Frontiers ~Chronicles of Bucket-san’s Detailed Pioneering~

Chapter 24 – First of all it’s Rank is Weird


The exterior of my small castle looks like a typical house at first glance, with only a slightly large dormer-like-window for light.

I’m going to advertise it, but I think it will be hard.

Mika-chan and Hime-chan also advised me to do something about the appearance, so I will solve it with the simplest method.

Actually, this shop has a place to set up a signboard at the top of the entrance.

It is not possible to install a large one, but it should be enough if it attracts attention.


I bought a board of the right size at a nearby timber store, so I will start working at the [rental production facility].


The name of my shop has already been decided.


“Bucket’s Shop, Lily”


It’s as simple as translating the lily of my design into English, but the wording is outstanding.

Above all, I, Mika, and Hime unanimously liked it, so there can be no other option than this.


Since my skill level of “woodworking” and “crafting” were reasonably high, the signboard was easily completed.

A lily flower is engraved in the corner to add cuteness.

Color it and correct the details in the “completion process” to complete.




Signboard: Bucket’s shop, Lily


Furniture / ★ 4 / Durability 150




It’s not that special, but the signboard is treated as a piece of furniture.

Does it having durability mean it requires maintenance? I don’t think it will decrease soon, but if I notice it, I’ll check it.


Now that the signboard is ready, let’s push forward with the production of bronze equipment to advertise at the stalls.


I’ll do my best!


◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


While producing enough items for sale and selling them at stalls, I will promote the store.

Since the main promotion is for the store, I will put embroidery on hold for a while, but it can’t be helped.

It seems that the customer pioneers prefer a shop that has a fixed location and time over an irregular stall, so they welcome the change.

Well, that’s right. It’s easier to buy at a store that has a fixed location and time than a stall that you don’t know when and where it will open.


The business hours are from 8:00 in the daytime to 20:00 in the evening, and many people come back to the city every time, so they like it as well.

Because there is a large break in the middle, the clerks will not have a hard time.


When I tried to write an advertisement on the bulletin board, it was already written.

When I thought of someone, it was Hime.

Apparently, Hime, who has a personal thread, wrote it after verifying her identity.

Basically, the bulletin board is anonymous, so if you do not check the identity verification, others will not know who you are.

On the contrary, it is easy in such a case because you can systematically prove that you are the person just by checking the person’s proof.

There aren’t many people who use it.


Hime and I are famous to some extent, and it seems to be a well-known fact because I often meet her friends.

Mika, the top player, also joined there, and it seems that it has become a hot topic as a “pretty girl trio”.


Mika is certainly a beautiful girl even if you look at her in a favorable light.

She is popular with both men and women because she has a cheerful and fearless personality and pulls everyone to herself.

Hime is also very beautiful, but nobody should know her face because she’s been wearing the face mask I made all the time. Well, she didn’t wear it at the beginning though.

As for me, nobody should remember me because I wasn’t a pretty girl and I very quickly started wearing my “bucket helmet”.

Since we’re all girls, they lumped us together as beautiful girls. It’s a little bit baffling that I am treated as a beautiful girl as well, but this kind of thing helps to bring out the topic, so it can’t be helped.

They say I’m a beautiful girl! It’s embarrassing!


Hime-chan’s writing spread in a blink of an eye because the top producer on the player side that is one of those “pretty girl trio” opened a store.

In this case, there is no need to advertise on the bulletin board. Hime, thank you.


I will do my best to sell, advertise, and purchase, and to secure the products to be lined up in the store.


◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


Is it because I worked hard to make it?

Before I knew it, ★ 4 bronze equipment began to be completed, and finally “options” began to be attached from around “Blacksmith Lv70″.


I succeeded in securing the highlight products when opening the store.

At the moment, far from being a bronze equipment with “options”, even ★ 4 is not found at stalls!


A pioneer who collects some information should know.

If it became possible to manufacture equipment of ★ 4 quality, it would be a little more for it to have “options”.

In other words, if I sell ★ 4 bronze equipment at a stall, it means that the sale of items with “options” will be near, and my shop’s opening day is near.

Of course, they will be lined up as a featured product.


In other words, it is a silent promotion.

Information will probably spread on the bulletin board soon.

With this, it is unlikely that my shop will not be busy on the day of opening.


In order to increase the number of featured products, I am making more and more equipment and selling it at stalls while promoting it.

However, the number of items sold is a little small because it will be the last at this stall in terms of time.

I’m not allowed to stay up all night just because the store is about to open.

It is time to log out after the last stall, and the last production drive is after logging in.


If I couldn’t sleep because of excitement and I had to work due to lack of sleep, I wouldn’t be able to see through it.

Even though ★ 4 has become stable, the production rate of “optional products” will drop if I don’t concentrate on my work.

If the occurrence rate of “options”, which is already low, decreases, the number of featured products will decrease.

I want to make as many “optional items” as possible and finish the first day with great success.


I read all the books I borrowed to calm my excitement just before logging out, and I was satisfied with drawing a few “magic circles”, so I slept soundly.

After all, no matter who says what, it is my comfort.


◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


I slept soundly and didn’t lack sleep, and I logged in after finishing the morning activities.

“In-game time” is midnight, but I don’t have much time because I will devote it to production until the opening time.

While hurrying, I will carefully and carefully manufacture it.


When I was working intensively, suddenly “Blacksmith Arts / Lv50 / Addition” came to my mind.

When I tried “addition” with the material last time, I remember failing even with copper equipment.

The “addition” of non-resalable settings are planned to be done together with “optional items” before the store opens, so it is irrelevant for now.


Now that I am working hard to increase the number of products as much as possible before the opening, it is not so good to include elements that fail.

But what is it? Is this what they call foreboding?

I really somehow remembered the “addition” of the material.


“About one…”


I noticed that I was putting in the right materials during the production of my trademark “Bucket Helm”.

Previously, if I continued to work here, casting did not go well and it became “Substance X”.

But this time it was different.

The shape will be better than ever.


I wonder, the response is different. The sound is different.

The air I feel is all different… I can see the timing, force, angle, everything.

“Molding” was finished in a very short time.

Furthermore, I don’t feel any resistance in engraving by “crafting” in the same way, and it progresses smoothly, causing the illusion that the image becomes a shape as it is.

Actually, it was exactly what I had imagined… No, I had finished carving more lily designs.


The mysterious time that I had never felt was over, and the “Bronze Bucket Helm” that was completed by performing the “completion process” had amazing results–




Bronze bucket helm: Lily


Head / Heavy equipment / ★ 7 / DEF + 21 HP + 105 MDEF + 8 / Defensive power enhancement / Fine vitality enhancement / Small magic defense power enhancement / Fine / Durability 40




First of all, the rank is strange.

The highest rank so far is ★ 4, so 3 have been skipped.

Surprisingly at this point, what is even more amazing is the “options”.

There are very few “optional items” in the equipment sold by NPC characters.

I haven’t seen any equipment  with 2 “options”, let alone an equipment with 3 “options”.

It is the same even if it is player-made. Right now, no player can add 2 “options” to an equipment.

I remember seeing a player producer who was exclusive for the top player group complaining on the bulletin board.

The effect is not only subtle, but it is one step higher than that. Of course I also saw this for the first time. I knew that it existed in stages, but of course it was the first time I had a work of my own.


I may have made a ridiculous thing.

Although it was just a “triple option”, it had a very useful “option” as armor, and one was one step higher.


I have to send a “call” to Mika and Hime immediately for consultation!

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