’s right. I’ve got information about candidates, so when Mika comes, let’s decide together.”




I tried using the sales space by buying materials from Hime who stopped hunting and rushed to me, and repairing her equipment that had reduced durability, but there is no particular problem.

The sales and orders can be set, so the clerk will not make a mistake.

Basically, the system will do most of the work, so the clerk will deal with things that cannot be set in the system.

If the clerk can’t judge, I will get an email or call, and if I haven’t logged in, I should be able to respond flexibly.

Although it’s imperfect there is no problem because it is an introduction from the Pioneer Union Guild.


When I was playing around in the shop with Hime, the second customer arrived.


“Hello there!”






“Oh, it really is small. But for the first shop, it should be like this.

There are only a handful of players who can make a store contract at this stage, and even if it is small, it’s great! ”


“Hmm. Next will be a bigger place.”


“I’ve also visited big places. The empty stores on the main street.”


“Ah, right. How was it over there?”


“How was it?”


“It was surprisingly large. You could live on the 2nd floor, and there was a space in the back of the 1st floor where you could set up a lot of facilities.

Even so, I was surprised because the store space was so large.

The staff who guided me to it-”


◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


After chatting a lot, we selected candidates for the clerk position and sold the rest of the “Magic Party” requested by Mika.

The fun time ended quickly when Mika got called repeatedly.

Mika, one of the top players, is busy hunting.

She is the cornerstone of the vanguards, so without Mika, their efficiency would be poor.

Being popular is tough.

It’s a pity, but it’s okay because we talked a lot and replenished my vigour.

I also have a lot of work to do.


“Once the opening date is decided, I’ll email you properly.”


“I’m waiting.”


“Of course. I’ll definitely let those two know.”


After parting with the two, I lock my castle firmly and head to the [Pioneer Union Guild].

I have to rent a personal warehouse and hire a clerk.


When I told the receptionist about it, it was really easy for the “personal warehouse”.

It seems that the contract is renewed every 30 days in-game time, and unless you cancel, it will be automatically renewed by withdrawal from your money.

Since I could choose some frames, I chose the second frame from the bottom.

The amount of money required beyond that will increase by one digit, so it is not necessary at the moment.

By the way, this contract does not require merchant skills.

The personal warehouse is also used by combat pioneers. It seems to be a special consideration. Instead, you need to register with the [Pioneer Union Guild].


After the contract for the personal warehouse is over, the next thing I need to do is to hire a clerk.

Like last time, I was guided to a private room, although the staff that came wasn’t the same as before, but it seems that the information was passed to them, and I ended up interviewing the people I discussed with everyone.

Since they were introduced by the [Pioneer Union Guild], it seems they were already interviewed, but I also want to do it because it serves as practice.


The time was still before the evening, so it was decided to have an interview one hour later.

I’m ready for the interview because I’ve talked with Mika and Hime about it before, but I’m a little nervous.

It was said that the private room that I was guided to could be used as it is, so let’s distract myself by reading the book I borrowed while waiting.


◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


From the results, the interview was almost peaceful.

One of the reasons is that the clerk candidates that I narrowed down were selected so that they would not be a burden to me.

Because I am a clerk at my store, it is hard to choose a person with a personality that won’t be a burden to me.


From the interview results, we told the [Pioneer Union Guild] side of the three people I finally decided to hire, and asked them about their employment contracts and shifts on the spot.

All three people will go to work on the 3rd from the opening date, but after that, a shift system is planned.

Everything was done without delay, and the payment of the brokerage fee to the [Pioneer’s Union Guild] side was completed.


The opening day is in-game time and it is 8 o’clock in the daytime the day after tomorrow.

I have to prepare the equipment to be sold by then.

However, there is still time, and I plan to advertise while opening the stalls.


Let’s get busy!

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