Chapter 57 – I couldn’t restrain myself


It’s a shame, but I couldn’t keep on staring at the jet-black blade. The appreciation party ended once Mika put it in her scabbard.

Now, it looked just like a normal Iron Short Sword… Outside of its amazing stats that is.

It is a bit unusual that it camouflages itself as a normal short sword so well though… Or rather, there are plenty of mysterious things about this sword.

Like its name. If it was an original item, then I should be able to name it, but… Its name was already chosen once I finished crafting it. This means that it was not an original, but instead a weapon that was already in Frontiers.

However, there is no market price information for it.

“I wonder if the creator made it for themselves… Or perhaps gave it away for free?” I mused.

“Isn’t it more likely that it is a special drop from a mob or from a treasure chest within the labyrinths?” Mika suggested.

“Ah…” Was all I could say for a reply.

I can’t know the truth for sure in the end… All I know, is that I won’t be able to replicate this item for the time being.

All of the Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid has been spent in making the Sealed Dark Mysterious Sword… Sure, I could make more of the liquid by using Lich Bones, but there’s no way I can craft the sword itself without bringing the power of the zone out again, and one can’t simply control when they enter the zone.

“By the way, Mika, how did I feel like while I was in the zone?” I asked her out of curiosity.

“Well… Kinda like when I witnessed my sword teacher fight seriously? He had such a heavy atmosphere around him, that I just couldn’t get close anymore.

“If I approached, I would be killed. I couldn’t move near; I couldn’t do anything but watch.

“Or something like that. Been some two years since I saw teacher fight seriously, so my memory of that is a bit fuzzy.” She replied.

“Wait, did I really feel that dangerous!?” I asked.

“It was an example, an example. I didn’t seriously think you’d cut my head off or anything.” Mika replied.

I wanted to know more about how I felt at that time, so I asked, but I ended up receiving an indescribable swordmaster answer… It was quite the surprising answer. I definitely did not expect it.

… She’s the wrong person to ask this kind of thing to, I suppose. It can’t be helped since she was the only one here though… If Hime was here, I’m sure I’d have heard something completely different.

“Then, Yuri, I’ll log-off now. Do message me if you make an item with two Options though!

“Oh, and message me if you make an item with three Options too! I’m fine with those as well!” Mika interrupted my line of thought by saying that.

“Ah, you were up all night, weren’t you?

“It’s bad for your skin if you don’t go to bed early, you know?” I told her.

“Don’t worry, for my skin is the strongest! I’ll be fine!

“Don’t underestimate my training method! My training is flawless!” Mika exclaimed.

“Yes, yes. See you later.” I replied.

“Bye bye.” As Mika said that, she logged off.

As usual, her day and night are completely reversed. She spent a long time in the Eku Labyrinth, then made all this fuss about the Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid and the Sealed Dark Mysterious Sword, so I guess it can’t be helped that she reached her limit.

Please rest well… In the meantime, I’ll do my best to make the items with two Options that Mika wanted!

By now, the special feeling from making the Sealed Dark Mysterious Sword completely disappeared. It’s just not something I can make normally no matter how I think of it.

Still, I can get close to that point. By steadily leveling my skills and strengthening both my equipment and tools, I’ll keep on getting better.

And producing items with two Options helps with all that. It increases my skill level, and also helps me earn more money to purchase equipment.

Though I still need recipes for even better tools… Nonetheless, I’ll be able to keep on making better gear as I level my skills up, so… I’ll do my best!


I logged in again after lunch.

I ended up being able to make quite a few items with Options before that point. Among them, some that used materials from Eku Labyrinth even got two Options.

… Though well, only one or two of those had two useful Options in them, but as it is luck-based, it can’t be helped.

After that, the materials from Eku Labyrinth that I purchased from Mika ran out, so I had to make do with normal materials. They were still good, but not good enough to let me create items with two Options in them.

That said, items with a single Option are still sufficient for restocking the store’s line up… Or rather, it sells even if it has no Option at all, so there are no issues.

Though of course, the price is higher if it has more Options, so it’s always good to have them.

Either way, I already finished getting my items evaluated at the guild and restocked the store, so it’s free time now.

Due to the joint collection tour, I now have quite a few skill points, so I should be able to evolve a skill or two.

But my priority on what skills to evolve changed a bit since last time, as the Eku Labyrinth made high-tier materials become available. This made my priority on evolving leatherworking and woodworking fall.

Of course, it would still be good to evolve them, as it will increase the effectiveness of my material processing… But more than that, there is a skill I really want to evolve.

It’s Magic Language.

Its current level is 95, and it was thanks to it that I have been able to find many recipes for Magical Formations.

This skill increases the amount of time I can spend making my lovely Magic Circles… And because the effects of evolving skills are very visible, this is just too high priority to ignore.

If it was still around level 80, then I’d probably choose to evolve leatherworking and woodworking instead, but… I’m too close to it. Evolution is too amazing and I’ll definitely discover many new recipes from this skill, so I cannot wait!

Therefore, for the sake of my beloved magic circles, I’ll keep on reading and evolve this first!

Now, to start reading the books I borrowed from the library!


Before I started reading though, I figured I’d go to the library and give back the books I had already finished and borrow some new ones. Then I started reading one of the books for about… Five hours?

Magic Language has now reached level 99… Just a bit more.

I also obtained a new recipe, but it’s not too complex… Will it change after evolving the skill? I’m hoping to learn more complex Magical Formations after it. I want Circles that I’ll struggle drawing even when using a Magic Pen!

And then, after finishing the fifth volume of ‘Magic Course on Agriculture’, I finally reached level 100 on Magic Language.

It took more time than I expected, but now, at last… Let’s evolve!

Or that is what I was planning to do, but it seems like I also met the conditions for acquiring the ‘Decipher’ skill.

It requires 10 Skill Points.

Evolving Magic Language costs 15 Skil Points.

I have 29 Skill Points, so… Let’s get both!

There are many Magical Formations that I still can’t read even with the help of Magic Language… Perhaps Decipher is necessary to properly read them.

It seems to be a skill that derived from Magic Language, so it seems like a reasonable assumption.

Now, let’s re-read some books I had already went through before. Let’s see how much has changed after the skill evolution.

I also wonder how much influence Decipher will have, though I can’t have high expectations about it, as the skill level is still low.

Nonetheless, I can’t suppress the excitement inside my chest! I can’t wait!


I kinda knew about it already, but… Evolution is amazing! Evolved skills are absolutely amazing!

Just by re-reading some books I borrowed before, I already learned some 10 or so new recipes… And almost all of them are of Magic Circles! It’s crazy! Absolutely crazy!

I was so excited about it, that I just couldn’t restrain myself and ended up stopping my reading to draw a handful of Magic Circles.

Also, while the Decipher skill was still low level and didn’t have much of an effect, I think it helped me. While I was reading a Magical Formation, I sometimes felt like I suddenly became intensely drawn to it. Like I was slowly solving a puzzle; putting the pieces in the right places.

This might be the effect of the Decipher skill. And thanks to that, I was able to obtain some extra new recipes.

It truly was a good idea to get it.

And also… Well, I ended up getting one unusual recipe in that process. ‘Recipe: Doll Making – Wooden Doll – Beast Type – Fox’.

I don’t have the Doll Making skill, and it is not on the list of skills available to me.

And as I don’t have the appropriate skill, I am also unable to use its recipe… That said, I can infer what is the necessary process to make this doll, as I have access to not only the necessary materials, but also to the drawings that show the completed product.

Not to mention I do have plenty of experience crafting items on my own by now, so… I think I can make this even without being able to use the recipe.

Of course, it would be much easier and faster with the recipe, but… I want to try it.

And well, this doll doesn’t seem to be too complicated to make. I know I’d be unable to make a complicated product on my own like that, but if it’s this doll… It’s most likely a beginner’s product.

Though well, I don’t even know if there are beginner level Doll Recipes, or if Doll Making is a skill that has a beginner level to it.

Either way, I tried making the doll out, and the result…


Wooden Doll – Beast Type – Fox

Doll/5*/Durability 30


As the name suggests, it’s a fox carved out of wood, and has threads connected to the back part of each of its limbs.

It’s basically a marionette, isn’t it? Can I control it with the Magical Gloves that Hime uses then?

Let’s try making some test gloves and finding it out.


… Well, Hime is truly amazing. I mean, I already knew that, but this just made me more aware of that fact.

The doll has six threads total. One for each foot, the two arms, the tail and the head… And it’s so difficult to handle it! How can I control each individual thread properly?

It’s hard to understand how to do it, so… I ended up sending a message to great master Hime in order to ask for guidance.

She said she’ll come soon, so I guess moving this child around will wait until then.

But well… Isn’t this child cute? I made her eyes with processed amethyst, which were very round and lovely.

Should I try coating it with a bit of fur? This is a wooden doll, so it’s not very fluffy right now… The tail in particular definitely needs to be fluffable.

We don’t have fox fur though… Low Wolf Fur and War Dog Fur are too stiff and uncomfortable to the touch, so they’re no good as substitutes.

High Rabbit Fur though… Well, it might work.

This is getting fun!

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