Genocide Online

Chapter 205 – Fastria Agricultural City Tour – part two


(Gillian’s PoV)

Another one of my henchmen was blown away by this knight. His movements were not only way too fast for his gigantic body, but they also made his sword so hard to see, that I started wondering if the sword wasn’t actually invisible. We also couldn’t quite grasp the right distance to fight from, as his range didn’t seem to be consistent, somehow.

He is way too strong to be the escort of some traveling young lady. His tackles are breaking my men’s bones, and nobody seems able to stop his sword attacks, nor to land a single hit on him even though he is surrounded… How?

I gave a few signals to my subordinates. We need to change tactics… They understood it, and started running around and throwing stones at the knight, aiming to distract him, and block his vision to some extent with rocks aimed at his eyes.

Nonetheless, he is knocking all stones aside with simple arm movements, even though those throws have been empowered by our skills… What is this monster?

One of my men tried making use of the distractions to stab a knife in-between the knight’s eyes, but the knight reacted in-time, grabbing my man’s head and crushing it with his bare hands… Ridiculous. The hard part of this task should have been dragging the knight here, not killing him after he is surrounded. How is this even happening? Why is he the one exterminating us and not the other way around!?

A knight as strong as this one should surely have quite the fame behind him, but… Who could it be? Alexei, Ronove, the Imperial Princess… Those famous people have all died one after the other in such a quick succession. There was no big name that reached us in this meantime.

And while I tried understanding our current situation better, the knight kept on killing… Crushing my subordinates as if they were mere ants… And somehow dodging each and every attack that came his way… Who is this monster? I have no information on him.

… Perhaps he is the very person that killed all those famous people from the Western part of the continent? It wouldn’t surprise me if he was…

But an opportunity presented itself. Maybe he got distracted, or maybe he got careless due to how easily he overpowered us, but… His back is turned to me. A clear short path between me and him… “You’ll regret fighting as recklessly as this!”

As I exclaimed that, I pierced my knife through the back of the knight’s neck. Such a clean and direct hit using the ‘Fatal Blow’ skill… Even this monster should fall to this.

And it fell… It did fall… Its head definitely fell… Its helmet fell on the ground.

But the inside of that armor… It had nothing but pitch-black darkness inside it.

“No way…” I muttered. No blood spewed from the head, the body did not fall even though it was headless, “You are… Already dead?”

The knight ignored me, picked up its helmet, then put it back on top of its own head.

Some of my subordinates panicked at this point, and started attacking it carelessly. With no coordination, with no timing… I could only watch as they accidentally killed their companions in this useless desperate struggle.

I somehow, barely managed to recompose myself enough to send a signal to my few remaining henchmen, telling them to stop those attacks, lest them kill us all.

“Uhn… Surrender! We surrender!” I then exclaimed that, “I’m no priest. I can’t kill someone that is already dead, so I surrender.”

So many died in this pointless battle… Can’t say I cared much for them, but they deserved better than this at least. Nobody told us we were fighting a monster.

However… The knight was walking in my direction. Ominously… Terrifyingly… “I-I apologize for the trouble! I-I’ll give what information you need!” He kept on walking my way, “D-don’t you want to quickly return to your lady!?”

He stopped. This somehow stopped him… I was worried it could get him even angrier, but it instead seemed to calm him down… That was a lucky bet.

“Then, uhn… Well… You want some information on the city, I guess?” I asked him. Hopefully this will be enough for him to let us go in peace.

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