Chapter 87 – Good and Evil Role Reversal! The Attackers Are Now The Defenders!


“Attack!” A player shouted.

“Defend!” I shouted to my troops, as giving orders to them made them affected by my <Command> skill. It wasn’t as effective as when I directed my servants, but it was still useful nonetheless.

“Why are those NPCs so strong!?” A player said.

“Shouldn’t they be just a bunch of gangsters!?” Another exclaimed.

I also made my servants buff the troops, which might not be as effective as if they buffed only one person, but it was still helpful.

“Retreat if you’re at less than 30% HP! Groups 1 to 3, move forward!” A player commanded.

“Genocider, please command me!” A weird player said.

“Do you want us to lose!?” Another shouted at this weird one.

Ignoring those two, I focused on the battle at hand. It should be a given that they not only have people with buffing skills, but also people with command skills. When pairing that up with the difference in numbers, our position ends up being pretty disadvantageous.

… However, “Did you all drink the antidotes I gave you? I’m gonna throw that thing!” I asked to the troops nearby.

“Yes!” They shouted.

“What’s she going to do-!?” A player asked as I threw an explosive in the middle of the player group. It not only spread a bunch of iron scraps, but also released a colored poisonous smoke.

“Gyah!” A player shouted.

“Genocide Poison!” Another said.

“Try finding a way to make an antidote with magic!” Another gave an order.

… Just what is Genocide Poison? Did the poisons I made have such a name? That’s the first I heard of it… Let’s ask Yuu later.

For the time being though, let’s kill the person trying to cure the poison by throwing an iron scrap at them. I can’t let them recover this easily after all.

“Damn it!” A player shouted.

“Can we try waiting until it passes!?” A player asked.

“Impossible! This is Geno-Poison!” Another player answered.

“Damn it all!” The asker shouted.

So Genocide Poison can be abbreviated as Geno-Poison then… It doesn’t matter, let’s keep on killing the healers.

“Commander!” A player shouted as their commander died.

“Stop the Geno- Gah!” A player said as he died.

“What the-!?” Another player exclaimed.

As the players had pointed out, this mansion was primarily occupied by gangsters. It should be no surprise that we had quite a few assassins that could sneak behind the enemy lines and kill their leaders.

“Dirty tricks!” A player shouted!

“Someone with good detection abilities pinpoint the location of the assassins!” Another said.

“No, you stupid! The Genocider will just snipe whoever tries!” Another player exclaimed.

Such a shame, they didn’t let me know which were the priority targets, so I had to make do with killing whoever seemed to stand out the most.

“Groups 1 to 3 retreat! Groups 4 to 6, move forward!” A player shouted and was soon after killed by a flying iron scrap. Each time someone gave orders, I killed them soon after, making the remaining ones hesitate on acting and therefore not being as efficient as they could.

“Damn it! We’re being pushed back!” A player shouted.

“I know that much!” Another said.

“Will we be alright!?” A third one exclaimed.

“How long will it take!?” A fourth one said. Seems like they’re waiting for something… Though that’s fine with me, as I used that time to finish wrapping my threads around their legs and pulling it up in one go.

Dozens of players started screaming as they were lifted high in the air, parts of their bodies started being cut and falling off on top of their allies, creating a messy meat shower.

“Everyone, attack!” I ordered. My troops shouted in unison and rushed forward, while the opponents staggered back.

The players at the front had to try doing the job of a tank, but the actual tanks were already dead, so the remaining ones weren’t the best for it. Moreover, the poison weakened them and they were also worried about the assassins and my sniping attacks, which made their defense against our charge disastrous.

“Ma’am! There are reinforcements arriving to back those troops up!” A subordinate told me.

“It doesn’t matter. Just keep killing them and reducing the enemy’s strength.” I replied.

“Yes ma’am!” He said as he went back to his duties… That’s how it should be. Please keep on using all your forces without holding back, please come at me with all your might… It won’t be entertaining otherwise.

On that note, it should be about time for the-

“Ma’am! The back door has been breached!” A messenger said. Just as expected, they did break through our barricade. It was made in a hurry, so it couldn’t be helped that it didn’t last long, but it’s alright because we planned for that too.

“Tell the troops at the back door that things are going as expected in this front, and that they should move just as we planned.” I told him.

“Yes ma’am!” He said as he left. The troops on the back will be fighting a slow retreating battle, never pushing forward, and instead slowly luring the enemies deeper within our territory… I wonder how Yuu and Maria will react to that. I’m looking forward to their next surprise.


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