Genocide Online

Chapter 214 – Handling the Meffy Commercial Nation


“<Shadow Sword>” I made Kageyama stretch my shortsword into an odachi, so that I could use the <Great Destroying Flash> skill, cutting a huge line of death through the enemy army.

Then, as I rushed forward to the middle of their group, I stretched out my threads and used <Shadow Clone> to further increase the area taken by my threads, locking down all escape avenues that the Fastria army could use.

And now, time to try out some <Dance> skills. Yuu told me that normal <Martial Art> skills would have limited utility while wearing a dress, so it would be better if I tried learning some <Dance> skills just in case.

“<Sabre Dance: Cherry Blossoms>” Then, as I started dancing around while cutting my enemies to pieces, I kinda realized that I wasn’t able to properly aim my skill at the places I wanted… Was it because my skill level is too low? I didn’t invest that much into the dancing skills…

There was also one person that was still alive even after cutting his arms and legs off, which felt like a total waste of attacks… I guess I’ll just forcefully aim for the neck and try controlling my body myself instead of letting the skill motions guide my steps. I should still get some benefits from this for as long as I move in a dance-like manner.

Then, for the next experiment… “<Sabre Dance: Crimson Cherry>”

I parried the sword swing of a nearby soldier, squeezed his neck with my hand, then took a step back and made a large swing with my sword, creating a black flash that cut through the skies, and any soldier in its path.

Then, the men started falling, spilling their blood just like falling red cherry blossoms… How troublesome, even if the dress is red, the blood stains are still easily visible from anyone looking from up close. I was hoping to not dirty it.

Oh well, I can always say that it’s a floral pattern or something, so let’s not mind that… Also, it did look nice that the lower part of the dress was much darker now due to the blood stains, while the upper part just had some blood stains here and there, it made for a nice image, so let’s take a screenshot of it.

The soldiers seemed to be scared of something while I skipped through the blood while searching for the ideal screenshot location, but I didn’t mind it.

But then, as I moved around, I happened to find Dirk Fastria perchance… How surprising. I didn’t expect him to be leading the forces directly. Does he really like the princess that much? Can’t say I understand those emotions at all.

The soldiers then started shouting something and positioning themselves around Dirk, probably to protect him or something… But even though they seemed to have a solid defensive formation, it’s still useless, you know?

I used my threads to throw a good chunk of the vanguard to the ceiling. The survivors were inflicted with some deadly poison that I put on the threads.

Then, I threw some explosives towards them to finish the job.

The mages then tried to fight back, but I just threw the bodies of the vanguard towards them with my threads, completely disrupting their spellcasting… Which caused a huge chain reaction of explosions.

And now, all that was left was the dumbfounded enemy general, Dirk Fastria.

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