Genocide Online

Chapter 209 – A Visit to Sekondia Industrial City’s Main Company – part two


(Sekondia’s Chairman PoV)

“Would you like a drink?” I asked the invader who entered my room as if it was a completely natural act for her. She was a young lady, probably a noble, probably a noble judging from her mannerisms.

Is she maybe from Serdis…? No, I don’t think the people from there would choose such a direct approach… Neither would the people from Fastria. She’s probably from a different country.

She didn’t reply to my question, so perhaps she doesn’t understand the language. I tried asking it again in the Western continent’s language.

“Sorry, but I’m a minor, so I can’t drink alcohol.” She replied.

“Oh, I see?” A minor working as an assassin? Those foreigners have some disgusting tendencies… Well, I can’t treat her as a little girl though, she’s too dangerous, “I have tea too. Why don’t you sit down?” I asked her, then guided her to a table.

“Oh? Sure.” She actually agreed to it and sat in front of me.

… I just don’t get it. Her mannerisms are clearly those of a noble, yet she is working as an assassin? I could understand it to some extent if she was an orphan that was trained for this kind of duty, but this is not the case at all…

“The moon is quite beautiful tonight.” I mentioned. *

“The moon is no longer beautiful.” She replied.

“Is that so?” I asked.

“It isn’t indeed.” She replied.

The moon isn’t beautiful… Does she have any hidden meaning with those words? Or is she just making random talk? I don’t quite get it.

… Considering how much Chaos she is emanating, it might just be random nonsense. Unless her Chaos has some connection to the moon?

“Never mind that. Why are you inviting an intruder to have tea with you? Are you just trying to buy time?” She asked me.

“No, there is no point in trying to buy time.” I replied honestly.

There were a lot of soldiers stationed on the way to my room, after all. The fact that she even reached this room is enough to know that they cannot help me right now.

Though it’s understandable… This girl is probably an apostle of chaos. There’s no way the soldiers outside would be able to handle someone like this.

“I’m just wondering, isn’t this attack related to the Grand Duke election? In that case, it might interest you to listen to me.” I told her.

“By all means, go ahead.” She replied.

“Well… You know about all the turmoil that happened in the Western portion of the continent, right?

“Of all the things that happened there, the most relevant to us, is how the Wallace Kingdom quickly emerged and rose in power when compared to the other big nations of that portion of the continent.

“As that kingdom borders ours, we will be in great danger if nothing is done about it… The only way we can protect ourselves, is to invest heavily in the military, to make sure we don’t get subjugated by it.

“Of course, there is also the option of trying to pay heavy tributes to the Wallace Kingdom in order to convince them to not attack us, but this would also weaken us considerably, so it’s an option I’d rather not choose.

“So, to make sure our country can remain independent, I’ve been investing a lot on the development of military technology… Take a look at this.” I then took out my newly-developed weapon and showed it to her. It might look just like a toy, but it’s definitely deadly, “Do you understand what I’m getting at?” I asked.

“Ah… You’re inviting me to join you?” She asked back.

“Indeed, and your answer is?” I asked her again.

After a small wait, she replied, “I just can’t see much advantage in siding with you, and your story was quite boring. You talk too much.”

“That’s a shame…” I suppose I just ain’t compatible with those chaos-aligned people.

I felt a bit guilty at killing a little girl, but it couldn’t be helped, so… I pointed the muzzle of my weapon towards her.


*Translator’s Note: There is a Japanese Idiom that reads “Isn’t the moon beautiful?” which means “I love you”… The way the author phrased the sentence here was slightly different, so I don’t think he was referencing the idiom in question. I figured I’d mention its existence just in case though.

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