Chapter 91 – Good and Evil Role Reversal! The Attackers Are Now The Defenders! (Part 5)


The pervert made a weird noise after fighting for a while. It wasn’t too hard to guess why, but I asked just in case, “It’s about time, isn’t it?” He should soon be dying from the health penalties that come from the Oath skill. It was easy to stall until this happened, as he couldn’t go all out against me due to fear of harming the princess, so protecting Eren and myself was mostly trivial.

“Just like before, my feelings don’t seem to be reaching you properly…” He said some nonsense, as usual.

“Well, then. Let’s wrap this-“ I started saying, but was interrupted by…

“<Extra-Tier Heal>!” Maria casting a healing spell on the pervert.

“You’ll cooperate now, won’t you?” Yuu asked the pervert.

“Yeah, don’t just go dying on your own!” Maria complemented.

It’s about time those two arrived, I was waiting for them for a while a now.

“I got it… I’ll cooperate…!” The pervert seemed to be a bit frustrated as he said these words.

Judging by their exchange, it seems like the pervert arrived earlier than their plan. It’s fine like this though, so let’s just keep going.

“Alright, Rena! Are you ready!?” Yuu asked, he seemed to be excited for something, which was quite the rare sight.

“Miss Ichi… Rena, I’m gonna make a request after winning, okay?” Maria said as they both raised their weapons. Yuu’s was a small wand, while Maria’s staff was bigger than her.

“<Body And Weapon Become One>!” Maria used a skill unique to the advanced class.

“<Defective Broadcast>!” Yuu used another one of his weird skills. I didn’t understand what it did at first, but then my vision became blurry and I could only see a notice of connection problems in front of me… It’s pretty much the same as fighting blindfolded.

I’ll need to take this seriously if I am to fight all three of them at once, “<Body Enhancement: Slaughterer’s Organs>; <Devilish Telepathy>; <Self Alteration: Evil Medicine>”

Maria also started using buffs, “<Full Resonance: Mother’s Devotion>; <Divine Verdict: Heathen Annihilation>; <Widespread Blessing>; <Blazing Charge>; <Flame Ward>; <High Enchantment: Glorious Prominence>; <High Enchantment: Light’s Devotion>”

And Yuu followed suit, “<Overwhelmingly Buffed>; <Widespread Blessing>; <High Enchantment: Physical Might>; <High Enchantment: Physical Barrier>; <High Enchantment: Accelerate>; <High Enchantment: Intelligence>”

And even the pervert had some to use, “<Masochist Tendency>; <High Enchantment: Sacred Ocean>; <Build Up>”

Once everyone finished buffing up, they started attacking again. I couldn’t see properly, so I had to rely primarily on my tamed monsters to dodge their attacks, though I also started spreading out some threads in the battlefield in order to be able to react to their movements as they moved through them.

“<Heat Ray>!” Maria tried to hit me, but Santa made me duck.

“<Quintuple Dark Blue Attack>!” Yuu used some weird magic, but Inoue made me jump away from it.

The pervert also tried hitting me with <Quadruple Flame Slash>, but I was able to sense his movement with the threads and dodged it with the <Stream> skill.

“Hey, Yuu! Isn’t she supposed to be blind right now!?” Maria asked him.

“She-she should be…” He replied nervously.

The pervert laughed, “Now isn’t this fun!?”

I dodged incoming attacks while carrying the princess on my back and wrapping Eren in threads, so that I could easily move him. The pervert tried to punch me, but I parried his blow with my right hand, then grabbed his elbow with my left one and pushed him towards the wall.

“<High-Tier Healing>!” Maria shouted, healing the pervert again. Immediately after, she also started a new spell, “<Light-Up The Skies>!”

“<Adding Fuel To The Fire>!” Yuu used another weird spell, but my servants made it quite clear that Maria was making a fireball that started growing up quickly after Yuu used his skill.

“What, will, you, do, now?” The pervert asked cheerfully.

“<Possession Magic>” I replied.

“Here goes, <Hydrogen Bomb>!” Yuu said as the fireball was thrown.

“Eh?” Was the pervert’s reaction as he saw it coming for him. They really couldn’t predict the possession magic, and as such I was able to endure the powerful blast due to the high defensive power of the Pervert Gentleman.

However, the spell was still very painful and hurt a lot, enough that I couldn’t maintain the possession until the end and was partially affected by the spell, which burnt quite a bit of skin and made any blood on the ground evaporate. Eren and the Princess were safe though… But to think Maria is not only a great support, but also someone with an incredibly high firepower… That’s troublesome.

That said, both me and the pervert survived the attack, and the smoke created by it gave me enough time to set up more threads to read their movements better. Time for a comeback.

Once the smoke cleared out and the pervert attacked, I could duck below his kick, grab his leg, and throw him towards Maria who was already casting another spell.

The pervert, who was hit by another strong spell, just laughed it off though, “Isn’t this fun!?” He asked nobody in particular.

“We’re not gonna lose!” Maria replied.

“How about this? <Tax Evasion>!” Yuu used another weird spell.

Just like before, they tried to attack me as a team, but even though I still couldn’t see, I could react better to their movements now, so I dodged a punch from the pervert and rushed straight to Maria. I tried beheading her, but she blocked my shortsword with her cane. Not letting go of the opportunity though, I kicked her ribs and sent her flying.

The pervert threw a dive kick towards me, I jumped away from it while throwing multiple poisonous needles towards Yuu, and then threw some explosives towards Maria and Yuu with <High Meteor>.

They were able to dodge the explosion and start a counterattack however, so I grabbed the pervert and threw him towards Maria, who dodged him. She tried making a downwards swing with her cane, but I parried it with my left hand, then kicked her chin. I was going to behead her after that, but Yuu threw some hot water that forced me to jump back. Not without throwing more poisonous needles towards those two though.

Then, the pervert used a roundhouse kick to try hitting me. I jumped over it and let him hit the wall, breaking it. At that point his leg got stuck to the wall.

“Oh no-“ He started saying as I beheaded him. Then I kicked his head towards Maria, who was running my way, cut the pervert’s stuck leg off, filled the rest of his body with explosives, and threw it towards Yuu.

“Ah, sorry!” Maria shouted as she hit the pervert’s head with her cane.

“<Wall Off The World>!” Yuu shouted to protect them both from the explosion.

“… Well, only the two of you left now.” I told them.

“Yeah…” Yuu replied.

“Seems like it…” Maria said.

Their replies made them seem like they were troubled, but they both seemed to be smiling… Well, guess I’m not the only one having fun here. I wonder what will they do next.

“I won’t lose!” Maria exclaimed.

“We won’t give up until the end!” Yuu also said.

This really is quite fun… I might listen to their request even if they lose.

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