Genocide Online

Chapter 211.5 – Valentine’s Special


(Mai’s PoV)

“Please give me some chocolate!” One of the boys asked.

“I don’t have any left!” I exclaimed as I ran from the boys who desperately chased me in order to try getting the chocolates I brought for Valentine’s… School rules be damned! I’m running on the hallways and no teacher is going to stop me!

Then, I hid in a corner, and the boys passed through me, not noticing my hiding spot, “Where did Hagiwara go!?” One of them exclaimed.

“She should be nearby! Find her before she reunites with Oda!” Another exclaimed.

… Why is it like this every year!? You should try being kind to the girls you want chocolate from, not pursue them! And why don’t you go ask Reina for chocolate instead of me!? She is far more beautiful than me anyways!

… Well, there’s no way she’d give some chocolate to a boy just because of some peer pressure though, so I guess it can’t be helped that she isn’t chased like this.

“Oh, Mai!” Suddenly, a friend of mine, Yuri, exclaimed.

“Ah… It’s just you.” I heaved a sigh of relief. I was worried the boys might have found me, “Yuri, save me!”

“What’s up?” She asked me.

“Some boys are trying to steal my chocolate…” I explained.

“Oh, your chocolate…” Yuri’s eyes shone brightly, “Do you have my share?”

“Ah… Well, just friendship chocolates.” I took out some chocolates that I had bought for myself on a convenience store and gave it to her.

She stared at me for a few seconds before sighing, “Guess he is the only one that gets handmade ones, huh?”

“What the hell do you mean by that!?” I exclaimed.

She giggled, “You’re so easy to understand.” then hugged me, “Well, do your best!” then walked away while waving.

It took me a few seconds to realize what just happened… “Eh…?” She… She abandoned me! This snake left me on my own! Give me back my precious chocolate!

Sighing in defeat, I carefully moved through the school while avoiding the bloodthirsty boys… Until, I saw an unbelievable scene. Reina was giving chocolate to Masaki, who was surrounded by his friends and had a beet red face.

“H-hey! What do you think you’re doing, you crazy woman!?” Masaki exclaimed.

“Eh? Shouldn’t you be telling her about how happy you are right now?” One of his friends asked.

“Shut up, Kenji!” Masaki yelled.

This super embarrassed Masaki was quite contrasting the usual Hannes I see in-game… Could he perchance like Reina?

“Well… This is a day where I’m supposed to give chocolates to the friends I’m indebted to, right?” Reina commented.

Ah… That’s just like her, I suppose. What a pure understanding of the holiday she has…

“Well… I guessed it was something like this.” Masaki said with a sigh.

“Oh, does your heart ache right now?” His friend asked.

“Shut up, Kenji!” Masaki exclaimed.

I giggled to myself seeing that exchange. I guess it’s still too early for Reina to think of romance…

Ah! I can’t dawdle here for long! That idiot will surely try leaving early because he hates the mood of Valentine’s Day!

If he wasn’t so troublesome, I could have tried seeing if Reina would give me some chocolate… You best be there, waiting for me!


(Mai’s PoV)

“Hey!” I exclaimed.

“Ouch!” Yuu exclaimed as I slapped his back… Then as I stopped running, I started taking deep breaths to recover my strength. White smoke came out of my mouth with each breath, as it was way too cold right now.

“What’s up, Mai?” Yuu asked me.

“What’s up!?” I exclaimed back. What’s up with this nonchalant attitude!? It’s his fault that I’m this out of breath!

“Why are you angry!?” He asked me.

“Ah, well… Uhn… Sorry, it’s just… Here, this.” I clumsily apologized to him like this, as I didn’t run after him just to fight, so… I took out the package from my bag and handed it over to him.

“Ah, chocolate?” He asked me as he picked them up.

“Yeah, you didn’t get any this year, did you, Yuu?” I asked him. Then, I started rubbing my cheeks while muttering ‘it’s cold’ to justify my red face… Well, it’s true that it’s cold though.

“Ah… Well, I’m just an otaku, so this kind of normie event has nothing to do with me.” Yuu said, then started muttering stuff about why he always goes home early exactly because of that.

Regardless of those words though, he started eating my homemade chocolate, as usual, “Is it tasty?” I asked him.

“Yep. Your chocolate is as delicious as ever.” He replied.

“Well… Be glad that a nerd like you is blessed with my homemade chocolate every year!” I exclaimed.

He giggled, “Yeah, thank you. I’m truly happy right now.”

It was kinda embarrassing to see him happily eat my chocolate, so I averted my eyes from him.

Then, I rubbed my red cheeks again… I wonder if he understands how rare it is for me to make chocolate for someone…

“Ah, right, you said it was too cold… Sorry about that.” Yuu said.

“W-whoa!?” And then, I exclaimed this, as he wrapped the scarf that he had been wearing just a few seconds ago around my neck.

“Thank you for the chocolate.” He said.

I buried my face on the scarf that smelt like Yuu, and stared at him with mixed feelings, “I can’t protect my ears…” I muttered.

“Huh?” He asked.

“I can’t reach that high with a scarf.” My ears are surely red right now, I wanted to hide them from him…

“Ah!” Suddenly, Yuu yelled.

“Eh? Why the sudden shout?” Did he suddenly notice it? Or did he have a promise or something he was late for? I don’t think Reina would have scheduled to play with him today though…

“There’s a Valentine’s event in a game I’m playing! I need to hurry home!” Yuu exclaimed.

“I-it’s important!” He shouted next.

“Look, I don’t get much chocolate in real life, but I can get plenty in the 2D world, okay!?” Was what Yuu said next, “S-so I’ll go on ahead, alright!? Laters!”

Then, Yuu turned around and darted home…

I exhaled a big sigh, then buried my nose on his scarf… Seriously…

That’s just like him, I suppose.

And yet, here was I, grinning while looking at his back.


(Yuuki’s PoV)

That was dangerous… I hope she didn’t notice how wide my smile was…

And well, her defenseless face was just… It was hard to stare at her for too long. Especially with how obviously happy I get when receiving her chocolate.

Well… It was very delicious. This year too, it was well worth it to leave school early.

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