Genocide Online

Chapter 202 – The Refuge at the Border


After a while of chasing the prisoner that had escaped, I eventually arrived at some mountains. This was mostly unexplored territory, as most players were still only on the Western portion of the continent, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the Northern portion has to offer. It will probably have considerably stronger mobs and NPCs since it’s a newly opened area at the very least.

I also didn’t have much information of the region on my map, so I wasn’t even sure where I needed to go, but… Well, my thread was at least guiding me towards the person who escaped.

Eventually, I ended up finding a house in the middle of the mountains. It was still within the territory of the Wallace Kingdom, but I certainly did not know it existed… Did they end up making a base within my own territory? Now that’s quite bold of them.

I used <Stealth>, <Silent Move> and <Hearing>, then got on top of the house and started eavesdropping on what they might be speaking about… However, it was all in a different language, so I couldn’t understand anything.

How bothersome, I even acquired the appropriate language skill, but I still can’t get what they say… I guess it can’t be helped. The skill should naturally level up as I listen to more people speak in this language, so for now I’ll just have to deal with not understanding anything.

Then, I jumped inside from the window, and quickly incapacitated its inhabitants.


After that, while Tarou started eating them up, I started searching the house to see what I could find. At the same time, I was grinding levels of my Language skill as the incapacitated opponents were asking me things like ‘Why!?’ or begging for mercy as they saw their companions being eaten up by Tarou.

Let’s see… There are some documents here that I can’t understand at all, so I guess I’ll send them to Eren, since he might be able to read them if he tries for long enough.

And also… Oh, a map? That’s nice. Even if it’s not very detailed, it’s at least showing me that the Meffy Commercial Nation mostly has small villages, with the only big city being the capital, and only three other settlements being big enough to be called cities.

Yeah, this is good enough alright. I think I’ll go to the nearest city first, to see what it’s like.

However… My servants started complaining. They seem to think it’s a bad idea if I go explore with my usual appearance? I guess it would be a bit too obvious that I’m a foreigner like this, wouldn’t it?

Then let’s use a disguise, I suppose? The house’s wardrobes should have some leftover clothes from the people I killed, so I can use those for a start.

I also figured that using this hair that mom gave me would also be no good, so I tampered with the settings a bit to let it grow. It’s a good thing that the game allows us to easily change our hair’s style and length as we see fit.

What else… I won’t be wearing armor nor a cloak while disguised, so I won’t be able to bring Inoue and Azabu with me… That would be no good.

Oh, got it. “Inoue, you possess Alexei’s armor, and then wear my cloak with Azabu possessing it.” I ordered them. They were a bit disheartened, but it couldn’t be helped.

Besides, Azabu is a living armor anyways, so he can pretend to be a mute escort or something… Though I wonder if he’d be able to start speaking if I taught him some language skills… Well, let’s ask Yuu about it later.

And the rest of my familiars are much easier to hide, so I don’t have to worry about how to bring them with me.

As for the finishing touch… I guess I’ll change my hair into a ponytail, just to change the looks a bit more. This should be good enough, so let’s go!

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