“Manager!” Alice, the blonde-haired beauty shouted, throwing her carrier aside before running towards me as soon as she saw me at the gates.

“Alice!! I.. wa..wait..!”

She suddenly attacked me in a tight hug before I could restrain her. Before I knew it, she has kissing me all over the cheeks.


“Jun-Hyuk.. so popular among the ladies, even at the tea shop last time!” Yuki exclaimed.

“She’s just going a little overboard with her greeting.. it’s been a while since we last saw each other.”

“Hmph!” Yuki shot me a look and I felt as if my heart might stop.

“Jun-hyuk! Our wallet!” A familiar voice shouted. It was John, Michael, and Rob, whom I had met at the food court at MIT.

John and Michael hadn’t changed much, but Rob looked like he had gotten bigger. Even his beard looked bigger than that of Santa Claus.

Who would believe that he was three years younger than me?

“Rob, do you even shave? What is it with your beard?

“Don’t even talk about it. I was stuck in Hack’s club room until yesterday to make this.” He held up a black bag and winked at me. “I didn’t even have time to shave.”


Then Yuki, who had been standing awkwardly to the side spoke up in her broken English.

“Hi. I’m Jun-Hyuk’s girlfriend. Yuki Isakawa.”

“Oh. My. Gosh! Mr. Kang, your girlfriend is a cutie!”

My fellow American factory boys seemed to finally let it sink in that they were finally in Japan once they saw Yuki’s short figure and round face.

I quickly led the noisy group out of the airport.



We got in the nine-person vehicle I had borrowed from Chandra in advance, and the car started moving once I stepped on the accelerator.

“Jun Hyuk, I’m hungry. Where are we going?”

Rob said, stroking his stomach even though it hadn’t been long since they had landed.

“I asked that we have our meal prepared. There’s someone I’d like to introduce you to before we go drop off your bags.”

“Who’s that?”

“Remember I told you once back in the States about the crazy factory boy I work with that changed the coding for the Psychic Battle.”

“Oh, are you talking about the Indian? We wanted to meet him too, but I was busy taking summer classes…”

“No one told you to fail classes.”

“It’s all because of the GPU work you left me with. I stayed up all night doing it and missed a class.”

“Oh, really? Sorry about that. I left you a lot of pay for it though”

“Thankfully I was able to pay for my classes without asking my parents’ help.”

“That’s good, then.”

“You’re annoying.”

“You should make money too if you’re bitter about it. Haha.”

Yuki and Alice, who were sitting at the back of the car were shaking their heads at the conversation concerning what had happened recently at MIT.




“Ey! It’s a river! We’re at a river!”

“Wait a minute pumila. We’re having guests too.”

It was a day off at Lytex. As soon as I stepped into the factory, Chandra and the other factory workers came out to greet me.

“You just brought a crowd with you, didn’t you, Jun-Hyuk?”

“Is there enough food?” I asked, stealing a glance at Rob.

“I don’t know. I didn’t know someone like Pumila would end up coming among your guests . There might not be enough food.”

“If we need more food, we can always order more. Let’s go in, shall we?”



Soon I introduced my Indian factory worker and my American factory worker to each other. Rob and Chandra, who were basically the representatives for both sides shook hands and we started the welcoming party with food and cans of beer.

Both foreign engineers who were awkward with each other at first soon became close. The GPU device that Rob had brought seemed interesting even to Chandra and Pumala.

It was a relief Chandra could speak English, so the two didn’t have a problem communicating.

“What do you think, Jun-Hyuk? Isn’t it great? It’s an arithmetic unit device that helps with 3D graphic cards!”

“Oh… really?”

“You don’t seem too hyped.”

Rob was showing off a device that was the size of an arm of a grown adult. How were we supposed to use a graphic arithmetic unit device that wouldn’t even fit in a desktop?

I let out a sigh and held up several packages of cigarettes from the table next to the device for him to see.

“All right. You know the structure, right? Now this time, decrease it to the size of four cigarette boxes.”

“What, are you crazy?”

“Think about it, Rob. Who would use a graphic device that doesn’t even fit in a desktop, huh?”

“Jun-Hyuk is right. If it were me, I would be able to make it into the size of two packs,” agreed Chandra, who had been watching me.


Rob looked up and glared.

“What did this brat just say? Two packs of cigarettes? Then I’ll make it into the size of one pack.”

“What? Then I’ll make it to the size of half a pack.”


“Why you.. you Indian monkey!”

“You fat American pig!”

The friendly atmosphere where they were complimenting each other on their technical skills just a moment ago had completely changed.

I smiled, pleased with how fast I was able to bring about their reactions.

“Ehem.. would you guys stop and take a look at this for a moment?”

Chandra and Rob, who had been glaring at each other, turned to look at me.
I each gave them a piece of paper and started to explain.

“Why don’t you calm down and listen while you have some beer or something. I didn’t call you here so you can argue. I had you two meet so we can help each other.

“Kang Jun-Hyuk. Why are these Americans so rude?”

“Excuse me? Who was the one who started the fight?”

“Alright, alright. Stop it you two. If you really want to fight, do it with your skills, not your fists.”

“Our skills?”

“These are the pieces that will be used for Mintendo’s Super Family.” Chandra then looked at the piece of paper I had handed him and nodded.

“Oho! I see. But are you allowed to show this to us like this?”

“Mintendo got copyright law approved so if it’s not through a proper license, it will be illegal to copy games from Gameboys now. Also, the original cost for Gameboys are expensive so there’s no worry of there being a copy version like the Family. Rather than copy the Super Family, it would be better profit to copy the cartridge rather than the Super Family.

“Hmm. I see. But why are you showing this to us?”

“We’re going to make a new console prototype based on the parts written there. Then for the graphic touches, we’ll use the device Rob brought with him. Whether it’s the size of one or two cigarette packs, this graphic device must be included in the console. The term to develop the prototype is one year. The first team that succeeds will be given ten million yen as an award.”

“A.. a hundred million yen????!!”



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