Chapter 92 – Good and Evil Role Reversal! The Attackers Are Now The Defenders! (Part six)


(Maria’s PoV)

“<Oath, I am the one who looks at the one I love>!” As I stared at miss Ichijouji’s beautiful smile, I decided to use my trump card while Oda bought some time for me to chant it, “<Oath, I am the one who supports the one I love>!”


Race: Human

Name: Maria Lv.61 <+30>

Karma: 156 <Good>

Class: Light Priestess; Second Class: Saint; Third Class: Holy Mother

Devotion: <HP recovers at a rate of 2%/5s for as long as you’re fighting against one specific opponent>

Fire Heaven: <STR Increase: Extra Large; INT Increase: Extra Large; Fire Attribute to Attacks: Max; Fire Damage Increase: Max>

Ideal Woman: <INT Increase: Extra Large; DEX Increase: Extra Large; Light Attribute to Attacks: Max; Light Damage Increase: Max>

Body And Weapon As One: <STR Increase: Extra Large; INT Increase: Extra Large; Magic Damage Increase: Max; Grants a chance of randomly activating offensive spells when attacking with your weapon>

Mother’s Devotion: <All stats increased: Small; Strengthening enhancement efficiency increased: Large; Continuous HP recovery: Medium>

Heathen Annihilation: <All stats increased: Small; Continuous HP recovery: Medium; Increased damaged in proportion to how low the Karma of the enemy is: Large>

Attributes Granted To Attacks: <Fire: Max; Fire: Extra Large; Fire: Large; Fire: Medium; Fire: Small; Fire: Very Small; Light: Max; Light: Extra Large; Light: Large; Light: Medium; Light: Small; Light: Very Small>

Blazing Charge: <Fire attribute to attacks: Medium; Attack power increase: Medium>

Flame Ward: <Increased Fire Resistance: Medium; Increased Defense: Medium>

Holy Might: <Light attribute to attacks: Medium; Attack power increase: Medium>

Holy Protection: <Increased Light Resistance: Medium; Increased Defense: Medium>

Enhancements: <STR Increase: Extra Large; VIT Increase: Extra Large; AGI Increase: Extra Large; INT Increase: Extra Large; DEX Increase: Extra Large>

Enhancements: <Slash: Large; Blunt: Large; Accuracy: Large; Dodge: Large>

Oath: Love and Protection: <STR increase: Max; INT increase: Max; Continuous HP Degeneration: 3%/1s>


There’s no holding back now. I’ll do my utmost to defeat miss Ichijouji, save the princess and defeat the puppet lord! For that is what will entertain miss Ichijouji the most!

“<Enjoy It Until Next Time>” Oda used another weird support spell.

“<Shining Staff>” I used another buff and charged towards miss Ichijouji while hoping that the one in seven chance of casting a random spell when attacking could turn the tides in our favor. I tried swinging down my staff at her, but she deflected it with her threads and then tried to hit me with the pommel of her shortsword, but I sidestepped to dodge it.

Miss Ichijouji giggled, “This is fun, isn’t it?” She asked us as she twisted her body around to dodge an attack of my staff. Her innocent laugh is too precious…

“It is! You think so too, right, Oda!?” I replied to her.

He laughed and said, “It is indeed! I’m having so much fun that even I am surprised by it… <Calling For Help From The Seniors>!” Why are his spells so weird? A big guy in a school uniform appeared out of nowhere and hit miss Ichijouji before she could react.

Miss Ichijouji didn’t seem to be fazed by it much though, she just got up and said, “Yuu is full of surprises, isn’t he?”

“Well… Not that many…” He replied.

“Oda, you’ll regret this later.” I told him.

“What? Why!?” He shouted in return.

Because your stupid spell ruined the nice mood I had going with miss Ichijouji! And it was mostly useless too as she already destroyed the senior and was now trying to hit me with the shortsword again! I did a back step to dodge it, and then ducked to dodge the incoming poisonous needles… That were followed by explosives!?

Oda stopped them with <Duet of Flames>, but as expected, they released a poisonous gas as they exploded. Oda also got rid of those two by using <Air Purifier> and <Spring Cleaning> though… “Good one, Oda!” I shouted.

Then, I asked miss Ichijouji, “Are you entertained!?”

“I’m entertained!” She replied with a precious smile as she rushed towards me.

Before she arrived, I hit my staff on the ground to help me jump high enough to land behind miss Ichijouji, and then tried to hit her back with it. However, she spun to dodge it and almost beheaded me with her shortsword, but I ducked in the last second.

I hurriedly tried to regain my posture, but she stepped on my foot, kicked my chin, grabbed my arm, and threw me towards Oda, who promptly used a healing spell on me.

After groaning a bit and getting up, I figured I should ask him something, though I dreaded the answer… “Hey, Oda… How is your MP right now?”

“It’s about to run out…” He answered.

“Same…” I replied. It’s unusual for MP to run out before the HP in one-on-one battles, but recovery, buffs and support skills in general are in high-demand when fighting miss Ichijouji, so it couldn’t be helped… Though it’s still amazing to think we’re the cornered ones while also being the ones with more levels and buffs on us. “Well, miss Ichijouji, it unfortunately seems that we’ll have to move to the grand finale.”

“It’s a shame, but it’s alright. I got plenty of enjoyment already.” She replied while still smiling.

“I’m tired…” The worm called Oda said, so let’s ignore it and instead focus on miss Ichijouji. She still needs to protect the princess, so she won’t be able to act as freely as she’d like… Therefore, the best course of action is- “These are my last support spells, <Tax Evasion>; <Enforcing The Rules>!”

“Thanks.” I told him as he cut my line of thought. I don’t know what those spells do, but Oda leaned on a nearby wall after spending the last of his MP in these spells, so they better be useful. “Well, miss Ichijouji, here I go!”

“Don’t hold back!” She replied.

And as such, I started chanting, “<Garves, Sun God whose power comes from the great seven-colored god. My faith in you asks to be rewarded, please destroy your enemies and protect this humble lamb of yours, Maria->” and was stopped by a thread tightening around my neck.

“That’s no good, the princess will die if you release this after all… Well, it was fun, wasn’t it?” Miss Ichijouji said as she crushed my neck. I could hear Oda making the sound of a frog being crushed before I re-spawned as well…

You know… The goal was that you’d be defeated while protecting the princess from this spell…


(Yuu’s PoV)

“We lost…” I said.

“Yeah…” Maria replied. We worked so hard, but in the end, we just couldn’t beat Rena… The both of us lied down at the ground in the rebuilt temple of the Beginner’s City and sighed, “I raised too many flags.” Maria said.

“… Didn’t we both raise and reinforce each other’s flags actually?” I replied.

“Ah… That could be it.” She answered. It couldn’t be helped that we couldn’t break reinforced flags after all, “But well…” she lowered her tone and turned around, staring at me while looking pretty cute, “It was pretty fun!” she exclaimed.

“… Yeah, it was fun.” I replied. It was frustrating to have lost, to have failed in rescuing the princess, and on defeating the puppet lord, but it was fun to fight against Rena with Maria. It was like trying to beat the game’s Final Boss.

“Do you think miss Ichijouji enjoyed it?” Maria asked me.

“I’m sure she did.” I replied. Even though Maria was still visibly frustrated at the result, she was still thinking of Rena… Well, that’s just like her.

“… Let’s ‘play’ again sometime.” She said.

“Yeah, you, me and Rena… Let’s ‘play’ again.” I replied as we both laughed while remembering the fun and frustrating battle… Until a large sound echoed that is.

“… What was that? An explosion?” Maria suddenly asked as the ground started trembling.

“I’m not sure…?” To think the sound not only reached all the way here, but it also caused an earthquake… Just what did you do this time, Rena?

We both started laughing while thinking about that.

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