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I am rewatching Zenkai Girl after about a decade and I discovered that terms like ‘Yutori‘ and ‘DINK‘ were used in it. I just discovered Yutori this week and ‘DINK‘ last year from The Rational Life and My Fated Boy. I guess I really didn’t pay attention when I first starting watching dramas

Genocide Online

Chapter 208 – A Visit to Sekondia Industrial City’s Main Company


Since I had no contacts with the Sekondia Industrial City, I figured it would be best to just travel there directly, so I got Inoue and my other familiars to get back to possessing my gear, then quickly moved to the Sekondia Industrial City.

Right now, I was on top of one of the factories within the city… It felt a bit strange when compared to the other cities in KSO, since this one felt more like what you’d expect from a city shortly after the industrial revolution, not a medi-fantasy city, but… Let’s not mind that.

“Do you know where the owner of the Sekondia city is?” I asked Gillian, who I brought here with me.

“I don’t know this much.” He replied.

“I’ll look for him myself then. You can go deliver the letter.” I ordered.

“Understood.” He heaved a sigh of relief for some reason, then jumped off the roof… I wonder if something was scaring him up here? Well, let’s not mind that.

For now, I guess I’ll explode this factory to draw some attention, put some poisonous gas in the region to cause further chaos, then go to the nearby mansion to see if I can find the owner inside it.


Shortly after the factory blew up, I went to the nearby mansion, cut the throat of a security guard, and used his keys to open the door and get inside.

Then, as I started searching around the rooms within the mansion, I ended up finding the soldiers’ dormitory, “Oops, my bad.” I said. It’s bad manners to look at men who are changing their clothes, after all. Mom would have gotten angry at me if I were to peek at them.

“E-e-enemy attack! Enemy attack!” A flabbergasted soldier exclaimed. It’s good to be faithful to one’s duties, but it isn’t very gentlemanly to keep a conversation going while your pants are down, you know?

“Uhn… I know I’m an intruder, but I’m still a lady, you know?

“… Could it be that you don’t even see me as such?” I tilted my head as I asked the half-dressed soldiers.

“Wait, no! Of course, you’re a lady! It’s just-!” The soldiers started replying.

“Too many openings.” I said. The embarrassed soldiers had hurriedly occupied their hands with their clothes, so they couldn’t react to my attack, so I quickly cut through them all. They should have gone for their weapons instead.

Well, that’s some 20 soldiers taken care of. There are probably more guards than this, but I guess most of them went out to check the explosion, so the mansion is somewhat empty right now.

… Though I wonder why there is a room for soldiers so far back in the mansion. Shouldn’t they be stationed much near the entrance? Maybe the chairman’s room is nearby? Or perhaps a safe?

Well, it would be nice if it was the chairman’s room, as it would save me time… Though a safe with some blueprints for technological innovations could also serve as a nice souvenir for Eren… Not that I know what he likes. Guess I should ask him next time. Maybe he’ll rejoice when hearing about my good intentions.

Coming to think of it, I rarely do things for other people’s sake, but mom did tell me that many people would be happy if a person did something for them… Maybe I should use this as some ultimate weapon for gaining people’s favor then?

Ah, let’s think about that later. For now… Oh, nice, Gillian seems to be following my instructions properly. It’s a good thing that I let some of Hanako’s and Takeo’s offspring survive, as they can be very good for surveillance.

Please follow my orders properly, Gillian, or I’ll definitely kill you otherwise.

And oh! There we go. A door with a nameplate on its top, saying ‘Chairman Room’, let’s go inside that, and think about what to do to traitors later.

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