Chapter 55 – Ooh!


I logged in.

It’s been 20 days since Frontiers was released, or 57 in-game days.

My room has the air-conditioner turned on, so I felt quite comfortable in it, but when I looked outside the window, it seemed like it was very hot. Summer was in full-swing right now.

However, the temperature was quite comfortable in-game… Are the four seasons a thing in Frontiers? I’m not sure… Or rather, I don’t even know what month we’re at in-game.

Oh well, let’s not mind that and start our usual activities.

<New area of the Zabrina Kingdom was unlocked. The ‘Eku Labyrinth’ is now available.>

Ooh!? As soon as I entered my workshop, I suddenly heard this Goddess’ Announcement.

That was quite surprising… Eku Labyrinth is it? I guess we finally unlocked our first dungeon.

Was it unlocked by Hime, I wonder? Though we’re in the middle of an event, so maybe this was unlocked by the hard work of other Pioneers.

Well, let’s call her and find out!

“Hey.” She answered my call.

“Good morning, Hime. Were you the one to unlock the Eku Labyrinth?” I asked her.

“Wrong. It was the second placed person.” She told me.

“I see. Then what are you doing right now?” I asked her.

We then chatted for a small bit before ending the call.

So Hime wasn’t the one that unlocked the dungeon, but the second placed person of the event instead… As expected of Hime though, she was already able to gather this kind of information before I called her.

Though well, this ended up making me curious, so I decided to check the event rankings for a bit. In the first place it was, of course, Hime.

The person in second place was no longer someone from Kikoridottokuro though. Moreover, that person actually have a bit more than half of Hime’s score, which is a considerable improvement when compared to the previous second place.

Though there are only ten days left in the event, so I doubt anyone will be able to surpass Hime.

That said, this person is considerably ahead of the third placed participant of the event, so I guess they’re also quite amazing, even if not as amazing as Hime.

In any case, the important part here, is that a new hunting area has been released, which are wonderful news.

After all, new materials might become available from having a new area available. As a producer, that’s what I look forward to the most!

Though I guess I’ll have to wait a bit, until the Guild can obtain some more information on this area. Then they can start issuing quests and providing details on the details of what materials are available there.

Of course, information can also be obtained at the forums, but going directly to the guild tends to be faster and more accurate than browsing through the forums for this.

Besides, I can get the information while getting my items evaluated, so I can do both things together! Let’s keep on making products until the store’s opening hours!

And by that point, some Pioneers might have already given information to the Guild regarding the materials within Eku Labyrinth, so I’ll be able to get a few more details then.


“This is all the information on materials found on Eku Labyrinth that we were able to obtain so far.” The Guild’s clerk told me.

“Thank you.” I replied.

I became absorbed into crafting, and ended up spending five hours making iron equipment before coming here.

So, once I was done with that, I went to the guild to get my equipment evaluated and to get the information on what was found on Eku Labyrinth so far.

Luckily enough, information on materials isn’t judged as particularly confidential, so the Guild tells us about that for free.

Stuff like the map of the dungeon needs to be paid for though. The Guild buys the map information from the first Pioneers that went to the dungeon, then resells it as a proper map to others. It’s a lot more convenient to explore a dungeon while you have its map, so I assume there is a high demand for it right now.

Well, I don’t plan on going to the dungeon though, so I don’t need it.

It’s been about six in-game hours since Eku Labyrinth became available. It seems like Pioneers already reached its third layer in this meantime.

And yet, there seems to be no new materials in it. I guess the materials we already found on the open areas are going to be the main materials we’ll have to work with?

Though the enemies in Eku Labyrinth seem to be somewhat stronger than normal, so they can drop higher ranked materials, which is quite wonderful.

With higher rank materials, I might be able to make higher rank items. I’ll also gain more experience by processing the materials and increase my skill levels faster, which is yet another upside.

Though of course, one needs a higher skill level, equipment and tools in order to properly process a higher rank material.

That said, I’m mostly interested in getting high rank iron ores and colored ores. I’ll be able to not only make better iron ingots, but also get better jewels like this.

I wonder if this will be enough to let me start making iron items with two options? If that happens, then I might be almost ready to move to the next stage.

Steel equipment. It’s been quite a while since my first meeting with Armilate, but I still remember her request to be contacted once I was able to craft steel items.

I’m looking forward to that… Though to get to that point, I still need to keep on doing my best!

First things first, let’s update the list of items I’m willing to purchase on the store, then make an announcement about it on my blog.

Next, I’m fairly sure Mika and her party must be exploring Eku Labyrinth right now, so let’s ask her if she can sell me the good material that she obtained.

Well, she’d probably prioritize selling it to me even if I didn’t ask, but it’s best to talk to her about it anyways.

Then, for now, let’s send her a message and get back to the store.


“Here is the material I promised you!” Mika said.

“Oh, that’s quite a lot.” I replied.

“Yeah, the mobs there are quite tough, so it feels very nice to fight there. You can expect a lot more materials to come because I plan to keep on exploring the labyrinth for the time being!” Mika told me.

“Thank you, I’ll look forward to it.” I said.

“So? What about it? Can you do it? Can you do it?” She asked.

“Well… Can’t find out without trying, right?” I replied.

“You already have one, so you can try it then! Come on! Do it! Now now now!” Mika exclaimed.

“Got it, got it.” I told her.

When I sent her a message, Mika immediately replied to it.

As expected, she and the members of Mist knights were indeed exploring the Eku Labyrinth. Moreover, they had already reached the fifth layer of it, quite ahead of the people that had provided information about the dungeon to the Guild.

Also, it seems like there are teleportation gates on the start of each floor, so they could use it to immediately go back to the safe area if they wanted to. They can also use the gates to go back to the last floor that they reached, which ends up being quite convenient.

It still costs magic stones to use the teleportation gates though, but it’s well worth it when considering how much time they save.

Also, as the monsters were tough even for Mika standards, it might be hard to go all the way back to the surface after a long exploration session.

That said, this difficulty has its benefits, for the monsters drop high tier materials! Like 4* and even 5* ores!

The field areas have only dropped materials up to 3* so far, so this is a considerably improvement… Of course, there are still 3* materials being dropped in the dungeon, since you’re not guaranteed to get high tier drops from killing the monsters. Some luck is involved there.

In any case, I went with Mika to my workshop and immediately started turning the iron ore into an ingot.

Both me and her are thinking of the same thing… Creating high-rank equipment by using high-rank materials. This might be what I needed to start creating items with two Options on them.

Of course, it’s still luck-dependent, but I’m confident that this might be enough to reach two Options.

I put the iron ore on the intermediate-tier Magic Furnace and carefully removed its impurities.

The feeling wasn’t that different from usual, but the amount of impurities removed was quite high…

“How about it?” Mika asked.

“Please wait a bit more.” I told her.

She was a bit too excited, but we couldn’t rush this kind of thing, “Okay, is it ready now!?” She asked me again.

“Well… Let’s see?” I had just finished it removing the impurities, so I did the Complete Process.

Now what was the result?


Iron Ingot



“Ooh!” We said in unison.

That’s a wonderful rank up! My limit was only 6* for Iron Ingots until now! This definitely increases the chances of finally getting an item with two Options!

“Isn’t this amazing? Though I don’t know what rank were your ingots until now…” Mika commented.

“Mika… Why did you cheer if you were unsure about it?” I couldn’t help asking.

“I mean, it’s 7*, you know!? It’s definitely amazing no matter how you look at it!” She replied.

“Well, you’re right on that. I could only make 6* ingots until now, so this was definitely an upgrade… I think I can aim for it now.” I told her.

“Really!? Then-” She started saying, but I cut her off.

“I can’t make it with just one ingot. So please wait a while longer.” I told her.

“Eh?! Then… Fast! Fast!” She replied.

“Yeah yeah, but wait for now!” I told her.

After that, I started making several new iron ingots while Mika excitedly waited for it.

Of course, I also want to make it, so… Well, I wonder how it will go.

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