Genocide Online

Chapter 210 – A Visit to Sekondia Industrial City’s Main Company – part three


As the man pointed the gun towards me, I pulled the threads entwined in his hand backwards, forcing him to barely miss the shot, even if it still scratched my cheek. He screeched in his mother tongue when I did that, but this was irrelevant.

More important though, that was a pretty accurate gun, wasn’t it? Had he not shown it to me in advance before trying to shoot, I probably would have been hit, since I would have had no time to prepare the threads in advance.

“By the way, I’m curious… Were you the one that sent some spies towards my country a small while back?” I decided to ask him.

“Ah… So you were someone I should have tried eliminating from the start.” The Sekondia chairman replied.

“A bit too late to realize that.” I giggled, “In any case, I’ll give you two options.

“Die here and now, or obey my orders.”

The important NPC in front of me, Bruce Sekondia, shed a tear when hearing my words, then said, “Just kill me already.”

“I see, that’s a shame.” Then, I put Tarou inside his ear, and let Tarou eat his brain out.

While Tarou had its meal, I picked up the revolver that the chairman dropped… I wonder if guns are effective inside KSO? Or are their damage output too small?

<World Announcement: The player Rena was the first to discover a gun>

<From now on, players will be able to obtain firearms from certain locations, people and quests>

<New Class is now available: Gunner>

<Further details are available at the temples’ update bulletin>

… Well, that was a bit unexpected. I guess there are ways to make it effective at the very least.

Also… “Jun, remember the structure of this gun.” I figured I’d get him to also become able to become a gun, as this would give him some other function aside from being glasses and a motorcycle.

Well, I’d probably need to get the Gunner class for him to be useful as a gun though… Maybe if I can unlock some fourth of fifth class it would be a viable option?

Oh well, Tarou finished its meal, so let’s worry about this later. For now, let’s try out the new skill I got from the last event. Its level is low since I obtained it recently, but it doesn’t hurt to try, “<Death Magic: Revival>”

Would be nice if I got a zombie puppet that obeyed all of my orders.

And then, I started receiving messages from my acquaintances.

Yuu asked me what did I even do, and asked for more details, and if I was in the Beginners’ City.

Maria was impressed by what I did, and was happy for me. She also said she wanted to play together, and that Yuu already started running towards the Beginners’ City.

Hannes rudely asked how I got a gun and where was I.

The Perverted Gentleman sent a weird message, but thanked me for unlocking new content… He also asked what would be tougher, his steel body, or steel ammo.

Blossom asked where I was, and said she wanted to catch up with me… I guess she wants to play?

And Jeru… Said he was having a discussion with a friend about which are betters, cats or dogs, and asked for my opinion. He also said that he prefers dogs.

… This last one came a bit out of nowhere, but I suppose I should answer everyone since they’re asking.

To Yuu, I told him that I wasn’t at the Beginners’ City, but at the Northern section of the continent, and that I hoped he could come here in time.

To Maria, I thanked her for the congratulations, and said that I was in the Northern part of the continent, and that I too wanted to play together again.

To Hannes, since he was being rude, I told him that if he wanted to see me so much, then he should just look for me himself.

To the Perverted Gentleman, I told him that I’d appreciate if he didn’t come closer before he put on more clothes… And that I believe that it’s hard to know which one is tougher, as it depends on what ammo is used and on how thick the steel is.

To Blossom, I told her that I didn’t mind playing together with her again, and that I was in the Northern portion of the continent, so she should feel free to come if she wanted to.

To Jeru, I told him that I preferred bears, as cats and dogs die too easily.

Well, this should be enough.

And oh, the undeadification seems to have worked out properly. Nice. Let’s then order Bruce, who was kneeling in front of me, to behave similarly to how he did in life for now.

Then, let’s leave this mansion. It would have been nice to also turn the soldiers into undeads, but I don’t have enough MP for that, so I guess it can’t be helped.

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