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Genocide Online

Chapter 199 – Ichijouji Naoshi’s Daily Life – Two


(Ichijouji Naoshi’s (Reina’s father) PoV)

Today, the congress rejected my bill. I expected it to happen, but I was still disappointed in it. This bill was necessary to make sure our country would be in a solid position a hundred years from now, and we are not going to completely recover from the aftermaths of the fourth World War otherwise.

However, the people here are still unable to look at the long-term future of this country, they can only stare at the immediate impact it would take in their own lives and refuse to acknowledge the necessity of smaller sacrifices for the sake of a prosperous future.

… It is a bit of a relief that at least 129 people out of the 450 members of the congress did realize the need for this bill though. It failed, but I can at least have some hope for the future if there are some members that can see what is necessary.

For now though, I suppose I should focus on the short-term profits. The more I earn, the more credibility I’ll have, and so I’ll be able to convince more of the necessity of following through with my plans.

Well, that, and to keep gathering more data. The more data I have, the less arguments will my opponents have when going against me.

And as I was thinking of that while Yamamoto, my butler, drove me home, I got a message on my phone, ‘Nao, look at this photo! When Shii fell asleep, I put on her glasses! It looks great, doesn’t it!?

‘… You’re not going to get angry at this, right?’

I sighed at this stupid message and sent a reply, ‘Don’t contact me for pointless matters.’

A few seconds later, I received another message, ‘Ah, sorry! But there was something else!

‘Can you increase our funding? We have gotten quite a bit of data, but some players are causing a few too many unexpected events, which is putting too much strain on our servers. I want to increase the number of servers, but the current budget isn’t enough for it!’

That’s not the attitude someone should take when begging for money… I rubbed my eyebrows and sent a reply, ‘Tell me how much you need, I’ll make a deposit.’ though I’ll also tell Shiori about it just in case.

I’m unsure as to why unexpected events are making them need more server space, but they are the ones who understand about game design, so it’s best to just give them the money and let them do whatever they want.

And then, I got another reply, ‘Seriously!? Thank you! I love you Nao! I could even kiss you for this!

‘Wait, were you actually aiming for this all along!? I didn’t realize Nao felt this way… Uhn… Please be gentle?’

… Let’s just send the entire message log to Shiori and let her deal with Yuushirou.

And then he started calling me… Let’s ignore that. It’s been quite some time since someone other than that girl has been able to get me angry, but this guy certainly has an amazing capability of getting on my nerves… But that’s no good. I need to stay calm. Always.

But then, my butler picked up a call, “Yes? I see… You want to talk to the master? He is at the backseat though…” Yamamoto then asked me, “Should I put it on speaker mode?”

So he calls my butler when I don’t pick up my phone…? I sighed, then gave permission to Yamamoto.

“Hey, Nao! How are you doing!?” I gave no reply to the excessively loud greeting, “Come on, it’s Yuu!”

“Cut it out.” I told him bluntly.

“Sorry, sorry! I was just messing around!” As I heard that, I considered asking Yamamoto to end the call, but I decided to listen in case there was something relevant coming, “Anyways, thanks for the additional funding! I’m really grateful!”

“So…?” I asked, hoping he’d get to whatever was the reason for the call, so that I could stop hearing his voice already.

“Goodness, that’s why children don’t like you, you know-?

“Wait!? Shii!? Stop that!” Yuushirou then started screaming, possibly in pain.

“Nao explained everything to me.” Shiori told Yuushirou.

“What?! I was betrayed!” And then Yuushirou started screaming more.

“I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll properly educate this piece of garbage now.” As Shiori said this, the call was cut off.

Well, this was worthless, but at least I can rejoice a bit on the fact that Shiori is taking care of him… Not that this has ever done anything to change his behavior though.

“… They were as lively as ever.” Yamamoto commented.

“I suppose that’s a kind way of putting it.” I replied.

Nonetheless, Yuushirou’s horrible personality aside, those two are fantastic workers, and their research has been quite useful so far. The recent data they obtained was enough to take down at least two of my political opponents after all.

Of course, defeating two people isn’t enough to reach my goals, but it’s a step in the right direction, so… Let’s keep on funding them, so that they can get me even more data.

And of course, let’s take care of the fools that were caught in my honeytrap.

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