Genocide Online

Chapter 211 – Dealing with the Serdis Financial City


“Princess, Gregoir apparently wants to meet with you directly. He sent you an invitation.” Gillian told me. I’m unsure why he decided to call me princess, but let’s not mind it.

“Oh, that was a quick response.” I then read up the letter, as it was written in my language. He basically seems to be willing to surrender, but wants me to convince the people supporting him first… Not too bad.

And the place he wants us to meet up at is… A ball? I’m unsure if this is a trap or a real surrender plan, but it’s fine to go either way.

However… The ball will happen three days from now. I won’t be able to get appropriate clothing in this little time… Guess I’ll have to rely on the princess for this. She’ll probably be able to get it done in a day or two.

“Well, who will be your escort for the ball?” Gillian asked me.

“I was planning on just taking Inosensho with me, but I guess I could also take you?” I asked him.

“Please don’t say that. Your knight will kill me if I try taking his place.” Gillian replied.

Well, Inoue did seem to be angry right now… I guess he doesn’t like being referred to by a pseudonym, but he’ll just have to endure it for now.

“Okay, then. I’ll go see my tourist guide now, so I’ll be going. You can tell your boss that I’ll go.” As I said this, I left the building, so as to go meet up with the princess.


When I told the princess that I needed a dress, she was a bit suspicious at first, but when I lied to her, saying that I wanted some to take some nice clothes from here before returning home, she happily arranged for me to meet up with a merchant that she trusted.

“Hello, my name is Diin, and I’ll be preparing the clothes for you, young lady.” The merchant that she chose was none other than Dirk Fastria. He might be using a pseudonym and pretending to be just be an average merchant, but it was easy to see through that. I guess he wants to try getting some information from me, “Are there any colors you are particularly fond of, young lady?” He asked me.

“Red and black.” I replied.

“Unusual for a lady, but I’m sure you’ll look great in a red dress.” He told me, “Is there any design in particular that the ladies from your country prefer?”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I want to bring something that is fashionable at Meffy, for I want to show the good parts of this country to the other ladies of my home.” I replied.

“I see, then how about this one?” He pointed me towards a dress. It was a good thing that, due to we being in a game, all clothes that we buy are automatically to fit our size, so we don’t need to worry about their size or asking a tailor to make adjustments.

It also helps that we don’t even need to try it out on a dressing room, because we always know that it will fit.

But well, I still have some specific needs for my clothing, so… “Please make an adjustment here in order to make it easier to move while wearing this dress.”

It’s annoying that I’ll need to wear a dress with a deep slit in its leg, but it can’t be helped, as I might need to fight while wearing those party clothes.

“Oh, sure? Is this kind of modification trendy where you live?” He asked me.

“No, just a personal need… Just in case I need to move quickly while my escort protects me in an emergency.” I replied.

“Understood…” Dirk said.

As we did this casual talk, Inoue seemed to be getting annoyed… Well, I guess he doesn’t want the other party to pry on my life, but it can’t be helped that Dirk wants information on me, just like how I want information on him.

“By the way, have your finances gone well, recently? With the sudden price hike of sugar and tea, I imagine it must be rough.” Dirk asked me.

“Oh? The price rose? I leave such miscellaneous dealings to my subordinates, so I wasn’t aware.” I replied.

… Well, I knew that the price had risen, as Belzenstock is one of the main suppliers of sugar and tea leaves to this country, and I asked them to start hiking up the price, but there’s no reason to share this much information. Better to just keep up the act of being a naïve young lady instead.

“Well, it’s fine if it doesn’t affect you. Either way, I’ll send you the finished dress in two days, alright?” Dirk told me.

“Thank you, I appreciate it. Then can we continue the tourism of the city?” I asked the princess.

Before she replied, I noticed that Dirk whispered something to her, but as it was in their language, I couldn’t understand it.

“Of course, where do you want to go today?” The princess asked me.

“Well, how about…” And then, as we left the establishment, we continued sightseeing while I made my plans for the future.

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