Genocide Online

Chapter 198 – Ichijouji Reina’s Daily Life – Ten


Today’s history lessons were as boring as usual. The teacher was explaining the background of the political and religious conflicts that led to the third world war, things like how the discrimination of some minorities ended up leading to lots of internal conflicts… Same stuff that I had already learned at home long ago.

The teacher also just followed the textbook without really trying to add anything particularly interesting to the lesson in itself, so it was pretty tiresome… I still had to pay attention though, just in case he decided to ask me something, since I needed to at least know the topic he was talking about.

He ended up asking Mai and someone else today instead though. Mai answered her question correctly, but the other person just gave a half-baked answer.

… At the end of the day though, it was just stuff that I already knew. It really was the kind of class I hoped I didn’t have to listen to in the first place, so the bell signaling its end was quite welcome.

Well, hearing about those things that I already knew made me wonder if I could become able to understand ‘normal’ people better if I started researching more about history of the average person though. Perhaps there could be some societal clues that I could pick up from this kind of knowledge… And if not, I suppose I might still learn some interesting things that I may use to ‘play’ in KSO.

Never mind that though, let’s focus on the more important things. I was invited to go eat crepes with Mai today, after all… Except I brought no money with me. Would they accept a credit card? Would be easier on me if they did for sure.

When I asked Mai and Yuuki about it, Yuuki told me that the place was a bit too small, so they didn’t have a credit card machine… That was quite troubling.

However, he also offered to lend me some money to let me eat with them today… Was this the ‘lending and borrowing’ thing that mom told me about? That ‘a true friend is one who you can repeatedly lend and borrow from without worries, one who you can trust and that has built up their credibility with you’?

In that case, I guess it should be safe to consider Yuuki a friend, right? And since I’m borrowing this time, then, after paying him back, I should probably lend in the next one?

What would be a good thing to lend him though? I don’t really know what boys my age like, so… I guess I should ask Mai? She’s been sitting on her chair, looking absent-mindedly through the window for some reason… She’s also pretending to look at her textbook from time to time, and occasionally glancing my way.

Is she perhaps busy? Or does she actually have too much time on her hands and doesn’t really know what to do with it? I’m unsure… Should I ask her about it now? Or should I ask later…?

I suppose it’s not an urgent matter, so I can ask her later.

In any case, today’s crepe was quite delicious, so I’d like to come here again in the future, if possible.

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