Chapter 88 – Good and Evil Role Reversal! The Attackers Are Now The Defenders! (Part 2)


(Maria’s Pov)

The battle has been going on for a while in the vicinity of the mansion’s main gate. We have an overwhelming advantage in numbers, and the players are considerably stronger than the NPCs of the Beginners’ City, so this should have been in our favor, but… Miss Ichijouji’s commanding, paired up with her poison, sniping, deadly threads and the assassin squad has proven to be incredibly efficient at hampering our attack.

Moreover, since they own this city, they control the supply of potions and we are unable to restock here. Meanwhile, they not only must have had a stockpile of them already, but miss Ichijouji probably crafted a few more in the time she was there.

“Maria, we broke through the gate in the back!” One of our scouts told me.

“Great! Let’s charge in from that front while maintaining the pressure on the main gate!” I replied.

“Yes ma’am!” He replied and went back to his duties.

“… Then, please take care of things over here, adjutant.” I told Sumeragi, the leader of the Imperial Holy Knights.

“Alright, should I just follow the plans that we went over before?” He asked me for confirmation.

“Yes! I’ll be off now!” I replied and went towards the back, together with Oda.

“Maria, will you join the fray now?” Oda asked as we ran.

“Ah, I wasn’t planning on participating, but I figured I’d rather do something too instead of leaving it for everyone else.” I replied.

“Well, I can understand how you feel.” He said as we ran and beat up some NPCs that tried to stop us. I didn’t expect it to be very hard to go through them, but it was a lot easier than expected due to Oda’s support. His weird spells are incredibly effective.

Like this, we quickly reached the players that were near the back door, and saw that the NPCs inside seemed to be purposefully retreating… “Why aren’t them trying to stand their ground or push us away?” I wondered out loud.

“It’s probably a trap, isn’t it?” Oda commented.

Just what could be the purpose of leading us not only close to our goal, but also to slowly reduce their retreat margin? “… We’ll follow the plan. Aim for the princess and the puppet lord. At the same time, direct a squad to their storages to plunder their potions and whatever other useful things you may find.” I told some nearby commanders. It is most likely a trap, but we don’t have the time to analyze it… Besides, I’m sure that if she was in my position, miss Ichijouji would say something like… “You can’t enjoy it if you don’t take some risks, right?”

“… There are no normal girls around me, are there?” Oda commented when seeing me smile as I thought of miss Ichijouji. I decided to ignore him and focus on the task at hand.

“Make way, everyone. I’ll open a path for us.” I said.

“What are you going to do…?” A soldier asked, I ignored him.

“Yuu, support me.” I told him.

“Got it, got it.” He replied and gave me even more support spells, it’s amazing that he has more buffs than even the supports of the top teams… If only his skills weren’t so weird.

“<Buddha’s Possession – Fire Heaven>” I chanted.

“Eh!? You got an advanced class!?” A nearby player was in disbelief.

“But that doesn’t match our discoveries so far!” Another said… Plenty of them seemed to be astonished by this, though it’s no surprise. Everyone thought you needed at least 200 karma value to get the advanced class, but it’s actually enough to be at 150 or neutral and achieve a special condition… Though I was surprised when I found out that the condition was fulfilled because I had a chance meeting with the God of Order. This kind of absurd condition is so unlikely to happen that I guess not even the Absolutely Inviolable Area had something like it.

“<Unshakable Misguided Love – Ideal Woman>” I chanted next.


Race: Human

Name: Maria Lv.61 <+15>

Karma: 156 <Good>

Class: Light Priestess; Second Class: Saint; Third Class: Holy Mother

Devotion: <HP recovers at a rate of 2%/5s for as long as you’re fighting against one specific opponent>

Fire Heaven: <STR Increase: Extra Large; INT Increase: Extra Large; Fire Attribute to Attacks: Max; Fire Damage Increase: Max>

Ideal Woman: <INT Increase: Extra Large; DEX Increase: Extra Large; Light Attribute to Attacks: Max; Light Damage Increase: Max>

Attributes Granted To Attacks: <Fire: Max; Fire: Extra Large; Fire: Large; Fire: Medium; Fire: Small; Fire: Very Small; Light: Max; Light: Extra Large; Light: Large; Light: Medium; Light: Small; Light: Very Small>

Blazing Charge: <Fire attribute to attacks: Medium; Attack power increase: Medium>

Flame Ward: <Increased Fire Resistance: Medium; Increased Defense: Medium>

Holy Might: <Light attribute to attacks: Medium; Attack power increase: Medium>

Holy Protection: <Increased Light Resistance: Medium; Increased Defense: Medium>

Enhancements: <STR Increase: Extra Large; VIT Increase: Extra Large; AGI Increase: Extra Large; INT Increase: Extra Large; DEX Increase: Extra Large>

Enhancements: <Slash: Large; Blunt: Large; Accuracy: Large; Dodge: Large>


And now, I finished buffing up, so it’s time to go all out! “<Garves, Sun God whose power comes from the great seven-colored god. My faith in you asks to be rewarded, please destroy your enemies and protect this humble lamb of yours, Maria. Your blessing…”

“Geh!?” A player shouted. He’d better run.

“Please give it to me>!” I finished chanting.

“Evacuate! Evacuate!” More shouted. Otherwise…

“<Sun’s Wrath>!” They might get caught up and die too!

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