Chapter 54 – That lily design


Two hours passed in no time. We stayed a while at the first field area and did some collecting on various spots there, mainly because I was still a beginner at this, but eventually we moved forward to the next areas.

The area that we actually wanted to collect at was in a forest filled with trees. Not Demon Trees, but normal trees. This forest has many collection points where Mining is effective.

And since it’s a forest, we can also get plenty of herbal materials that are essential for Alchemy and Weaving… Though of course, since Mining is good here, plenty of ores can also be found too.

This area was somewhat farther from the city though, so the enemies of this region weren’t simple small fry… However, our escorts consist of many top players like Mika and Hime! They overwhelmed the enemies easily! It was quite the spectacle!

Mika in particular is incredible.

If you were to give a weapon to a random person and ask if they were capable of beating a ferocious enemy, the answer would be an immediate no… But of course, Frontiers is a game, so it has systems to aid you in battle.

Still, it’s different from old games that had you click with a mouse on the enemy to attack them. At most, the game allows your body to move semi-automatically while using combat skills. It helps you with both your stance as well as with putting the proper strength on your blows.

This does allow people with no knowledge of proper fighting techniques to fight the monsters of Frontiers.

However… The system’s assist is just that, an assistance tool. To truly shine in this game, what one needs to have are actual skills as a person.

Like, if I were to try attacking a mob as weak as a rabbit by using a weapon as good as an iron sword, I’d probably end up struggling quite a bit, because I’m quite below the level of simply being nonathletic.

On the other hand, if someone that was good at exercising and already knew how to fight outside the game picked up a weapon… The result would be more like…

“Ahaha! Too slow! Weak! Reckless!” Mika exclaimed as she killed some mobs.

“Yes. Over there. No. That way.” Hime muttered as she used her threads to block the enemies’ paths and keep them away from us.

“Good job, Hime!” Mika exclaimed.

“Behind you.” Hime said.

“I can handle it! Ahahahah!” Mika laughed as she killed more enemies.

System support? What is that? Is it tasty?

Mika learned kendo since young, all the way to the end of middle school, because of her house.

I’ve known her since I was a child due to us being relatives, so I know how good she is. Mika used to often practice with adults and not fall behind them. She was referred to as a genius and was acknowledged by all the adults that practiced with her.

One can choose to turn system support on or off, and Mika, of course, turned it off, as she can move better without it.

As for Hime, she uses the Magical Gloves. The system can only support attacking with all threads at once. It cannot help you if you want to control each individual thread separately.

Therefore, Hime too doesn’t use system support. The ability of those two is leagues ahead of the rest of the escorts. Even I can notice this much.

Because I can look at their movements from the sidelines, and notice some clear time lag between their movements. They often move a bit clumsily, then suddenly become quick and sharp once the system assist kicks in when they’re trying to attack. They go from complete amateurs to proper fighters, but…

System assist has its limitations. It only helps you when using the appropriate skills, and not every movement is supported by it. It’s inevitable that you’ll feel like both an amateur and an expert at the same time when you rely heavily on the system.

It’s honestly a bit strange to look at people that fight like that… But Hime and Mika are different.

Mika’s movements are fluid in both offense, defense, and repositioning. Each step she makes is thought properly and there is none of that amateurish feeling on her swings.

I have seen those movements since long ago, but it’s still as beautiful as ever. It’s like Mika is a flower that is dancing through the battlefield.

On the other hand, Hime hardly moves, but the results of her attacks are still incredible.

Enemies fall left and right, often times hitting themselves with their claws as the threads push them around. Or having the arms that were supposed to defend them end up moving away from an incoming blow… From an outsider’s perspective, the monsters’ behavior is actually funny.

But from the perspective of the fighters, Hime just creates gigantic opportunities to let them quickly clear out the mobs.

An iron hammer was swung against an enemy that Hime tripped.

An iron lance pierced an enemy that Hime had unbalanced.

An iron woodcutting axe cut through an enemy that had its defending arm moved away by Hime.

Everything is fatal. All those openings were created by Hime. The destruction she causes can hardly be thought of as the result of the actions of a single person.

Mika may be amazing, but so is Hime.

Though of course, the rest of the escorts are also pretty incredible too. Even if the number of mobs that are attracted by our collecting activities is by no means small, none of the enemies has been able to approach us, the collectors, even as we’re spread all over the place.

And that’s not just because of Mika and Hime, as even them can’t cover everything. It’s only by everyone’s cooperation that we can be safely protected while our escorts quickly and efficiently kill a large number of mobs.

As expected of our top combat-related player Pioneers. Even if their movements feel amateurish when compared to Mika’s, they still do a great job.

Also, after paying careful attention to it. I noticed all of the members of the escort teams have weapons with a specific design engraved on them.

I knew that the people on Mika’s party had it, but the members of Kikoridottokuru have it too… And of course, it’s that lily design. All these weapons were made by me.

Coming to think of it, while I observed the surroundings after finishing my collecting, I sometimes noticed the members of the escort team raising their weapons up in some sort of celebration pose… Is it something like, ‘I love your weapon! Thanks for the support!”?

… I’m sorry for taking this long to notice, but thank you for your patronage. Please keep on coming back and buying more.

On another note, the Amethyst Woodcutting Axe that I made for Hime is already a lot weaker than an Iron Woodcutting axe, but she still uses the Amethyst one anyways.

Though well, the other 9 threads use Iron Woodcutting Axes already, as they’re more efficient… Still, there is a considerable reduction on damage dealt per hit when attacking with 10 weapons at the same time, so I guess the damage difference between the Iron Woodcutting Axe and the Amethyst Woodcutting Axe isn’t that meaningful when used against mobs. It’s probably not a big liability to keep on using the Amethyst one in that case.

Nonetheless, I’m still happy Hime likes it enough to keep on using it even now!

“Let’s keep moving.” Lolita told us as soon as the escort members cleared out the mobs attracted by our collecting action.

They’re so fast that they’re basically overpowered, aren’t they?

Well, that allows me to keep on confidently collecting materials… I’ll do my best! I won’t lost to everyone else!


“Thank you for your hard work, everyone! We were able to collect safely because of your help.

“If we have another chance, let’s do this again… But for now, thank you again.” Lolita told everyone as we got back to the city.

“See you again and thank you for your patronage!” Mika exclaimed.

“It was fun.” Hime said.

“Then, let us be off.” As Lolita said that, we disbanded.

The first joint collection tour of Works ended without any issues.

We spent about 3h doing our collecting, but it was a very fun and dense fun time. And also the first time I went through something like this.

Crafting is fun, but it’s also fun to work together with everyone.

Next time I might try participating in collection tours with the general public, though I should keep in mind that our escorts this time are quite incredible… If I get unlucky and get some sloppy escorts, the mobs might reach and kill me, so I should be careful.

Either way, Mika and Hime are now going to the Guild to get the rewards for the escorting, then they’ll go hunt again.

Or well, Hime will go woodcutting and Mika will go hunt.

As for the drops of the mobs during the collection tour, those will be distributed among the escorts.

On the other hand, the items we obtained from our collecting will be kept by us.

I feel like we obtained a decent amount in those three hours? It also didn’t cost me anything aside from the escort fee, but… Well, it’s certainly a lot easier to just buy those materials directly from the store instead.

But some things can’t be obtained without going out there yourself, so I’d love to participate in a collection tour in the future.

But for now, let’s say goodbye to Mika and HIme. We’ll meet again in a girls-only gathering later.

As for the members of Works, Mukaida, Mii and Muu are going in different directions, so we also separated with them.

The rest of the members are all based near my store, so we’re going back together while looking through the stalls.

“Today was fun!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, I want to do it again later… Or rather, let’s definitely do it!” Lolita replied.

“Yes, it was a lot of fun, I… I couldn’t talk much on other tours, so I enjoyed it more than usual this time…” Lulu commented.

“You’ve been talking quite a bit today, haven’t you, Lulu?” I asked her.

“I was quite surprised by it.” Lolita said.

“Ah… I’m sorry…” Lulu replied.

“What are you apologizing for? It’s a good thing!

“Let’s talk more and get to know each other better!” Lolita told her.

“Y-yes!” Lulu said.

Even though she usually was mostly a listener at our girls-only gatherings, today she talked a fair bit.

Well, not to the escorts she didn’t know, but she talked to me, Lolita, Mika and Hime.

In particular, she and Hime seemed to have quite a good time talking to one another… I guess it might be because they both don’t speak that much usually, so plenty of opportunities were left for the other to talk. They make a good combination.

And of course, even in the midst of a constant chit-chat, Hime still kept on fighting off the mobs while controlling all ten threads of her Magic Gloves.

But well, after me, Lulu and Lolita walked around for a bit while browsing the stalls, we eventually reached my store, so we decided to split up.

Lolita was going back to her shop that was right next to mine, and Lulu to hers, which was behind Lolita’s.

“Well, we part here for now.” Lolita said.

“See you again.” I told them.

“See you.” Lulu told us.

I really enjoyed today’s trip… There is still some time left before my log-out, so I guess I’ll spend some time relaxing by reading and organizing the materials I obtained?

Today was really fun!

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