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E. 20 Until the Creation of Super Family (5)


“100… 100 million yen??”

Everyone’s eyes grew big. Rob silently calculated the currency difference in his mind and his jaw dropped in shock.

“Hey, Kang. You must be joking. I know you have a lot of money, but that’s almost a million dollars..”

I knew I was offering a big deal of money as a bonus.

However, I made the decision because I knew it was worth it.


“Why? Are you scared of big numbers?

“If you have that much money, you can use better skilled professionals and personally ask them to do the work.”

“I’m sure I’ll find more talented people out there if I looked. But the thing is..”

“But the thing is…?”

“You guys are talented enough too. If you were in it for the money, you would have already taken your time and used the money I sent over by wasting it way however you wanted. You didn’t though, and you ended up making the GPU device you wanted on your own, right? Although… it is a little big… haha.”


“Even the first computers that were invented were the size of a house.”

“I know. First, get an understanding of the structure, and make it better by decreasing its size while improving the quality at the same time.”

“Hmph.. then what are you planning to use the new GPU device for?

“Let’s say it’ll be used as a graphics processing unit for the new console. I need to talk to you two.” I beckoned to Rob and Chandra and both followed me out of the room.


We crossed a well-kept hallway and arrived in a room away from the party.

We sat on the couch facing each other.

Rob scanned around the room as soon as he had taken a seat and said, “Hey – this looks like some factory. Are we allowed to roam around like this?”

“Don’t worry. Jun-Hyuk here is the owner of this place.” Chandra answered for me.

“Excuse me?”

I smirked and picked out three beverages from the vending machine. The vending machines at Lytex provided free food for all the employees so it didn’t cause any financial burden.

“Mr. Kang. Didn’t you say you work at Mintendo the last time we met?”

“Yeah… I guess I’m still part of Mintendo.” I replied as I opened a canned drink.

“You’re an employee at Mintendo and the CEO of this factory at the same time? How many jobs do you have?”

“I am the owner of this factory, but I’m not the CEO. There’s another person who runs the place.”

“Kang Jun-Hyuk is right. He doesn’t do any work related to Lytex,” Chandra said. He chortled at Rob’s stunned expression and took a sip of his beverage.


“So… the reason I wanted to talk to you separately is because I want to talk a little more with you guys about the console that I was talking about.”

“Chandra is excited.” Chandra announced. “What genius product are we coming up with this time?” Chandra grinned from ear to ear, his eyes full of curiosity. We look at each other, smiling, and I spilled the beans.


“A Gameboy that changes itself.” I announced.

“We’re going to make a console that will be popular in all of Japan – I mean, the whole world- for the next decade.”

“How are you trying to make this? A self-evolving Gameboy… I can’t imagine such a thing.” Rob and Chandra were looking as if they were dying of curiosity.

I took out a stack of the project document.

“This is a draft of the new console that I’m currently planning.”


Chandra and Rob reached for the document at the same time. I couldn’t blame them. This project had a hundred million yen reward on it.


“Wait!” I shouted before they could both get their hands on it.


“Even if it’s between the three of us, the plans written here are a company secret, so we still have to go through the logistics.”

I got them to sign a contract that they would never share my plans anywhere else.


“But we don’t have the funds to make it ourselves, nor would any other company offer 1 million dollars if we sell it over to them.”

“It’s still good to go through the logistics properly. Alright, you can look now.”


At my permission, Chandra and Rob snatched the document and looked through it. I couldn’t help enjoying myself as I saw their expressions start to change.


“This? Is this even possible?”

“It’s a project that will monopolize the console market for a decade after its release. It should be at a scale that can last that long.”

“I’m more concerned about whether we can do this project in one year.” Bob said.

“Of course, it won’t be easy. Even I doubted whether this would work when I first started planning on it.” I smiled.


“I said I would award the million dollars to the first ‘team’ that succeeds. With every month you go over after a year from now, there’s going to be a 5% decrease of reward so it would benefit all of us if you make the prototype within a year, right?”


“You’re really something. You shouldn’t have mentioned the reward in the first place then.” Rob muttered.

“Wouldn’t you need some motivation to keep you going with the project?” I said.


Chandra stared at Rob in disbelief. “Does that mean the American team is dropping out? Looks like this project is ours.”

“What are you even talking about-who sad I was giving up? Besides, if we don’t partake in this, who’s going to make the GPU model?”

“Yeah… you’re right. Looks like I should step inside the party and take apart this GPU thing.”

“And with whose permission, may I ask?”

“Chandra has copied the Family model once. I don’t think I’ll have a problem with the console. The bonus reward is already ours.”  Chandra said smugly.

Rob and Chandra continued to argue back and forth even until we headed back to the party, reminding me of the characters Tom and Jerry. I shook my head as I stared after them bitterly.


It was good to have healthy competition, but it seamed that they still didn’t understand what I said about being a ‘team’. I wondered if I should leave things like this while Rob was staying In Japan.

They could figure things out while Rob was still in Japan, or something completely genus might result out of this new rivalry.




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