Chapter 56 – So beautiful…


“And finished!” I exclaimed.

“How is it!?” As Mika asked that, we both checked the results.


Iron Bucket Helm

Head/Heavy Equipment/6*/DEF +24/Durability 40


“Oh, come on!” Mika exclaimed.

“It can’t be helped. It’s luck-dependent after all.” I told her.

“I know, but still stiiiiil!” Mika was clearly disappointed.

“Don’t be like that, it’s still 6*, after all.” I said.

Even if the Iron Bucket Helm unfortunately did not come with Options, it is still a 6* item. That’s high enough to start getting two Options.

Then, if I can improve all the way to 7*, then three options won’t be a dream anymore either.

Though at the current situation… I wonder if I can do something to cheer Mika up? How about…

“Hey, Mika.” I called her out.

“Stiiiiiiiil… Huh?” She was still complaining about the results, but came back to her senses after I said her name.

“Do you have a lich bone with you?” I asked.

“Eh? Why that all of a sudden?” She asked back.

“Why don’t we experiment a little with it?” I suggested.

“Ooh?” She seemed interested.

It was a pretty simple experiment though. I’d just add the processed material to the crafting just like how I was taught by master Merget. It didn’t necessarily need to add the lich bone in particular, but the higher the rank of the material, then the higher the effect it has on the final product.

“Well… How many do you want?” Mika asked me.

“Eh? Do you have a lot perchance?” I asked back.

“Since nobody knows what to do with it, a lot of people just put it up for sale and… Well, I bought them all.” Mika told me while sticking out her tongue.

For real…? I wanted them too… I’ll add them to the list of items my store purchases later on.

After all, since nobody knows what to do with it, then it would be much better for me to put it to use, then to let it rot on a warehouse.

Besides, it’s a precious material… Mika’s possessions are precious… You should sell them to me, Mika! It makes no sense for you to hoard them!

I’ll negotiate it with her later. For now, let’s try processing one. Even if I make a mistake, it will be no trouble since we have this many available.

I took out some high-rank Improved Concentrated Magic Liquid from my warehouse and started working on it. With the Improved Crushing Art of the Improved Alchemy Skill, I crushed the bones, then used the Improved Mixing Art to mix it together with the Improved Concentrated Magic Liquid.

Then, I started adding other carefully selected high-rank materials by using the Improved Addition Art.

And the result was…


Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid



… I know I did it as master Merget taught me, but what is this great thing!? It’s 8*!

And like, sure, I did use high-rank materials, but… Well, I guess it’s probably because of the lich bone. This is definitely the best among all prototypes I made before.

“Yuri… What is this?” Mika asked as she saw the liquid.

“It’s amazing…” I muttered.

“Nononono! Amazing doesn’t cut it! The rank is an absurd 8*! How is this higher than the item with three options!?” Mika exclaimed.

“Well, I guess the real thing starts now.” I told her.

“What are you going to do!?” She asked.

“Wait and see.” I replied.

As expected, Mika was also surprised by the 8* material, but we’re just getting started… After all, we now have an amazing material on our hands.

It’s time for my smithing arm to shine!


In addition to the 7* iron ingot, I also used as many high-rank materials from the Eku Labyrinth that I could.

From here on out, I’ll start making everything according to the normal procedure. Carefully following the recipe, but yet going all-out without holding back.

I’ll mobilize all skills that I cultivated from the training with master Merget. The place to hit, the timing, the angle, the amount of force… I’ll put all my spirit in each and every swing.

Only the sound of the metal being hit reached my ears… Oh, this is my zone alright. No doubt about it.

This wholesome feeling is incredibly satisfying. I don’t know how I got here, but the pressure of Mika, or the nervousness of using high-rank materials for the first time simply disappeared… And instead, my desire to make the perfect product came out in full force.

I’m sure I’m far more concentrated than usual. And the sound of each swing of my hammer filled me… Now! The Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid was absorbed by the red-hot blade by using the Improved Blacksmith Art – Addition.

Now comes the climax!


“It’s done.” I said.

“Eh!? This, this is…” Mika muttered.

What was in front of us, was completely black, but it was not Substance X. It was a short sword.

I used the recipe for the Iron Short Sword in fact, but… The blade was not as dull as usual.

Instead, it was a mysterious jet-black weapon. It seems to be deeper than darkness itself, absorbing all light near it, never reflecting any.

It’s breathtakingly beautiful… This is definitely my masterpiece.

“Come on! Show it to me!” Mika exclaimed, trying to push me to get closer to the sword.

“W-wait! I didn’t inspect it yet either!” I exclaimed.

“Whaaat?! This is insane!” Mika exclaimed.

“Whoa…” I couldn’t help muttering.

As Mika peeked onto it from behind me, the both of us started staring at this mesmerizing black blade… And… Well, this is…


Sealed Dark Mysterious Sword

Short Sword/9*/ATK +149 – E: Seal/Improved Enchantment – Sealing/Durability: 240


It has only one option, but it’s one I never saw before… Also, what’s up with this rank!? It’s 9*! I was surprised by the 8* material a small while back, but this is even better!

Also, the ATK of an Iron Short Sword is 48… This has over 100 more ATK than the iron one…

Not to mention that the durability of an Iron Short Sword is 80… This has tripled durability. It’s crazy!

And then there is also the Option. I’m not quite sure what it does, but there’s no doubt that just the rank and the ATK values by themselves are astonishing.

And well, this has a seal! A seal! Isn’t it so cool!? What is this seal!?

“Yu-Yuri…” Mika muttered.

“Ah… Mika… Just how much money do you have in your storage?” I asked her.

“As if I’d have enough to buy this! Aaaaaaaaaah!!! Mika exclaimed.

“Ah, right…” I muttered.

I mean, I kinda asked out of habit, but I guess it can’t be helped, I mean… I can’t even imagine what the fair price for this would be.

Moreover, it was a one-time thing. I don’t think I’d be able to make something like this again.

I’m sure Mika understands that though. It’s similar to the Bronze Bucket Helm – Lily.

Nonetheless, this is certainly a treasure. And I don’t think I’d have even attempted to make it without Mika’s help.

Therefore… “Mika, rental.” I told her.


“Wait… Rental? I mean, you’re lending it to me?” Mika asked.

“Yes. I’ll sell it to you once you can buy it for a reasonable price.

“Until then, please make do with a rented sword.” I explained.

“Ah… Alright then.

“Okay to equip, cannot trade, cannot let its performance be viewed by anyone other than its current user… You’ll go with this kind of restriction, right?” Mika asked me.

I nodded. After all, it’s a bit too much of a troublesome weapon, so it’s better to not spread too much word of it.

I’ll also automatically get some insurance since it’s a rental trade, though I won’t add any clause related to break of contract, since the other party is Mika.

“Ah, please tell me the effect of the seal once you find it out.” I told her.

“But of course.

“Though what about my clan members, can I show its performance to them?” She asked me.

“That much is fine, but no disclosing any further details with outsiders.” I replied.

“I know, I know. Some people would probably try killing me out of jealousy if I posted about it on the forums. I’ll keep a low profile.” She nodded.

“Yeah, if this gets out and I can’t make a weapon with similar performance to this one, then it’s gonna be a mess.” I commented.

“Yeah… Though it’s a really beautiful weapon, isn’t it?” Mika said.

“Yeah… It’s beautiful.” I agreed.

If you put it in a scabbard, it won’t look any different from a normal Iron Short Sword, but the blade is so beautiful that it can leave us breathless.

For a while, both me and Mika were fascinated by this gorgeous blade.

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