Chapter 90 – Good and Evil Role Reversal! The Attackers Are Now The Defenders! (Part four)


(Yuu’s Pov)

“… Maybe I overdid it.” Maria commented.

“Yeah… Maybe…” I replied as I watched the destruction she caused. She not only destroyed a huge part of the mansion, but she also created a huge crater and evaporated a bunch of NPCs. Even the nearby players that weren’t hit directly still ended up getting burnt to some extent… “So this is what happens when you’re killed by a thermonuclear weapon.” I commented.

“To think even the ground would melt…” Maria said. It is quite unbelievable that she’d make even the ground hot enough to deal damage to whoever stepped on it.

The nearby players seem to still be astonished by it, as I can hear comments like, ‘she must be from Genocider’s family tree’ or ‘how about calling her Destroyer?’ and ‘the Burning Saintess maybe? Or perhaps Destroyer Priestess?’… They really should worry about this kind of thing later.

“… Well, oops?” Maria said with a face that wasn’t apologetic in the slightest.

“… For now, let’s try cooling things down in order to move forward.” I replied. Maria agreed.

While the nearby players were having some heated discussions, and some even fighting with one another, I focused on the task at hand. I used the <Water Supply> skill of the <Public Magic> tree, together with the <Infrastructure Improvement>, <Air Conditioner> and <Year-End Rush> spells of the <Engineering Magic> tree. All that together quickly created a path that we could step on.

“That’s Yuu of the Variety Show alright…” A player said.

“No wonder he was able to escape from over a hundred Genorers after the event…” Another player said.

“He’s a rare asset that has been recognized both by Genorers and by the Anti-Genociders…” A third one commented…

“I don’t know even half of the spells he uses…” Another one commented.

“Couldn’t he just use normal water magic for that though?” A fifth one said.

“Come on, didn’t everyone agree to not mention this kind of thing?” The sixth one said… Can I cry now? I’m remembering the time that I kept running from the Genorers… even when I thought I had found a nice player willing to help me, it was still just a Genorer in disguise. They were basically indistinguishable from the everyone else, so I just had to keep running from everyone… That’s a nightmare I didn’t want to remember…

“I’m going to cry…” I said to nobody in particular.

“There there, don’t take their words to heart.” Maria replied.

“I guess I should leave that be…” I replied. Coming to think of it, even Maria said stuff like ‘this guy is surprisingly weak’ when we first started playing together… But now that I have some fame, people started to avoid talking about alternative options to my spells because they work out in one way or another, so I guess it feels weird for them to complain about my kit, “Okay, I’m over it, let’s get going.”

“Alright, we should try joining forces with everyone soon.” Maria said.

“… Though can those people even work together?” I wondered. They all have such unique habits and personalities… “They’re probably better off working independently, I think.”

“Then let’s just move along as originally planned.” Maria decided.

“It’s probably for the best to pretend that they aren’t around.” I replied.

For now, we should send the players to loot their warehouses to restock our supply of potions, hopefully this will give us enough of an advantage to defeat the puppet lord and rescue the princess. Even the former guards of the mansion, from the time before the coup, are cooperating, so things should go well on that end. Though we need to keep a low profile in order to avoid too many complications.

“Alright, let’s go!” Maria shouted.

“Though don’t go too wild…” I told her. We’ll totally die if she uses a wide area spell inside the mansion after all.

“I know that much! Now follow me!” She told me as she charged inside through the back door, and I went along.

There weren’t many people in our way, but two guards tried to stop us. They weren’t much of an issue after I staggered them with the <Error In Energy Distribution> skill from the <Public Magic> tree though. I also used <Dam> and <Liquefy> to make walls and turn them into liquid, blocking their way, and then making them unable to move properly and slowly get swallowed by the now muddy ground.

“Gross.” Maria said.

“I don’t want to hear you of all people say that.” I replied. She melts incoming soldiers after all, I just buried them in the ground, it’s not that bad-

“Muscle power!” We suddenly heard a shout.

“Oh my.” Maria was a bit startled.

“That’s the Perverted Gentleman…” I commented. He must have found either Rena, the princess, or the puppet lord. It’s better to not interfere as he’s the kind of person that just follows his own path.

“Hurry up!” Maria said. I nodded and followed her. Rena had told us to ‘please get in my way’, so she is probably planning something pretty bad for the princess… We can’t hold back here.

More guards tried to stop us, but I used the <Siren> skill of the <Public Magic> tree to call an ambulance and ram them over.

“… Your skills really make no sense.” Maria said. Ignoring her though, I set up the <Toxic Twitter> and <Lewd Brat> spells behind us so that we wouldn’t be chased, “… I guess I’ll take at how the battle is going.” She mentioned.

“I’ll check the draft of your doujinshi once the battle ends, alright?” I told her.

“It wouldn’t be alright if Rena was defeated while we weren’t nearby, right?” Maria wondered, ignoring me.

“You aren’t worried about her winning?” I asked.

“I wonder if it would be alright for me to sleep next to Rena after this…” She wondered out loud, ignoring me again.

“Just where is your mind going!?” I replied.

“Well, you know… I was just… Well…” She was stuttering a lot…

“Well, it’s alright, you should get better after a small break…” I sighed.

“Ah, just what is happening to me…? I’m imagining so many things…” She replied.

“Seriously now…” I sighed again. To think that while we’re so close to a fierce battle, she started thinking of this kind of thing…

“… Hey, Oda.” She suddenly sounded serious, and anxious.

“What is it?” I asked back.

“… I’ve just raised some death flags!” She said.

“I know!” I replied! How could she possibly start thinking about possible happy futures in this kind of situation!? Doesn’t she know anything!?

We both started laughing out loud while moving towards the danger zone.

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