Genocide Online

Chapter 215 – Handling the Meffy Commercial Nation – part two


(Dirk’s PoV)

I woke up… Where am I? I was bringing a private army of mercenaries with me to try rescuing Abby who had been kidnapped by Serdis and then… Then what again?

My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I am tied up to a chair, am gagged, and am on a dark basement… So I guess things didn’t go well.

Then, I heard a woman’s voice. I turned towards it and saw her. That crazy woman that Abby was investigating, but that somehow appeared in the middle of the battlefield and wiped out all my soldiers!

The woman then said something else. I couldn’t quite understand it, because it was on the language of the Western countries though.

… Why did this woman have to appear and cause such chaos in the middle of our election… And why did she bring Abby here too? Abby is crying right now… Why does she have to make my beloved cry too!?

That woman said something else, and after a small pause, Abby asked me, “What are you angry about?”

Then, the woman removed my gag… Is she using our princess as an interpreter!? How can she have so little respect…?

“What are you going to do to Abby!?” I asked the woman.

Abby then said something to the woman. She probably translated it to the woman’s language.

This is so disgusting… I’m sorry for not knowing her language, Abby. I wish I was able to talk to this madwoman without your help…

After the woman said something, Abby, begrudgingly, translated it to me, “Nothing in particular… She just wants to take over the throne.”

… I suppose she must have allied herself with Serdis then. And since Sekondia didn’t involve themselves on the battle, she probably took them over too.

Disgusting… I want to puke… She basically has the whole country on her hands already, but instead of simply taking it over, she intends to put a puppet ruler on the throne?

The woman said something else, which Abby translated, “She needs something from you, Dirk…”

“What is it?” I asked, then Abby translated it.

I was biting my lips at this point… I wanted to kill this woman, but there was nothing I could do while tied up like this.

Then, the woman said something else… Abby gasped and opened her eyes wide.

She must have said something really troublesome… The woman then said a single word to Abby.

Abby’s eyes got tearful… She bit her lips, then said, “She wants you to show your support for… For Gregoir Serdis… In the election.”

… She can’t be serious. She wants me to agree with marrying Abby off to that disgusting man?

“I refuse! I won’t let Abby marry that man!” I exclaimed.

“Dirk…” Abby was crying openly now. It hurt me to see her like this… I’m sorry I couldn’t help you, but… I’m not going to betray you, nor this country, Abby!

The woman said something, Abby then replied with more strength than she has been replying with so far… I guess she must have translated my words to the woman.

“Just you wait, my father is going to bring a large army filled with high priests to destroy you, you Apostle of Chaos!” I exclaimed next.

Abby then exclaimed some words to the woman, so she must have been translating this too.

I got some courage from how Abby was openly antagonizing the woman too… It helped me feel a bit less anxious about the current situation.

And yeah, it’ll be alright. Father did tell me before I left that, if I were to fail, he would invest as much money as he could to bring as big of an army as possible to salvage the situation, so… By now, he must already be on his way to bring the strongest orderly warriors to help us out.

After a short silence, the woman had a small exchange with Abby, and after it, Abby told me that, “She said that she understands our point, but…”

Abby then looked towards the woman. I guess the woman didn’t complete the sentence before asking Abby to translate it? What is she going to do then?

I didn’t need to ask… Because the woman took out a head from her shadow… “Father…” I muttered.

Abby wailed… She couldn’t stand anymore… She crouched down on the ground and puked…

What are we going to do now…?

Once Abby stopped puking, the woman said something, but Abby just sobbed… After a small while, the woman said something again.

This time, Abby translated it, “She said she’ll ask you this again… Will you support Gregoir Serdis in the election?”

There’s no way out of this predicament without father’s help…

But then… If I accept this… Abby will be married to that disgusting man… I can’t do it. I can’t let her go through such a miserable fate. I can’t let her spend the rest of her life with that guy… There’s no way she’ll be happy like this.

But if I don’t accept, I’ll surely die, won’t I?

… Me dying is better than Abby suffering. And if the entire Fastria family is wiped out by this woman, then maybe the people will notice something is amiss with the election, so it might maybe be canceled… Maybe… Maybe, like this, Abby might still be able to find someone else… Somebody that can make her happy.

It’s a bet, but… It’s better than just giving up here, “I refuse! Even if I die here, I won’t give up on making Abby happy!” I exclaimed.

Abby didn’t translate this one, but… It seems like the woman understood what I meant from just my tone.

Then, she picked up a small cube from her shadow, and said something. Immediately after it, the cube started changing shape, and became a strange tool… I think it was something that was being developed by Sekondia? A small weapon of sorts?

The woman then pointed the thing in her hands to a glass cup nearby, and… A loud sound echoed, and the glass shattered… Yes, this is definitely a weapon, and definitely strong enough to kill me.

The woman then asked me something… Abby translated it, “Then, one more time. Are you going to support Gregoir Serdis in the election?”

Abby was shaking as she said those words, but… I’m not going to change my mind, “I refuse. If you want to kill me, then kill me.” I told her.

Abby then translated it… I wish Abby wouldn’t have to see her lover being killed right in front of her, but… This is for the best. Even if it leaves a scar in her heart, she can at least have a chance of being happy like this.

Then, the woman sighed, and pointed the weapon towards… Abby’s forehead.

She then said something… Abby was panicking, but the woman said something again.

“Fi-five!” Abby exclaimed. She was trembling horribly and hugging her own shoulders… This can’t be serious. She isn’t making Abby translate a countdown, right…?

The woman said something once more… Abby translated it, “F-f-four!”

“Please stop it…” I begged.

The woman said another word, “T-t-t-th-three… No… No, no!” Abby exclaimed.

To marry that disgusting man… Or dying here and now… How can I make Abby happy…? What is the best future…?

The woman said another word… Abby just repeated ‘No!’ over and over again… She can’t even translate it anymore… She was crying and sobbing non-stop…

The woman said one more word.

“Fine! I’ll do it! I’ll support Gregoir, so… Please stop it…” I begged her.

In the end, I just can’t let Abby die… Even if she has to marry that hateful man… At least she’ll be alive.

The woman said something that I didn’t understand, then stored the weapon… She must have understood my intent again.

Then, she picked Abby up and started leaving… And I could only watch their backs as they left…

“Damn it… Damn it!” I exclaimed to myself… I couldn’t even apologize to Abby, because the woman took her away… I couldn’t even say goodby to her… “I’m sorry Abby… I’m so sorry…” I muttered to myself as I cried.

Someone working for that woman later came and freed me from the chair and… A few days later, due to the results of the Grand Duke Election, it was decided that Abby would marry Gregoir Serdis.

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