Genocide Online

Chapter 213 – Dealing with the Serdis Financial City – part three


Once the fight started, the people of Serdis seemed to be panicking quite a bit, but… Well, it’s not really my problem, and I can’t even understand what they were saying, so I just kept on enjoying the food available on the venue.

There was quite a bit of tasty food here. Way better than what I ate on the first inn I spent the night at.

I wonder if I should get a cooking skill… It’s not very useful, but it could allow me to delicious food in-game more often… But should I really? I could get some other skills with those points, after all… Let’s take a look at the list of skills a bit.

Ah, there is an interesting one here, a chanting-related skill that allows you to improve your buffs. It’s impractical during battle, but I could use it to buff all my familiars if I know that I am soon going to get into a big battle… Should I get it? I guess it wouldn’t hurt to.

And in the meantime, the people from Serdis just seemed to be panicking more and more… Was it too much to give information related to secret passages of the venue and the like to the men of Fastria? I didn’t want the guys from Serdis escaping that easily though.

Oh well, let’s just keep on eating. They surely put quite some effort into making this food, so it would be a waste if nobody ate it due to the battle.

“Uhn… Princess, you’re not participating?” Gillian suddenly asked me.

“Am I supposed to?” I asked him back.

“Eh?” Was his reaction, “I mean… If we’re defeated here, you’ll be surrounded and have no way to escape, right?”

“Oh, I’m confident that I’d be able to escape.” I replied.

He stayed silent after I said that, so I figured I’d relieve him a bit, “Ah, I guess I can participate a bit, I just didn’t want to be the only one fighting.” I told him.

“I see…” Gillian said.

After all, I don’t want those flashy people forcing all the hard work onto me… Rather they like it or not, they too will have to play.

“Lady Reiko, please! Lend your knight to us! Let him fight on our side!” Suddenly, Gregoir came to the conversation while begging for help. I suppose it’s about time.

Though there was something weird in his request, so I figured I’d ask him about it, “Eh? You’re asking for Inosensho’s help and not mine?”

“I mean… Wouldn’t a knight be better suited to battle than the young lady?” Gregoir said.

“Ah, I see…” I replied. Gillian barely saw me do anything, and the one he lost to was Inoue, so… I guess that it can’t be helped that they think Inoue is the stronger one.

I put the plate of food I was eating to the side, then got up, “Well, don’t worry. I’ll participate.”

“Huh?” Gregoir was confused.

“Well… I guess it’ll work out somehow.” Gillian sighed.

I suppose it’s about time that I start playing, right? “<Divine Possession: Kageyama>”

Once the shadow below my feet wrapped itself around me, Inoue split himself up, and moved into Kageyama’s shadow.

Then, with Inoue possessing the dress, Azabu’s cloak moving back to me, and Yamada moving back to my shortsword, “Well, I’m going.” I told them.

Leaving the two stupefied people behind me, I rushed to the dance party.

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