Chapter 38 – That’s no good!


After making sure that everything was okay at the store, I decided to stop by the library to return the books I borrowed and to rent some new ones. Though of course, I summoned Manthe first, so as to grind more skill levels.

While I moved, I saw some beginner pioneers happily browsing through the stalls that sold Copper gear. It’s been a while since I last made anything with Copper, so it’ll probably take a while until I deal with them… Though a few days ago, I was also one of those people holding stalls, so perhaps not that long. If they do things right, it shouldn’t take that long to catch up to everyone else.

I also saw people putting announcements for their clans, and the stall I bought food at even had a link to the website of their clan shown… That’s not a bad idea, should I put a sign pointing towards my store’s blog near the front door too?

Though considering how often I run out of stock, I think most of my customers will do their research in advance, so I don’t know if that’s really necessary.

While I thought of those things, I arrived at the library and instantly started using ‘Discover’ to try searching for new books to read, and hopefully find new recipes for my beloved Magical Formations.

I don’t make items with every recipe that I find, but more knowledge never hurts… And coming to think of it, should I buy all recipes sold at specialty stores? I’m sure I might be able to find most of them at the library, but there is no guarantee that I might be able to find them all.

Well, I can worry about that later. For now, let’s go borrow some books on Magical Formations… On that note, how close am I to evolving the Magic Circle Creation skill? I don’t have many skill points left, but I should have enough for at least this one. Moreover, I am making more Magical Formations these days, so I should be quite close, shouldn’t I?

If only I could gather Skill Points faster… I did recover some by grinding those new skills that I obtained, but it’s still not enough to evolve everything that I’m close to reaching lv 100 with… Well, it’s a sign that I’m growing at a good pace, I guess, but it’s still an issue.

Maybe I should try going out of town to grind different skills? I had been thinking for a while now that it would be nice to go on a gathering expedition, so this might be the push I needed to do so.

But that’s for later. Let’s check the level of the Magic Circle Creation skill for now… It’s 99. I was so caught up in making the Magic Circles requested by Armilate and Mika, that I didn’t even realize how high it got… I should have leveled it a bit more before logging out, so that it could already be evolved.

… I still have some Magic Paper left though, so let’s fix that right away! Even if I’m suffering a Skill Points shortage, making Magical Formations is an important part of my daily happiness dosage, so I absolutely need to evolve this skill!

After about 10 minutes, I finished making one Magic Circle. It’s quite the improvement when compared to when I started… In part it’s because of Auxiliary skills like ‘Concentration’, but it’s primarily because of how high the level of the Magic Circle Creation skill is.

That, and because I love making them, so it’s a given that I’m going to get better and faster at it.

In any case, let’s check the skill level again and… Yes! Level 100! Let’s evolve it immediately! Who cares if it will cost 20 Skill Points and leave me with only 2 Skill Points left!? I’m doing it!

Okay, with this out of the way, let me check my skills again to see what I should focus on next.


Main Skills

Improved Blacksmithing Lv22 / Improved Merchant Lv2 / Language Lv68 / Magic Language Lv34 / Improved Magic Circle Creation Lv1

Discover Lv55 / Concentration Lv57 / Improved Magic Manipulation Lv27 / Improved Magic Enhancement Lv27 / Improved Magic Recovery Lv27

Summoning Lv51

Sub Skills

Leatherworking Lv91 / Crafting Lv97 / Improved Sewing Lv2 / Weaving Lv70 / Tool Creation Lv93

Woodworking Lv94 / Alchemy Lv88

Skill Points 2


I’m really close to being able to evolve so many skills, and all of them are important to my production work, so I want to evolve them all… This is no good!

… Well, it’s not like I can do anything about it for now, and the library won’t stay open forever, so let’s go search for books with ‘Discover’.

… Oh? Discover is reacting to that book? But it didn’t react before I evolved the Magic Circle Creation skill… Did I meet some special condition or something?

It’s a book that I already read before, but that’s not a problem. Let’s go take a look.

It’s a bit boring to re-read though, so I’ll just skip to the parts related to Magic Circles.


I got a recipe. I got it because I was able to read a Magic Circle that I wasn’t able to understand before… Seems like not only the Magic Language skill, but also the Magic Circle Creation skill is important in order to obtain new recipes from books.

I also tried putting Improved Magic Circle Creation on my Sub skills just to see if it still worked in helping me read, but apparently it does not. I can only understand the Magical Formation if I have both Magic Language and Improved Magic Circle Creation skills on my Main skills.

This really is quite the find… There aren’t many players making Magical Formations, and even less players actually go to the library, so I think I’m the only player that must have this recipe.

… Well, there might be other ways to obtain it, but still, I’m very happy to have found a recipe as wonderful as this one.

To think that the Magic Copper Ingot recipe required Improved Magic Circle Creation, it’s no wonder that I wasn’t able to make Magic Circles on Bronze before. I need the right material after all.

It is a bit of a shame that it’s a Copper Ingot, but I might be able to find books with recipes for other materials if I search, so let’s keep looking!


I found the recipe for Magic Bronze Ingot! There should be one for Magic Iron Ingot too somewhere!

… Though I just finished re-reading all the books related to this topic that I had read before and that Discover reacted to, so the recipe is probably on a book I haven’t read yet. I can’t search for it as quickly as I did for the Magic Copper Ingot and Magic Bronze Ingot recipes.

It’s not that much of a bad thing though, since I enjoy reading the books here, and I also get more levels of Language and Magic Language by reading the book whole. Re-reading barely gave me any growth on those skills.

Those were amazing finds. Now let’s go to the Rental Production Facility to… It’s raining.

I know that I won’t get wet due to rain in Frontiers, but I still don’t want to go out in the rain… Though I’m probably one of the only people that think like that in Frontiers, since most players prefer to rush outside during rain, in order to fight the unique monsters that only appear in this weather and get their rare materials.

Well… Rain doesn’t last long near Capital Sabrina usually, so… Let’s just relax and continue reading for now. I can worry about making more items for the store later.

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