Chapter 98 – Chance Meeting


There was something weird happening… The Empire’s army should have already arrived at the capital by now. They shouldn’t have taken any longer than a week to arrive, but half a month already passed and there were no signs of them yet. Me and Yuu spent that time preparing for our Verification, but still, their troops really should have arrived already.

On the Kingdom’s side things seem to be closer to expected though. Both princes are at odds with one another and can’t cooperate. Moreover, the whole kingdom is in chaos with the princess’ sudden war declaration.

“… I wonder if I should go to the Empire myself to thin out their army-?” I started wondering out loud…

“That sounds fun!” Until I suddenly heard a little girl’s voice from behind me. Moreover, the scenery completely changed to an empty dark red space, “Oh my! To suddenly stab me like that! You’re really interesting, you know?” The girl giggled as I turned around and tried killing her… However, I was not only unable to hurt her, but was also held upside down by my leg. I tried cutting off the strange lump of meat that was holding me, but it refused to be damaged.

Seems like I am outmatched right now, that’s troublesome, “… Who are you?” I decided to ask.

“Me? I’m Fanny! You’ve called out to me before, remember?” The thing answered.

“I see…” I replied to it. It may have a cute little girl’s voice, but it’s a being with a naked gigantic body that looks more like an old doll than a human. It also had a huge disgusting face with rotten lips and broken teeth… It was bothersome to even look at it, and the girly voice just made it even more annoying, “I guess I should say I’m glad to meet you, I suppose?” I asked it.

“That seems fine! I’ve been watching you for a while now, you know?” It told me.

“… I see.” I replied. It was bothersome to think that the gods are a type of AI that seems to be able to manage players as they see fit. And they don’t seem to be killable to boot, though perhaps that’s just an issue of my current level not being high enough.

“Yes! It’s been really fun! Especially now that you’ve decided to dye both the Kingdom and the Empire in chaos!” She told me… What a weird choice of words.

“Dye?” I asked her while wondering what she meant. Is there some hidden element to the game that involves influence over an area for a given karmic faction?

“Yes! You’re increasing our territory!” She answered… Perhaps this is about some war between the gods on who has the larger control over the humans’ lands… “I’m really looking forward to what you’ll do next, you know? I can’t wait to see which of those two you’ll bring to ruins, perhaps both!?” She started laughing out loud, making a sweet and clean sound which was quite contrasting with her appearance, “And that’s amazing! Your Karma is below -300 already! That’s the first time in centuries that a human went this low!” She suddenly changed topics.

It’s that low already? Though I suppose I did destroy a battalion, killed the personal maid of the princess, attacked the royal castle, killed the king, kidnapped the princess and used her to declare war on the Empire… All those things definitely added up.

“Since you’ve been so hardworking, your lovely goddess will you a blessing!” She then said.

“… Thank you, I guess?” I wonder if a blessing from this weird god would be of any help… Though I suppose I’m fine for as long as it’s useful.

“Alright then, done! I’ll be watching you, so see you again!” She waved her hand as both her body and the strange scenery disappeared, making everything slowly came back to normal… What a weird goddess, she suddenly came, blessed me, and then disappeared after making a completely one-sided conversation… Let’s just check what she gave me.

<Your Karma has fallen>

<You acquired a new Divine Will skill>

<You acquired a new Spiritual Possession skill>

<You acquired the “Blessed by the Naïve Goddess” title>

<You acquired the “Caught the Attention of the God of Corruption” title>

<You acquired the “Transcendental” title>

<New Classes are available for you>

<As certain conditions were met, you may now evolve>

<As certain conditions were met, your servants may now evolve>

To think I’d lose Karma and get this many buffs at one from a single chance meeting with a Chaos Goddess… That was quite the fortunate.

… And she really didn’t hold back when giving those blessings. Those will definitely be helpful, I’ll look forward to using them in the near future.

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