Chapter 109 – Upheaval In The Empire’s Capital


(Imperial Soldier‘s PoV)

“We’re quite free right now, aren’t we?” I asked one of my seniors.

“Yeah, because the usual annoying people aren’t around right now.” He replied.

It couldn’t be helped that we were relaxing when all the people that yelled at us were out in the war… And well, we had nothing to do here at the capital right now.

“We basically seem to exist just to register citizen complaints at this point…” Another senior ended up commenting.

“Well, it’s better than being at the battlefield though.” I replied. Boring duty is a lot better than dangerous duty after all.

I wonder what made the war get this big though. The first princess who is supposedly still a child starting it out is strange enough as is, but the emperor was also supposed to be more moderate, so why did we suddenly get into all-out war state all of a sudden?

Well, I bet it’s only something the higher ups are supposed to know. I’m fine just staying here as is.

As I continued relaxing like that, the door was suddenly opened, “What are you all talking about?”

“C-captain!” One of my seniors got up and hurriedly made a salute to our captain that just came in.

“Sir!” The rest of us also got up and saluted him. We weren’t really doing anything wrong, but it’s a bad thing to be caught idling around, isn’t it…?

“Relax, I don’t have anything to do either.” He told us.

“Oh, I see…” I replied while sighing with relief. That scared me for a second.

“It’s really way too quiet today.” The captain said while taking a seat, we followed suit and sat back too.

“Yeah, can’t say I like it much.” The senior that was talking about how we exist to register citizen complaints replied.

“It’s almost as if we’re at the calm before the storm.” Another senior said.

“Come on guys, don’t go raising bad omens.” The captain stopped them, and they instantly apologized together.

The captain was right, it was better to not mention those things, they really could come to life otherwise… That said, “It’s not like there is any chance of our army losing anyways.” I ended up trying to raise the mood a bit.

A senior nodded in response, “Yeah, we have way more people and resources on our side.”

“Though the migrants are wild factors that can cause issues…” Our pessimistic senior said.

“Never mind that! We’re just on receptionist duty today, so let’s just… What’s that?” The captain was trying to raise the moods again, but he stopped midway… It was as if he had seen a ghost.

I and the seniors turned around to look at what he was staring at, but aren’t those black silhouettes just a forest?

“Can you see that?” The captain asked us.

“See what?” I ended up replying… It was hard to see with how cloudy the sky was… Although… There wasn’t supposed to be a forest in that direction was there?

“What the…?” A senior said.

“This can’t be… They aren’t… Monsters!?” The pessimistic senior said… And he might be right. The silhouettes are moving… But why are they coming here!?

The captain got up at once and shouted, “Enemy attack!” And then, his head was blown up by something.

“Captain!?” We shouted at once while also getting up, only for two of my seniors to lose their head too.

I need to get down and-

Before I could react to the occurrences, I felt a strong pain, and then, everything went dark.


As we finally got close to the capital of the Empire, I used my <Far Sight> skill to find the people that were on lookout and instantly sniped them from afar. Then, I started throwing explosives with my monster lures inside the city, so as to make the monsters try going inside on their own.

And once we got close enough, I also started using some other drugs on a handful of monsters to make them go berserk, then threw them over the walls too to make them start the attack early on.

Immediately after, I threw lots of explosives with more lures at the gates of the city. They didn’t break instantly, but they’ll sure break before long when all monsters start charging at it.

“Genocider?! Why are you-“ A player seemed to have noticed me, but I just killed him, sniped a soldier that tried organizing people to intercept us, threw threads over the wall to make it easy for me to climb it, then used them to help some other monsters too while the gates were still standing.

Afterwards, I threw acid at the gate to further damage it, killed some more guards that were coming and waited a small bit until the gate was broken.

As soon as that happened, the capital was taken in by an avalanche of monsters. Immediately after, I started running through the outer walls while storing a bunch of explosives on them with my threads. Once that was done, I jumped inside.


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