Chapter 39 – Ah, I’m satisfied…


As I kept on reading books until the rain stopped, I got quite a few recipes from it. Magic Iron Ingot was quite nice for one.

But more importantly than that, I got new Magic Circles! I got more lovely formations to draw now! And those are quite the useful ones!

‘Mental Support Magic: Small Enhancement of Recovery of Magical Power’ and ‘Physical Support Magic: Small Enhancement of Offensive Power’ are both great! It’s a bit of a shame that the effect is ‘small’, but it’s still better than spending mana on weak spell, or worse, having no support magic available at all.

That said, those spells last about 900s, so most people should be fine with just using those spells directly in most situations… But if you’re going to a big fight that will require a lot of mana, then it makes sense to rely on a Magical Formation instead.

… Or in the case of Mika’s party who lacks a support, this is a fantastic item to have available. I guess Magical Formations are especially useful for parties that lack a member that would fill a given role or that knows a certain type of spell, as they can just rely on the consumables instead of forcing themselves to spend their precious skill points in learning something that doesn’t fit that well with their playstyle.

Of course, using a leveled spell would be stronger than using the Magical Formation, but that’s only relevant if you know the spell in the Magic Circle in the first place.

… Though at the same time, you’d need to be really rich to use Magic Circles regularly in combat. They’re not that cheap.


Since it wasn’t raining anymore, I left the library and borrowed some more books to read later. By now I had already become quite acquainted with the librarian at the reception, but she still tells me that I haven’t earned enough trust to go to the other floors of the library… Though there are plenty of books on the first floor that I haven’t read yet, so this isn’t a problem.

While I walked towards the guild, I started thinking a bit about the guild ranks… I just recently got mine to 4*, but apparently no player pioneer reached 5* yet, so I guess it’ll take longer and longer to raise the ranks… Well, I guess that’s normal for online games. It’s not any different from skills leveling much slower after evolving.

Besides, I still make more gear than most other producers and I can play for a long while each day, so it might not take that long to reach the next rank.

Well, no point in worrying too much about it, I suppose. The next rank will come when it comes.

As I thought that, I reached the guild, so I immediately went to the place they sold materials at, and requested some Magic Stones. They’re a special kind of material that can only be obtained by cutting down Demon Trees or defeating powerful bosses.

I haven’t needed them so far, so the clerks at the store never purchased any. However, the Magic Ingots require Magic Stones in order to be crafted, so I decided to get some Magic Stones now to test out the recipes, and only start buying them through the store later, after I’m sure that I can reliably craft things with Magic Ingots.

Well, I could also buy the Magic Stones directly from pioneers who focus on cutting the Demon Trees, but it was easier to get the Magic Stones from the guild, even if they’re more expensive here…

Though of course, for materials that I need regularly, it’s much better to buy them from pioneers in order to maximize my profit. But the guild just feels more convenient for things I’m getting for testing out recipes.

While I thought about that, the clerk got some Magic Stones, showed them to me, and said “Here you are. Please bear in mind that the price of each stone depends on how much Magic is accumulated within it. Which ones do you want?”

Seems like the magic storage system is similar to how durability works. Though instead of having a high durability by using high quality materials, the magic stone gets high magic power depending on how strong the Demon Tree that dropped it was.

I wonder how much magic will the Magic Stone dropped by the raid boss have… It’ll probably sell for a lot.

Well, it’s fine to buy the stones with low magic power for now. I’ll just get enough to fit the requirements for making a few Magic Ingots.

… Though even those were actually kinda expensive. I guess I’ll limit how many Magic Stones I buy through the store, it would be too much of an expensive investment otherwise, and I don’t know if the returns will compensate for it.

If equipment made with Magic Ingots sell well though, I’ll be more than happy to increase the amount that the store should purchase.

Once I finished getting the Magic Stones from the guild, I went to the store that sold recipes next. It was quite close to the guild, so I figured it was best to take care of this now.

It took no time to reach it, and there were almost no customers inside, which was pretty nice… Though I suppose it can’t be helped that a recipe store isn’t crowded, since nobody will ever need to buy the same recipe twice.

Also, while the recipes aren’t very expensive, they definitely aren’t cheap, so not everyone can purchase them willy-nilly.

Well, I had enough money to buy them though, and there weren’t that many recipes available anyways… And even then, I already knew a fair share of the recipes by doing the tutorials and reading books from the library.

Due to that, there were only 20 recipes that I ended up needing to buy. The rest I’ll have to either get from the library or from other pioneers.

With this done, the next step was getting back to the Rental Production Facility. I had spent so much time in this facility by now, that it gave me a sense of security similar to my parents’ home… I wanna go home.


As usual, I rented a private room, unsummoned Manthe, summoned Homun, gave him the materials he’d need and asked him to start crafting.

Then, just before I started my own crafts, I realized that the level of Summoning had passed 50. The skill is mostly passive, so I hadn’t paid that much attention to it until now, but this was an important benchmark to cross, because going past lv 50 on Summoning allowed me to maintain 2 summons at the same time.

And I do have more than enough mana to maintain two summons, so let’s call a second one in order to keep doing my efficient Skill Points grind! Come, Lady Tsuru! The strange summon called by associating it with the Weaving skill, who for some reason works faster if nobody is looking at her!

… Well, she is good for me who focuses entirely on my own crafts.

It was a bit troublesome that I had to put Weaving too on my main skills in order to summon her, but it was fine since I purchased the 11th main skill slot. The extra margin given by this was quite helpful.

Either way, it was time to start crafting! I really wanted to make some Magical Formations, but I’m a girl who learns from her mistakes, so we’ll first make products to restock the store, then I can test out the new recipe!

And like this… Almost six hours passed. I made quite a few products, though I’m sure that they’ll still sell out in no time due to the high demand for Iron equipment.

I was also close to bedtime, so I had to log-out soon. I only had enough time to get the gear evaluated at the guild and replenish the store’s stock before leaving.


I felt a bit bad about leaving in as much of a rush last night, I need to be more careful with my time management… Though well, I have plenty of spare time now! So I’ll enjoy myself fully by drawing the newly acquired Magic Circles!

First, I made the newly acquired Support Magic Circles on 3* Magic Paper in order to see how many uses I’d get out of it. I was pretty happy drawing it because the pattern was a lot more complicated than the ones from beginners’ recipes.

My heart was beating fast from the excitement, but that was alright since it only improved my motivation… And before long, the first one was done!


Magic Circle – Mental Support Magic: Small Enhancement of Recovery of Magical Power

Item/3*/2 uses


Same number of uses as the water shield magic circle… This one also had market information on it, though it was a bit more expensive than the water shield.

… I guess it might really be impossible to use this regularly to replace a supporter. You’d need to be absurdly rich to do so.

Well, not like I’m planning on using it anyways. And it will probably still sell at least for the upcoming Lich battle.

I also drew the other new recipes and checked how many uses each one had. Then I sent messages to Mika, Hime and some other acquaintances to tell them about it. I’m sure Mika will be overjoyed about it at the very least, but I don’t know about Hime and Rush.

Armilate will probably buy it too though, since she’s a solo NPC pioneer who focuses on melee combat, so she shouldn’t have supportive skills on her.

When taking this into account, it’s better if I make more to prepare for upcoming high demand, right? Yeah, I should definitely spend more time drawing magic circles! Absolutely!

… The number of remaining Magic Paper is decreasing. Guess I’ll need to stop for a bit to make more Concentrated Magic Liquids and Magic Paper with the Small Life Potions that Homun made. I’d like to ask him to do those too, but because he only has access to half my Alchemy level, he’d probably fail if he tried right now.

… And yet, even with my lv 90 of Alchemy, I still only get 3* results on this. Guess I’ll need to evolve Alchemy first before I get 4* Paper.

Well, it’s still better than buying it from NPC stores, so let’s keep at it for a while longer, and then… Back to the lovely creation of Magical Formations!


“Ah, I’m satisfied…” I said to nobody in particular after I ran out of Magic Paper for the umpteenth time.

… Everyone already replied to my messages. Apparently the first reply came four hours ago even.

Mika in particular said that she had stayed the whole night playing, so she really wanted a reply as soon as possible, because she was about to collapse… Sorry, I didn’t notice it.

In any case, while Hime, Armilate and Rush wanted a small amount of the Support Magic Circles, Mika actually wanted a huge amount of it… Isn’t that a huge splurge when considering she just bought a huge amount of iron equipment last time? Top players are really rich, aren’t they?

Well, I was happy with it, since it meant I needed to make even more Magical Formations, as the amount I drew was surprisingly not enough… So let’s start by making more Magic Paper first!

… After I reply to the messages that is. Though Mika will probably take a while longer to send her next reply, since she is offline… Sleep well, Mika.

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