Genocide Online

Chapter 206 – Fastria Agricultural City Tour – part three


(Gillian’s PoV)

On the night of the day that we lost to that monster knight, the knight guided us to a private room of an inn.

Inside the room, we found the lady that the knight had been escorting earlier, “So those are the people who will provide us information?” She asked, to which the knight nodded.

After a quick glance towards us, the lady then said, “I guess there must be people like Eren in every city… Well, let’s not mind that for now and instead focus on the matter at hand.

“There’s someone out there who is aiming for the position of grand duke, and they don’t like others mingling with the princess… What should we do about that?

“I also don’t really know what that princess’ goal is in the first place, so… Well, let’s start from the beginning. What’s the current situation in this country? Who’s your employer? And-”

Wait, isn’t she asking too much? I mean, we did lose alright, but I’m not going to simply sell-out my employer just from that. I have a bit of self-respect.

“Hey, woman! You’re getting too ahead of yourself!” While I was thinking of how to address her demands, one of my few remaining subordinates spoke.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“The one we lost to was the knight, not you! If you want some information, then you better pay for it!” The subordinate said.

… Now that I think about it, this stupid man was one of the people I borrowed from my employer, wasn’t he? He certainly lacks a good head in his shoulder… And also seems to lack loyalty to his own employer as well.

Whatever happens, no loss for me, I suppose.

“Oh, I see… In that case…” As the lady said that, she moved faster than what my eyes could see.

By the time I realized it, she was cleaning up a dagger, and the subordinate’s throat was leaking blood…

“This one can be a host.” As she said those words, some insect came from who knows where and attached itself to the wound on the stupid man’s neck. The man desperately tried to hold his neck, but it only seemed to increase his suffering… It was a nightmarish sight.

“I only need the one with the highest position of you lot, so I’ll thin out any annoying small fries, alright?” She told us.

… And as she said that, that poor subordinate was rolling on the floor, desperately muttering something that I could no longer comprehend.

I see… So this is what true fear feels like. I thought I had understood it when seeing the knight fight, but I guess there is always a bigger monster somewhere.

“So, Gillian, right? I’ll ask you again… Who is your employer?” She asked.

“Gregoir Serdis! Owner of the Serdis Company!” I instantly replied.

I felt a bit hypocritical when I was condemning that stupid subordinate due to lack of loyalty, but… Some people’s demands just can’t be refused.

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