Chapter 99 – Underneath The Kind Smile


After coming back from the goddess’ space, I decided that I should first check on the status of the Empire’s battalion that was approaching us. I used the <Far Sight> skill to look at them to find out that… They had been completely wiped out.

That’s a bit troublesome, things won’t be interesting if their army is routed on its own… Seems like it can’t be helped, but I suppose I’ll have to start interfering with the Kingdom’s side of things in order to make sure the Empire will be able to attack properly… Though I already did deal some damage to the kingdom’s troops, but it seems like that much wasn’t enough.

But before that, I suppose I should handle the elephant in the room, “So? For how long are you going to stay there?” I asked the princess who was holding her knees while on top of the mansion’s walls, on the very edge of the walls in particular.

She stayed silent for a small while before making a question of her own, “Why did you use my name to declare a war?”

“Because it won’t entice the audience otherwise, of course.” I replied.

She didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about, but that was fine. She seemed to give up on understanding anyways, as she asked, “Do you really hate me that much for insulting your mother?”

“I don’t find you to be that hateful actually.” I replied to her. She finally raised her head at this response, and as she had an obviously confused expression, I continued, “I’ll never forgive you for what you said about my mother. Even now, I still wish to kill you.

“However, you’re smart, and you had the courage to try taunting me. Those are not bad traits… But, you messed up, and now you’ll have to pay the price for it. Pay the price while lamenting your own lack of power to fight against the flow.”

“Stop it…” She begged.

“Though to think you’d anger me enough to the point I wanted to kill you myself, only for you to then try killing yourself? That’s just comical.” I didn’t stop.

“Please stop…” She begged again.

“I suppose that even if you think it would be best for the kingdom for you to end your life right now, you’re still too attached to it to let go.” She certainly had the time to jump while I was abducted by that ugly goddess after all, and yet she couldn’t do it. Perhaps because… “I guess the maid’s last will is binding you to this world?”

“Please stop already…” She kept on begging.

I giggled at that request, “Isn’t it funny? The very request of the maid who wished for nothing more than your happiness is exactly what is causing you the most suffering right now.”

She looked at me with bloodshot eyes and spoke words filled with resolve, “I’ll kill you.”

Bold words. However, “You cannot.” I told her. Even if she musters her resolve, even if she forces herself to stop crying, even if she tries her hardest to tell me this… She is still just a toy that is unable to change anything.

She stayed silent for a while, then lowered her head again and muttered something that was barely audible enough for me to hear, “Just how can you have such a kind smile…?”

“Kind…?” Did her AI break? “Well, feel free to cry for now, I’ll be going out for the time being, so you’ll have the time for it.”

“… If I feel like it.” She replied. I suppose that’s enough for now.

Let’s go hit up on the kingdom’s forces a bit then, in order to give the Empire some time to recover. I suppose I’ll start with some nobles from the Crown Prince’s faction, as that one is currently the biggest one.

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