Genocide Online

Chapter 200 – Unfortunately, she’s the queen


(Eren’s PoV)

“Boss, I mean, milord, this is the post-war report.” One of my subordinates submitted a pile of documents to me.

I sighed. That damned woman messed everything up so badly, I can’t even imagine how much damage she caused this time around.

Also, “It’s not boss nor milord. It’s ‘your majesty’ now.” I told my subordinate as I started reading the documents.

“I’m sorry, your majesty!” That subordinate exclaimed.

“Ah, boss…” My right-hand man said.

“It’s ‘your majesty’…” I told him.

“Well, your majesty…” He started saying.

In the meantime, I threw a knife towards a prisoner that was trying to sneak outside, but that I could easily see through the window, then went back to reading as the person started screaming in pain as the knife hit their ankle.

Also, that damned woman kidnapped Hermagne’s princess again, didn’t she? Though this time she apparently isn’t a prisoner? Why does she keeps bringing me more trouble? I’d rather just throw this princess away and not deal with her, but that woman will surely kill me if I do…

Seriously, why do migrants have to be so troublesome? It’s pointless to try holding hostages or to try threatening them, since they aren’t from here anyways… And well, killing them is useless as they will just revive right away. Why did the gods seriously think it was a good idea to invite those crazy people here?

“What do we do with those guys?” My subordinated asked me while pointing towards the people that were trying to escape.

“I guess I’ll torture them later to relax. Put them in a cell or something in the meantime?

“Wait, what do you mean with ‘those guys’? Wasn’t there only one?” I asked.

“Well, there were two, and you hit one.” My subordinate explained.

“Really now…? I must be getting rusty then.” I replied. If only I didn’t have to do this much office work, I bet I would have noticed them two…

“Hey, boss…” My right-hand man said.

Well, at least I could get some action during that crazy war. Being able to properly fight and use traps after so long surely felt nice.

“Seriously though, that damned woman just keeps causing me trouble…” I said to no one in particular.

“Boss…” My right-hand man said again.

That woman always causes trouble whenever she appears… And now I’m even a king because of her! Why!? I don’t get it at all!

“My my, is something the matter?” I heard a voice that I really didn’t want to hear.

“If it isn’t the one that is the matter…” I replied to the crazy woman.

“I see… Is your head still not okay?” She asked me.

The definition of lack of common sense right in front of my eyes… The one person that I can’t kill in order to solve the problems that she causes me… Can you at least bring the princess back to Hermagne to take one burden out of my back, please?

“It’s hard to be okay when I have this much on my plate. Can’t you think about my feelings a bit?” I asked that crazy woman… She snickered, “Damn you.”

“Boss!?” My right-hand man exclaimed.

I looked through the window and into the bright blue-sky, refusing to face their astonished expressions… At the end of the day, it won’t make much difference if she gets rid of me, or keeps me as her puppet now, won’t it?

“I see… Can’t say I understand it, but you’re having quite the hard time, aren’t you?” That woman asked.

“Yeah! That damned person is driving me crazy!” I exclaimed.

Because she somehow doesn’t even realize that she is the source of all my problems… Damn you! Why can’t you have at least a small bit of self-awareness!?

Well, I guess I can at least rant to my heart’s content to her, since she doesn’t even realize I’m complaining about her, so she won’t kill me for that… “Seriously, that crazy person is absolutely nuts. There’s nobody that gets me as tired as them…” I said.

“Eh!?” My subordinates exclaimed.

“Seems like you’re having a pretty rough time.” That woman commented… Yeah, because of you! “Oh, and by the way, I met those two outside, do you happen to know them?”

She then showed me two prisoners. One that I hit with my knife, and another that was probably the one I didn’t notice.

One of them tried saying something, but I couldn’t understand it. It was probably a different language, “I have no idea what you just said.” I told him.

“Ah, I think they’re from the northern part of the continent.” That woman said… You were the one that brought them here, but you’re unsure?

Well, her confused expression was surprisingly cute, but I’m not saying that out loud, since I don’t wanna die for something this silly.

“How troublesome. Even if I learn the language skill, its description says that I won’t be able to understand it immediately after acquiring it…” That woman commented.

“Yeah, you gotta learn the language slowly instead.” I replied.

“I suppose so, but… Can you two understand what I’m saying?” She asked the prisoners, who in response, said more things in a language that we can’t comprehend.

And because of that, she started breaking their fingers… Yeah, as if they don’t know our language. No way nobles from the northern part of the continent won’t know the languages used in Hermagne and in the Empire. It would be suicidal to not learn the languages of the nearby major powers.

The prisoners started screaming in pain, but refused to say anything in our language though… They must really be underestimating that woman, “Even after having all their fingers broken, they refuse to understand us… How troublesome.” She commented.

“Want me to lend you a torturer?” I asked her.

“No need, I think this is a good opportunity to experiment a bit with what Hanako and Takeo can do with human hosts.” As that woman said that, she summoned some two insect-like monsters.

… She had such a pure expression as she said such terrifying words…

“W-wait! Stop! I talk to king!” One of the prisoners explained.

“Yes! We talk! Please save we!” The other begged me.

“What a pity, they really seem to be unable to talk properly…” That woman commented.

I mean, even if they aren’t fluent in our language, their current grasp seems to be enough to handle negotiations… But I suppose she doesn’t care at this point.

“Please help! Beg king for help!” One of them exclaimed.

“We talk! No insects please!” The other shouted.

I pity them, but… “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.”

“Why not!? You king!” One of them desperately asked.

“Because unfortunately… She’s the queen.” Then, I turned my chair around and looked outside the window… I hope she can at least do her experiments in some other room.

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