Chapter 73 – Isn’t this quite dangerous!?


I finished making a batch of steel gear, got it evaluated at the Guild, then restocked the store. As usual though, not many items were made as it takes too long to craft each individual item… But well, as the profit margin is also tremendous, I’m still getting a lot more money than what I got from selling iron.

I wonder how high the price of steel items would be if they had Options in them…

Well, I can roughly predict how high it would go, actually. The price multiplier from having an Option on the item has been fairly consistent between Copper, Bronze and Iron items, so it should have the same multiplier for Steel.

Though of course, how useful the Option is also influences the price… But in any case, a price multiplier on top of the already high price of steel items would definitely be incredible.

I want to be able to make steel gear with Options as soon as possible…

In any case, there was a line in front of my store today again. Seems like lines will keep on being formed each time I update the blog with information on items that are going to be put for sale.

I don’t know how long this will last, but I guess things will be like this for the time being.

Well then, it’s free time from now on.

Though I still want to make steel gear, so not all of it is free time… But let’s leave that for later. I will take a bit of a break from that and from raising skill levels, and instead try experimenting with the Lich Bones that I bought from Mika.

But well, I only know one processing method and one recipe for this, so I’m instead planning on trying to Add the Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid in various different proportions to items and see what results I get.

Last time, I could Add it to an Iron Short Sword, but that process was way too hard. I won’t be able to reproduce it without entering the Zone again.

Therefore, I’ll try using smaller amounts of the Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid to see its effect.

Of course, Add has different effects depending on the material used and on the targeted item, so I can’t be sure of what will and won’t work out.

Due to that, I’ll start by trying it out with the Iron Short Sword, since it’s the one item I already know to work out well with the Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid.

Now, let’s see how this works out.


Hello, this is Bucket here, reporting from the site.

I’m currently in the middle of an experiment, but I have been stumbling from its very beginning.

Back then, I was able to make the Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid on my first attempt, but I have now wasted two Lich Bones and have yet to obtain any result.

It’s strange… This material is really hard to make, isn’t it? How come? My Skill Level has definitely risen since the first time I made it, so it shouldn’t be that hard…

Well, no point in mourning about it. I was able to make it once, and I did it while being outside the Zone, so I can definitely do it again.

Moreover, I still have Lich Bones with me, and there is no other purpose for this item, so… Let’s keep trying! Third time is the charm!

Let’s do it!


Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid



I finally succeeded at my third attempt! No Substance X this time around!

Then, let’s start experimenting by using 1/10th of the liquid in the Add process.


As a result of carefully increasing the amount of alchemy liquid Added to the crafting process, I was able to notice a sharp increase in the difficulty of production when 30% of the alchemy liquid was Added to a single item.

The experiments before this one, with 10% and 20% of the alchemy liquid ended up having no visible effect on the Iron Short Sword. The difficulty of the crafting process also did not increase during those experiments.

Well, the difficulty may have risen, but I’m an Artisan’s Blacksmith already! My Skill proves that, so there’s no way I’d fail!

Rather, there was still some leeway on the process!

And the result of the attempt was…


Dark Short Sword

Sword/6*/ATK +88; Attribute: Darkness/Small Enchantment: Darkness/Durability: 120


The blade of the Iron Short Sword was of a beautiful black. It wasn’t a jet-black that absorbs all light like the Sealed Dark Mysterious Sword, but it was still of a pretty black color.

Also, the performance was slightly ahead of what the Iron Short Sword could do… Not to mention its Option. Once again, it was one that I had never seen before.

Though this one wasn’t as mysterious as the last one. As it is basically adding a magical attribute on the weapon.

However, darkness is not an attribute with any information about it on the forums. At most people have speculated that it was a derivative attribute that came from mixing multiple other attributes.

It’s still a standard attribute though… But one that nobody should have been able to add to items yet, so… This is quite rare, isn’t it? Would it be enough to be put up for auction?

Well, I could try contacting Mr. Kederick about it, but… There is still 40% of the Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid yet.

If I add these 40%, the difficulty will definitely become even higher than before, but… I think it’s still possible for me to do it, so I should try it.

Yeah, let’s aim higher. I still have Lich Bones, and I should be able to make one Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid for every three Lich Bones I use, so I can still experiment with this!

Let’s go! Carefully moving forward, but without holding back!

The process is still the same.

The timing to Add the liquid also hasn’t changed.

Now… To put 40% of it!

… The difficulty really did raise from the last time… Isn’t this quite dangerous!?

Carefully, carefully… Let’s pay very close attention to each of my swings…


I was somehow able to complete it properly. I thought I had lost it at one point, but I was able to make a recovery and succeeded in finishing it at the last minute.

I didn’t expect the difficulty to get this high at 40%… I’d definitely fail if I tried putting 50% of the alchemy liquid on the sword.

But with this, I was able to finish the product.


Dark Short Sword

Sword/8*/ATK +134; Attribute: Darkness; ADHP: 4/Medium Attack Power Enhancement/Small Enchantment: Darkness/Tiny Life Drain/Durability: 120


It really is more effective as the difficulty raises, isn’t it!?

The rank rose by two, and more than that… This actually has three Options! I wasn’t in the Zone, but this is definitely my second item with three Options!

And it has yet another option I never saw before… But it’s a very straight-forward one.

Life Drain should definitely take away the life of one’s opponent and recover yours. The effect may be tiny, but recovering health with each attack is still quite something.

And thanks to the Medium Attack Power Enhancement, this weapon has more ATK than a Steel Short Sword… This is definitely a masterpiece with two useful Options on top of an Attribute addition!

With something like this, Mr. Kederick will surely be satisfied.

… There’s a problem though. This is something that Mika would definitely want.

The Sealed Dark Mysterious Sword is still being rented, but she will surely want this one as well. She does use two swords, after all.

I can’t put this for auction when taking this into account… I’m just too sweet to my relatives to do that.

So, let’s lend this one to Mika too.

That said, considering how hard it was to make this weapon, not to mention the fact that it got good Options in it, I think I might need to give up on getting an item listed at the auction.

I mean, maybe the 6* Dark Short Sword might work? Though… Well, it’s not good enough, is it?

But I did succeed at Adding 40% of the Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid without entering the Zone, so… Can’t I try it again?

I still have time, and I still have Lich Bones.

I have enough materials, so I should rise up to the challenge.

This is also a form of pioneering! I may be a crafter, but I’m also a Pioneer!

Rise up to the challenge, Pioneer!

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