Chapter 74 – I wonder how much…


Hello, here is Pioneer Bucket.

Today is a good experimentation day, where only a few Lich Bones are left.

Yeah, I used too many… It’s because it is way too hard to make the Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid.

Or rather, it’s because my Skill Levels and my overall technique are bad.

I should have quit midway, but I kept on trying anyways… I mean, I have not made it just once, but twice! Of course I could do it again!

That’s how the mind of gamblers work, right?

Well, I have no regrets, but let’s reflect on it. It’s a rare material that I don’t know when I’ll be able to get again, so I shouldn’t use it carelessly anymore.

Well, that’s it for my self-reflection… Now, let’s look at the results of sacrificing all these Lich Bones!


Dark Short Sword

Sword/7*/ATK +88; Attribute: Darkness/Small Enchantment: Darkness/Small Durability Enhancement/Durability: 159


Dark Short Sword

Sword/7*/ATK +88; Attribute: Darkness; AGI +19/Small Enchantment: Darkness/Small Agility Enhancement/Durability: 120


Dark Short Sword

Sword/7*/ATK +88; Attribute: Darkness; STR +7/Small Enchantment: Darkness/Tiny Strength Enhancement/Durability: 120


Dark Short Sword

Sword/8*/ATK +88; Attribute: Darkness; HIT +17/Small Enchantment: Darkness/Small Hit Chance Enhancement/Tiny Durability Removal/Durability: 120


Four items were made in total. Three were 7* and one was 8*.

The 8* in particular had the glorious three Options in it, but… As Options are luck-dependent, this ended up being a lot more disappointing than the last one.

Still, they weren’t terrible Options.

And well, I actually tried making more than just those four Swords. But I already got five failures total, not to mention the failures on making the Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid, so I think it’s fine to stop here. I made a good enough accomplishment today.

Though it is a bit bothersome that the ‘Small Enchantment: Darkness’ Option seems to be fixed, so the glorious three Options end up feeling more like two Options.

Still, three Options are three Options, right?

… Though the performance of the first Dark Short Sword with three Options is by far the best.

Well, the second Dark Short Sword with three Options isn’t bad either, so I think it’s good enough to be shown to Mr. Kederick.

The first one will be rented to Mika though.

And I think that’s a good enough point to end the experiment. While it doesn’t take that long to make an Iron Short Sword, the same can’t be said for the Dark Sage’s Alchemy Liquid.

And unfortunately, I ran out of time because of that, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to do anything else.

But let’s send a message to Mika before leaving. It’s fine this time, since she knows I will only be able to see her reply tomorrow.

And well, most people would be bothered by being contacted right before bedtime, but Mika surely won’t mind it.

Then, let’s log-out.


Good morning.

Although we were near the end of August, it seemed like it was very hot outside when I looked through the window.

But that was not the case with Frontiers at all. The temperature and humidity were both very comfortable… This kind of game feature is truly the best.

In any case, I felt like the message icon was being a bit more showy than usual today. I wasn’t quite sure why, but I think it’s better for me to check it sooner rather than later.

It was probably a reply from Mika, after all.

But before I could open the message, I received a call… Just what is this timing?

“Good morning!” Mika exclaimed.

“Yes yes, good morning, Mika.” I replied.

“I saw your message, but I don’t have money! What should I do!?

“Please Yuri! Divine Yuri! Saintess Divine Yuri!” Mika kept on adding some weird compliments there.

“I’m neither divine nor a saintess…” I replied.

“You’re close enough! You’re the Bucket Goddess, alright!?” Mika excitedly claimed.

Well, I get what she is getting at. She essentially wants to rent the Dark Short Sword with three Options, since she can’t buy it.

I bet she kept on being this excited throughout the whole night… Even though summer vacation is about to end…

“Well, I get what you want, but well, the Mysterious Sword is still rented, so like… Can’t you buy this one?” I asked her.

“Ah, but the Mysterious Sword is definitely a lot more incredible than the Dark Short Sword, isn’t it? Just from base performance alone, it’s already insane.” Mika commented.

“Well, that much is true… I mean, according to the market information, the Mysterious Sword is almost ten times more expensive than the Dark Short Sword.” I replied.

“For real!? Well, I guess it makes sense when considering it has such an absurd attack power by itself, while also having an amazing Option…

“Though the Dark Short Sword also has some pretty great Options, doesn’t it?” Mika said.

“Well, that’s true. Though the other Dark Short Sword with three Options that I made ended up being somewhat underwhelming in comparison.” I told her.

“Wait, there was more than one!? Show it to me!” Mika exclaimed.

“Eh? Did I only send you the details of the first one I made with three Options?” I asked.

“You only sent one! The one with Life Drain in it!” Mika told me, “Ah, and isn’t this the first time an item with Life Drain was made!?”

“I think so. I definitely never saw anything other than theories about its existence on the forums. It’s a bit of a classic ability, after all.” I replied.

“Yeah… But I’m still wondering about some things, like, does it have a chance of triggering!? And how much life does it drain!?” Mika asked me, though I don’t really know the answers.

“I wonder… Well, there. I sent the other Dark Sword with three Options to you now.” I told her.

I was sure I had sent her the information on the other weapons yesterday, but it seems like I had forgotten somehow.

Well, that’s fine. I did send her the most important information anyways, which was the details on the Dark Short Sword with the Life Drain Option in it.

The others aren’t as good, after all.

“Ah… I guess this certainly isn’t as good as the first one.” Mika commented after looking over it.

“I know, right? Options depend on luck, so it can’t be helped, but it’s still disappointing to waste an occurrence as precious as having three Options.” I replied.

“Well, I guess so… Still, you did make other Dark Short Swords that didn’t get three Options, didn’t you? What about those?” Mika asked me.

As expected of her. She realized I made more swords since I even got more than a single item with three Options in it.

But still… I was showing her the one with the best performance, so… “The others are even less impressive.” I told her.

“Ah, I see… Well, show them to me anyways. I may be the only person that uses Short Swords in my party, but there are other people who might want them in my Clan.” Mika replied.

“I didn’t tell you I’d sell those to your Clan, though?” I told her.

“Ah, I guess so… Well, that’s fine. The final decision still depends on you, after all.” Mika said.

The Dark Short Sword is still worse than the Steel Short Sword in terms of raw attack power though. It might be more valuable because of the Options, however.

That said, I don’t really know how effective the Attribute Addition is, so I feel a bit troubled about selling those weapons.

Still, I sent her the data on the other swords regardless.

“Ah, the others have only two Options… Moreover, the ‘Small Enchantment: Darkness’ effect seems to be fixed.” Mika commented after looking over them.

“It looks like it… Because of that, I’m not even that happy about the ones with three Options in them.” I replied.

“No! You should definitely be! It may be a fixed Option, but it’s still an excellent Option!

“Sure, we don’t know how effective it is, but that can be tested! This is not a small thing!” Mika exclaimed.

“I guess so.” I said.

Well, ‘Small Enchantment: Darkness’ is an Option that nobody got before.

Frontiers doesn’t make much of its in-game details public, so things need to be tested out by the players.

Hime loves doing this kind of thing, but she unfortunately doesn’t use Short Swords, so she can’t help here… But well, Mika will do it for her this time around.

Depending on how good it is, the remaining Lich Bones may be consumed… I mean, at least if it’s a really good effect.

“That’s why, lady Yuri, how much is it!?” Mika asked me.

“I wonder how much…” I pondered out loud.

“But of course! Come and enjoy the Dark Short Sword with the Life Drain Option! Test it out for free! For free!” Mika exclaimed a strange sales pitch.

“I was thinking of not taking any money from it, but I might have changed my mind after receiving such a sudden call…” I muttered.

“Ah!? Did I mess up!?” Mika replied.

I just laughed in response, “Well, when are you coming to the workshop?”

“Excuse me!” Mika exclaimed.

“Eh!?” I exclaimed back.

That was a bit too sudden… I was in a call with Mika, but I now was hearing her voice come not from the Call, but from my front door.

This wasn’t hypnosis nor super speed though… It was a much scary thing.

Though well, I kinda expected it in all honesty.

The time I log-in each day is the same, and Mika already knows my schedule.

I mean, it’s not that surprising when considering she called me even before I could see her message.

Mika was just too excited about it, so she waited in front of my door until I logged in.

Let’s be careful to not let Mika run out of control. I don’t wanna be dragged away by someone who is too excited about things.

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