Genocide Online

Chapter 212 – Dealing with the Serdis Financial City – part two


(Gregoir’s PoV)

“Thank you for inviting me today, lord Gregoir” One of the people invited to my party greeted me like that, so I greeted them in response.

I didn’t care much for most of the people invited today, but I had to at least keep up the appearances when handling them, even if it was a pain.

“Will things really be okay?” Gillian asked me.

“Don’t worry, if the girl is incompetent, then I can just push all the blame of whatever happens to her, and that will be that.” I replied.

“I mean… I think you should be worrying about yourself.” Gillian replied.

I understood where he was coming from. He was a trustworthy man and brought over a hundred men with him, yet was thoroughly defeated, so I have to be wary, but I don’t think the girl will harm us in the middle of a ball.

“To think we have to party with some people from the slums…” One of the people invited here said.

“Those nobodies’ smell disgust me…” Another one said.

I stop paying attention to their conversation for one second, and it already degenerates to such annoying mood killer topics? “Come on, everyone, it’s a party. Let’s enjoy ourselves.” I told them.

They both went silent to my words… Truly uninteresting people they are.

“Seems like Reiko has arrived.” One of my subordinates said. Finally, the star of the show is here!

Gillian told me that Reiko is actually a pseudonym, but that’s irrelevant. I’ll see now if she’s competent and worth working together with, or if she’s a worthless person that needs to be crushed.

“Everyone, let us welcome our guest of honor!” As I loudly stated that, the venue went quiet, “Please enter, Reiko!”

Then, as the door opened, she came inside while being accompanied by a gigantic knight, “Thank you for inviting me today.” She said in her native language. Most people here couldn’t understand it, but her manners clearly showed politeness, which was plenty.

Though I have to say it is strange that she came to this country without even learning the language first, but I suppose that’s not something for me to worry about.

“Everyone, this is Inosensho, my escort knight. He doesn’t talk, but you don’t have to worry about it. After all…” As she introduced her knight, he bowed down to everyone and… Removed his helmet.

I see… No wonder Gillian couldn’t kill this one.

“A monster…” One person murmured.

“Why is that here…?” Another asked.

The pure darkness emanating from the place that the knight’s head was supposed to be was truly terrifying…

“So, we came to this party to talk to the supporters of Gregoir.” Reiko nonchalantly said.

“T-that’s right! Everyone, she is my collaborator!” I exclaimed, trying to regain control of the situation.

Don’t be afraid, don’t be swallowed by the momentum. She surely took me off guard, but this is my ball, I won’t let you do as you please here.

“I understand you all may be suspicious of her, especially with how she isn’t even able to speak our language, but I can assure you that she is a worthwhile person, which is why I invited her here today!” I told everyone.

As long as I can convince them all to act as I want them to, it doesn’t matter how terrifying she may be. I just need to keep everything under control.

“Oh, and by the way, I brought a present to you all.” Reiko said.

“A present? That was unexpected… I wonder what it might be.” I replied.

Is she trying to bribe them first before winning them over? That’s not a bad plan, I suppose.

Or so I thought… Until I saw her bring something, no someone, out of her shadow.

“I brought… This country’s princess!” She exclaimed.

Princess Abigail was tied up and gagged… Why did she bring the princess, the one the future Grand Duke was expected to marry, right to this ball?

Everyone was horrified by the sight, and nobody could speak a word… Even Gillian seemed to be astonished by what happened just now.

“By the way, I also sent a threatening letter to Fastria, on the name of Serdis, saying that ‘we’ had kidnapped the princess.” Reiko said something even more unbelievable.

Even the interpreter couldn’t react to those words, but those that could understand the language went pale at her statement.

“L-lord Gregoir! The forces of Fastria are approaching!” One of my soldiers rushed inside the venue while uttering those words, “They sent a messenger, saying that, ‘We’ll defeat the evil Serdis that is trying to get rid of the princess without going through a legitimate election!’ milord!”

The party venue went completely out of control as they heard those words… I stared at that madwoman, wondering what I was even supposed to do at this situation.

“Well, like this we don’t need to worry about persuading anyone, right?” Reiko said.

Ah… I see… She truly had no intention of talking to anyone…

“Raise up, everyone! Protect the princess from the evil Fastrias, who have ruined the sanctity of the Grand Duke election! Fight as the loyal retainers you are! Fight as those with the duty of keeping this country clean!” Reiko then exclaimed this. Even if most people couldn’t understand her words, they probably understood that she was ordering them to go to battle just from her tone alone…

Truly… I have been had.

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