Genocide Online

Chapter 201 – Divide and Rule


<Your Karma dropped significantly>

<New Torture Skills acquired>

<New Interrogation Skills acquired>

<New Training Skills acquired>

<New Breeding Skills acquired>

<Level of your Observation Skills has increased>

<Level of your Detection Skills has increased>

<New Title: Torturer>

<New Title: Cruel>

<New Title: Lord of the Flies>

<New Title: Lord of the Insects>

My test subjects had parts of their flesh expand into unusually large protrusions, until they eventually exploded, making a large number of maggots fall from it… However, all maggots instantly died the moment they hit the ground, as the fall damage led their HP to 0… This is kinda useless, isn’t it?

Also, the HP of the test subjects is nearing 0 as well, so they shouldn’t be able to let Hanako and Takeo give birth to children much longer… Ah, one of them died even. What a waste.

And the next one… Oh, its brain exploded? That was unexpected. And an insect child came out of the exploded brain too.

Also, this one seems to be bigger than the last ones… And quite obedient as well? Perhaps because the parents are already my servants, so it was born as a servant already.

Let’s see… A child of Hanako and Takeo… I guess you’ll be Tarou.


Name: Tarou

Race: Insect Prince Lv. 1

Status: Parasitic


<Dominate Lv. 1>; <Night Vision Lv. 1>; <Infrared Vision Lv. 1>; <Heat Sense Lv. 1>; <Medicine Enhancement Lv. 1>; <Follower Enhancement Lv. 1>; <Immunity To Harmful Mental Effects>; <Mind’s Eye Lv. 1>; <Infuse Poison Lv. 1>; <Blood Eater Lv. 10>; <Soul Eater Lv. 17>; <Sticky Thread Creation Lv. 1>; <Learn Lv. 1>; <Observation Lv. 1>; <Detection Lv. 1>; <Poison Magic Lv. 1>; <Dark Magic Lv. 1>; <Water Magic Lv. 1>; <Insect Magic Lv. 1>; <Dark Resistance Lv. 5>; <Water Resistance Lv. 5>; <Poison Immunity>; <Weather Prediction Lv. 5>; <Always Hungry>; <Eats Anything>; <Loves Eating>


Rena’s Servant: Proof that one became Rena’s servant. Increases the effect of enhancements provided by its master <Small>.

Cannibal: Proof that one eats others of their race. Increases Attack Power against those of its race <Small>; Fear Aura against those of its race <Small>.

Blood Eater: Proof that one drinks the blood of others of its own race. Increases Attack Power against those of its race <Medium>; Fear Aura against those of its race <Medium; Temporarily increases statuses after eating those of its race <Medium>.

Insect Prince: One born from noble parents, sucking the soul of its own kind while they were still in their eggs, and by the hands of a being whose karma is below –400. By learning from its master’s actions, the prince became a parasite and tyrant. Increases the effects of skills related to insects <Large>; Increases the status of its own kind <Medium>; Increases the growth rate of skills <Small>.


Oh my… Isn’t this a rare servant that can only be obtained by trying to generate multiple servants in a very specific scenario? Seems like I was quite lucky.

Also, it seems to get stronger by feeding on blood and souls, so I guess I should try letting it absorb plenty.

“Is it finally over…?” Eren asked me, now that the noises ceased.

“Oh, yes, it is… Do you need something, by the way?” I asked him, who seemed to be a bit pale… Maybe he is bad with insects?

“Aren’t you the one who needs something? You came here all the way here, after all.” He asked me back.

“Oh, right!” I had forgotten all about it because I was distracted by the fun experiments… Well, never mind that, “I just wanted to ask about the current state of things in the kingdom.”

“Well… You acquired way too much territory in a very short amount of time. We don’t have enough resources nor manpower to maintain all this.” He explained.

“I see…” I was at first only planning on expanding through some of the nearby small nations, but I guess I might have overdone it. Even if we get some solid amount of resources by getting ransom from the nobles we kidnapped from Hermagne, we’ll still be lacking the manpower.

After thinking for a small bit, I gave him an answer, “Let’s just make an oppressive prejudiced tyranny then.”

“… Each word that comes out of you migrants’ mouth scares me.” Eren replied.

I then decided to give him a more in-depth explanation, “It’s simple. We start oppressing people based on what deities they worship, while making sure that the residents of our initial territories end up being the ones with the most benefits.

“This will either force them to start converting to worshipping our deities and naturally associating themselves with our kingdom, or allow us to oppress them to our heart’s content without caring for their health or prosperity of their region in the slightest.

“Like this, we’ll be able to a lot of resources from the oppressed regions, and need far less manpower to maintain them since we’re not actively trying to maintain them in the first place. We’ll just be exploiting them instead.

“You can also try oppressing them based on other things, such as skin color, gender, food preferences or anything else you decide. I’ll leave the details to you, so it’s fine if you change some things here and there.”

After a small while of silence, Eren replied, “… Understood, my queen.” I never called myself a queen though? Well, whatever, “Though if I may ask… What are you planning on doing now?”

“Ah, I’m going to pursue one of the escaping prisoners that came from the northern region of this continent.” I replied.

“Wait, there were three of them?” Eren asked.

I didn’t bother with answering this obvious question, so I just asked him, “Do you need anything else?”

“Well… Please don’t start another war, my queen… Our country isn’t capable of enduring yet another major conflict after this one just ended.” He explained.

“Ah, sure, that’s fine.” I wasn’t planning on ‘playing’ war again anyways. It’s fun, but it also gets tiring after a while, so I wanted to try something different next.

For now, I’m interested on seeing what it will be like on the north. It must be fun to try going to a country where most people can’t speak your language.

“Then, I’m going now.” I told him.

“Take your time outside!” Eren enthusiastically replied.

Now, to follow the thread left behind by the runaway prisoner!

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