Chapter 110 – Upheaval In The Empire’s Capital (Part two)


“Takeo, cover the East. Hanako, you go to the West.” I ordered my familiars while giving them a bunch of explosives. This way they can not only cause a lot of damage to the city with their current explosives and with the ones I stored all over the walls, but they will also force the Empire to spread their forces more, since now there won’t be just me and the monsters, but also Takeo and Hanako attacking the city.

Once that was done, I turned my attention back to the soldiers, who were currently trying to extinguish the fires created by the explosives… Only until I knocked them all down that is. I considered killing them, but it seemed more efficient to incapacitate them instead, as that would force the rest of their allies to come rescue the wounded.

Now then… Let’s try hitting the Emperor’s castle. I empowered an explosive by using <Meteor Shower>, <Accelerate>, <Harden>, <Rotate> and <Doubling>, then threw it with all my might while also increasing the power of the throw with my threads.

The result was about as expected. Once the explosive got close to the castle, it was repelled by a magical barrier. It was a bit of a shame, but I’d be more surprised if there was no protection in the castle at all… However, the huge explosive ended up hitting the city after being repelled, and with <Meteor Shower> affecting it, the explosion was widespread and made many debris fly everywhere.

Well, that was satisfactory enough, let’s go back to taking care of the soldiers now. I jumped over the roofs of the houses and started picking up everyone that looked like a commander with my threads, and threw them at groups of monsters. I also threw poisonous explosives in as many places as I could, in order to debilitate whoever tried getting near.

After that, I jumped down from the roofs and went to the city’s square. There I found some kids that were still evacuating and some soldiers that were trying to help them out. I picked up the kids, put explosives in their mouths and threw them at the soldiers like usual, since this still seems to be very effective at confusing them, killing them and lowering their morale.

The survivors of course started cursing me, but they were also swiftly taken care of once they lost their composure.

I also made sure to pick up more kids and use as shields to protect myself against their arrows to make the soldiers unable to keep on shooting, only to put explosives on the children and then throw them towards the guards too, of course.

The remaining nearby soldiers were still trying to fight to the best of their capabilities, but they were so out of balance… It was incredibly easy to position myself in ways that made them kill one another once I dodged their attacks. I started laughing.

“How dare you!?” One of them shouted.

“How dare I what? You were the ones that killed one another!” I told him while I laughed.

But well, I guess this should be enough of a setup. To finish things off, I threw a few more explosives at the area, jumped away a bit, and then picked up my threads to use my… “<Blood World>”

Just like how it worked against the Crown Prince’s Battalion, the threads pulled in lots of living and dead soldiers from all over the city, brought them all towards the square at a high speed, then made them clash against each other and become a giant mass of flesh and blood… I guess this is now the Red Square.

… I’m not good with puns, let’s not do this again.

Once I made this decision, I decided to rush through the square in order to get to my next destination.

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