Chapter 100 – Attack In Broad Daylight


“Just in case, I’m going to ask. Is this the right place?” I asked the princess. I was thinking of leaving her at the mansion, but I changed my mind and figured I’d bring her with me here.

“… I’m not answering that.” She replied.

“If you don’t want to talk, then I guess you won’t mind this then.” I told her.

“!?” She tried to make a reply, but she was unable to. I used the powers newly acquired from that ugly goddess to take her voice away.

Now, let’s get started on weakening the Crown Prince’s forces. I believe the mansion in front of us is Marquis Gawain’s, so let’s greet them with an explosive thrown with <Meteor>, which created an explosion big enough to blow up the mansion’s gates while also spreading a poisonous gas.

“Enemy attack!” One of the mansion’s guards shouted. Meanwhile, I entered through the front door while throwing more explosives to spread more poison around. “Do you know who you’re dealing with!? This is the territory of Marquis Gawain-!” That soldier was being a bit annoying, so I threw an iron scrap at his mouth to kill him.

Then, I used my threads to grab a chandelier and throw it at a group of guards that was running down the stairs from the upper floor.

After that, the archers at the second floor started shooting arrows at me, but I dodged and parried the arrows while throwing some explosives at them and also swung the chandelier at them, quickly knocking them down.

“Don’t let her dominate the battle with her long range! Close the distance!” A commander of the guards said, and soon died by being pierced by a spear made of thread. Then I killed some more incoming soldiers with poison needles.

The princess seemed frightened, but it’s not like she could do anything in her current situation, so I didn’t mind it much.

She seemed to be trying to say something though… “I don’t know what you want to say, you know?” I told her while kicking two approaching soldiers in the ribs to kill them.

More soldiers were coming, so I threw the long swords of the dead ones at the healer and commander of the upcoming group.

“She’s strong in close combat too!?” One of the soldiers exclaimed.

“Does she have no weakness…?” Another said.

Since they seemed to be hesitating, I figured I’d take the initiative now. I used <Jet Propulsion> to quickly move forward, beheaded the nearest enemy with my shortsword, then used my threads to start cutting and compressing the other nearby soldiers before they could react.

They gathered more archers in this meanwhile and tried shooting me, but I moved the dead bodies in front of the arrows, and then threw bodies filled with explosives at the archers.

“What is this madness…?” One soldier said.

“What about the lord!?” Another asked.

“He’s having a hard time evacuating because the backdoor is sealed tight with threads…” The first one replied.

“I see…” The second one seemed to be despairing.

It was impressive that the soldiers kept trying to buy time for the Marquis even though he was already trying to escape. They’re really dedicated to their jobs.

“I’ll kill you!” One of them shouted while swinging their long sword. I stopped it with my threads, stepped on his foot, threw an iron scrap at his head to kill him, then grabbed the spear of a dead soldier to pierce the neck of another incoming guard.

Then I entangled another soldier with my threads to immobilize him… Time to test a new drug. I dropped it on the skin of the unmovable guard and the liquid quickly started melting the skin and muscles that it came into contact with… A nice success.

“How dare you!?” Another shouted as he tried to attack me. I blocked his sword blow with my shortsword, immobilized him with my threads, then broke his jaws with my hand. After that, I took off his Adam’s Apple and let him bleed to death.

“I-it’s the devil…” A soldier commented before I killed him in the same way as the last one… This is fun.

“Yeah, I guess you’re not entirely wrong.” It was particularly interesting to see them desperately try to stop the blood from leaking out once I freed them from my threads, only for them to die anyways. “In any case, I still have more work to do, so I’ll have to wrap things up quickly… Please entertain me while you can.” They seemed to be terrified as I approached them.

“No, please! I don’t want to die like this!” One of them begged as he fell on his knees.

“Okay, I can grant this request.” I said as I tore his intestine out and kicked him away. He shouted in pain, but I ignored him and moved forward, “Does anybody else has a request?” They stayed silent, “Then I’m going.” I said as I rushed forward while thinking about what I’d do to ‘play’ with them.

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