Chapter 89 – Good and Evil Role Reversal! The Attackers Are Now The Defenders! (Part 3)


“That was quite the explosion…” I said to nobody in particular. Even though the explosion happened far away, probably at the back door, a very powerful heat wave and a deafening sound reached us all the way here, in the main gate. It staggered everyone in the surroundings and even blew off the poisonous gas… I suppose I should do something about that, “Adjutant, I’ll be going to check what happened, so take over the command of the main gate forces.” I told an officer of the Moonlight Family that was by Eren’s side when we first met.

Before he could make a reply, I threw some poisonous bombs towards the players again, gave a few more bombs to the officer, and left towards Eren’s office. I wasn’t planning on going there this early, but it can’t be helped that the plans changed after this kind of explosion.

As I arrived there, I called, “Eren, are you alright?”

“… By the grace of the gods.” He replied. He was clearly tired and was holding his head while hiding below his desk… He needs to be more energetic.

“You don’t seem alright… Well, that’s fine.” I told him.

“… By the grace of the gods.” He repeated. Ignoring these words, I took him with me and started moving towards the room that the princess was imprisoned in. In the meantime, I heard multiple explosions echoing through the mansion.

“Those are quite a few explosions, are you okay, Eren?” I asked him just to be sure.

“… By the grace of the gods.” He said again. Did he turn into a bot due to excessive fear? We arrived at the princess’ room while I thought of such things.

“Princess, are you safe?” I asked her. She did not reply and instead just glared at me. It’s quite surprising that she still has the will to glare at me after all that happened, she is quite the interesting girl, “It’s good that you’re well. By the way, lots of people are dying for your sake right now.”

“… Tsk.” She gave a small reply before I tied her up, tied her to my back too, and then covered her over with my cloak that is possessed by Azabu… As expected though, she did give a reaction when I told her about the people that died for her, she definitely feels guilty about it.

“Now, let’s prepare for the ending-

“Eren!” I shouted as I pulled him by the collar. He made a strange frog-like noise, but I ignored it, because…

“Muscle power!” The perverted gentleman rushed near us with a punch that would definitely obliterate Eren if he had stayed there for a second more. “Ah, I’m glad to see you again.” He said.

… I didn’t reply. I still felt uncomfortable near this guy. Instead, I just told him, “Shouldn’t you just go your way?” his appearance is not one that is suited for children after all, so he should be kept away from the princess. It would be nice if he just stuck to his gentlemanly ways and left.

“Tsk tsk tsk, you don’t understand, do you?” He said while raising his index finger and moving it left and right.

“… Don’t understand what?” I asked him.

“You cannot be orderly by being indifferent to others’ cries for help!” He said.

“… Huh?” What is he even talking about?

“Indeed! If one refuses to help others, he will end up either being neutral or chaotic! The only way to maintain order, is to eliminate the sources of problems by helping those in need!” He preached… I decided to just attack him, but he parried my shortsword with his fist. “Also, helping others out is part of the path of the gentleman, do you know why?”

“… I don’t know.” I said as blocked one of his attacks that tried to smash Eren’s head, and then jumped backwards when he tried to take the princess away from me.

“Because both helping others and being a gentleman are…” As he replied, he used a long range skill with his fist, which I had to dodge while pulling Eren along. I tried counter attacking with a poison needle, but it wasn’t able to penetrate his chest… Why is his skin so hard? “Acts made for one’s own selfish satisfaction! <Oath, I am the one who crushes those who deny my path>”

As he started chanting his oaths, he tied landing a dropkick at Eren, so I had to jump away again… His strikes are surely causing quite the damage to this mansion… “<Oath, I’m the one who never betrays those that reaffirm their own paths>! Now, Genocider… No, Lena.” He started saying something, but I ignored him.

“… Eren, are you still alive?” I asked, since he didn’t seem to be even trying to avoid the blows aimed at him.

“… I’m unsure.” He replied… He seems fine!

“Should I save you too?” The pervert asked… I was confused by this question, just what was he talking about? “Your circumstances may be abnormal, but I cannot allow a woman like you to fall in this place.”

“… You’re really bothersome, you know that?” I replied as he deflected one of my kicks with his elbows, and then tried to punch my face, that I dodged with a spinning jump.

He laughed, “Well, please forgive me, for that is my nature.”

“… Just what is your point?” I asked him.

“A gentleman will always help little girls who are in trouble!” He shouted as he charged towards me with a punch towards my belly, but I parried it with my shortsword and the <Hot Severange> skill, trying to destroy his fist.

… So he was talking about the princess all along? Why did he mention me first then…? “Well, you must be quite happy for having this many people loving you, aren’t you, princess?” I asked her.

“… I’m not happy.” She replied! She must have been so shocked by this guy and our exchange just now that she decided to actually make a reply. How amusing.

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