Genocide Online

Chapter 204 – Fastria Agricultural City Tour


(Abby’s PoV)

After waiting for small while at the city’s square, I eventually heard the words, “Sorry to keep you waiting.” come out from yesterday’s lady’s mouth, as she arrived together with her escort knight.

… They sure do stand out quite a bit, but I suppose that can’t be helped.

I’ll be sure to protect my homeland from those outsiders that might be threatening it!

“Oh, I didn’t wait long! Anyways, is there a place you want to go to?” I asked the lady.

“Well, I guess I’d like to learn a bit more about the city as a whole?” She requested.

A generic explanation? I suppose there shouldn’t be any problems in giving something like this to her… I also glanced at the knight behind her to see if I could get anything out of him, but he showed no reaction at all… I can’t help worrying about what their purpose here is.

Guess there is no use worrying about it for now. Let’s start walking and showing them around. Hopefully their purpose will become clear from the questions that they ask or what things they pay more attention to, “We’re at the Fastria Agricultural City. The region under the charge of this city’s ruler is the backbone of the Meffy Commercial Nation, as the vast majority of the nationally produced food comes from here.”

“Oh my, that’s pretty impressive.” The lady commented.

“That it is! And it’s all thanks to the Fastria Company that regulates most of the production in this area!

“In fact, you can actually see their mansion from here. Try looking over there.” I then pointed towards the mansion that ‘he’ lives in… I got a bit happy that I was able to brag a bit about his deeds.

Though of course, they probably already knew this much before coming here, since this is all basic knowledge.

Instead of replying to the simple knowledge I shared on the tour though, the lady turned towards the knight and asked, “What’s the matter, Inosensho?”

… I couldn’t see the knight’s expression at all, so I wondered how she knew that something might have happened… Did someone try picking his pocket or something? Even if this city is great, there is no way to completely stop criminals, so I guess that can’t be helped.

Though I can’t imagine someone actually being able to steal something from this stern knight…

“I see… You can go, then.” As she said that, the knight bowed… Wait, how does she even know that he wants to go somewhere!?

Also… “Is it really okay to separate yourself from him?” I couldn’t help asking.

“Yes? Unless it troubles you, of course.” She replied.

At this moment, I noticed that the knight actually had a small paper sheet in his hands… Is this some sort of invitation? Was he told to go somewhere else alone…? That seems quite dangerous in the middle of foreign territory… Does this lady have no sense of crisis at all?

“Inosensho, be careful.” She told him, to which he bowed once more. I guess she figured I was fine with it since I gave her no reply.

Then, the knight left us and went somewhere else. I’m worried about this, but perhaps it might be for the best. It might be easier to get information from her without an escort looking over her back, especially if she is as naïve as this last command makes her look like.

“Could you please tell me more about the country?” She then asked me.

“Oh, of course!” I replied.

This was an unexpected turn of events, but let’s do our best! I’ll make full use of this opportunity, so please share all of your secrets with me!


(Gillian’s PoV (New Character))

“Huh? You actually came this easily? Surprising.” I commented as the knight approached the open area that me and my subordinates were waiting at. A hard-to-access area that can only be reached through back alleys… Perfect for taking care of nuisances.

Never thought it would be this simple to lure the knight from another country here though. Perhaps this job will be easier than I initially thought.

“Dunno what country you’re from, but our employer isn’t happy about suspicious people approaching the princess, got it?” I told him. Trying to see if it would rile him up a bit. It would be easier to take care of him if he isn’t calm.

However… He didn’t react at all. Let’s try something else then, “Also, that lady you’re protecting… She looks nice, doesn’t she? I might play a bit with her once I’m done with you.” After I said that, he finally pulled out his sword. So she is his weakness? That’s good to know.

My subordinates too unsheathed their weapons, but just as we were about to start… “Lord Gillian…” One of my stupid subordinates said.

I kicked the idiot, “Don’t go telling my name to enemies!”

Seriously, why give away free information like that? We don’t know who else might be listening, so we should conceal as much about ourselves as possible…

I get that he was probably scared of the enemy and wanted me to give some instructions on how to proceed with the battle, but that was not the right way to go about it. I’ll have to re-educate him later.

“Let’s just get this over with.” As I said that, I tried looking at the status of the knight.


Name: Ino, Ino… Inonononono???

Race: Dark ====????

Status: ===






… Well, he certainly has a strong concealment magic on him. I could hardly get anything out of it.

“Die!” As I exclaimed that, my subordinates attacked… I wonder how many will die here. I might actually get some nice compensation if I lose too many men.

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