Chapter 111 – Upheaval In The Empire’s Capital (Part three)


(Emperor’s Pov)

“Just what is happening here!?” I asked my advisor.

“Well, you see, your Majesty…” He could hardly articulate a sentence… I could understand what he felt, as my feelings were probably pretty similar. It was just a small while ago that we got the report of a monster horde attacking the capital, and now the magical tool that protects the castle was triggered? How!?

“Is there a dragon on their ranks or something!?” I pushed him to give me an answer.

“Well, that is…” Why is he stuttering so much!?

“Say it clearly!” I understood that as an emperor I should remain calm, but it was hard to keep my cool under those circumstances…

“T-the attacker is… A human!” He finally said it.

“… What? We’re clearly being attacked by monsters here.” This crazy answer helped me calm down a bit, so it wasn’t that terrible, but I wish my subordinates knew when to joke and when to be serious…

“Th-the human was the one that brought the monsters, your majesty!” The advisor continued… Was this serious?

“You mean a human brought over a thousand monsters to our city…?” My advisor nodded in response, “That thing can’t be considered a human anymore. Subdue it quickly!” Any sane human would panic when being pursued by this many monsters, it should be impossible to bring them all the way to the capital and to command them to break the gates like this… What madness are we experiencing here?

“Your majesty! The second line of defense has been breached!” A messenger suddenly came inside the audience chamber to tell me those dreadful news.

“Tell the survivors to retreat and to try cooperating with the people on the third line to-“ I was going to give them orders to better organize the defenses, but…

“Your majesty, the third line of defense has been breached!” Another messenger came to say this… Impossible. Even with a surprise attack against a large force, our troops shouldn’t fall this quickly!

“Your majesty, we aren’t being able to manage the aerial attacks from the enemies.” A general intervened, “The migrants are saying something about how the enemy has the complete ‘air superiority’ over us and how our ‘backwards empire’ can’t handle their modern war techniques… I believe it might be possible that the enemy attacking us is a migrant.”

I sighed, “In that case we won’t be able to kill them for good, as the gods’ blessings wouldn’t allow us to.

“Contact the temple, tell them we’ll need their cooperation in sealing this-“ I started thinking of a way of handling this mess, but before I could even finish my line of thought, the doors to the audience room were destroyed by a loud explosion.

Once the dust from it settled in, I could see an unfamiliar woman standing there. A terrifying woman that was died red in blood and that showed no sign of being bothered by it… That must be the monsters’ leader.

“Who are you!?” One of my royal guards questioned her, but was instantly beheaded by her blade.

“Subdue her!” A general ordered, and the royal guards charged at her… But all of their blows were easily deflected and they were all down in no time.

“That is definitely a monster…” I ended up commenting when seeing this absurd scene.

“It’s unpleasant to be looked at as anything other than a person.” She replied while stepping forward, making no effort to dodge the bodies of the men that she just killed, “I already blew up your temple by the way.” She suddenly commented. Was she listening to our previous conversation!?

“… Madness.” My advisor commented. To think she’d blow up the temple… Does she fear no retribution from the gods?

No, that doesn’t matter, what matters is appeasing her, we cannot fight her here, not at those circumstances… “So, what is it that you desire? Money? Status? Land?” I asked her.

“I don’t really need those things actually.” She told me. Usually that would make her be praised as a selfless girl for saying this kind of thing, but right now I felt nothing but fear from the horrendous monster that approached me with each step.

I felt like it would be futile, but we couldn’t simply let her do as she pleases… I gathered my resolve and declared, “Then, I’ll give you death-“

And as I said this, a loud noise echoed throughout the room, as a hole was blown through the ceiling, and a person fell down from it, “Excuse me!” he said. What is this now…? “Are you the Genocider?” He asked the girl immediately after.

“That I am. And you?” She replied… To think she is known as Genocider… Fitting.

“Me? The username is ‘Absolutely Inviolable Area’.” That’s a name…? What does he mean with username?

… It’s probably some migrant thing, it has to be. Let’s just hope he doesn’t wish to make this disaster even worse.

“Oh, I see… I was planning on taking care of you later, but I guess now it’s fine.” The ‘Genocider’ woman told him.

“Well, we share the same purpose then. After all…” He replied. Seems like they’re enemies then?

“I can now clear the Epic Quest!” The both of them said together… I had no idea what they were saying, and I’d usually refuse to allow others to ignore my presence like this, but… perhaps it is for the best that they’re caught up in their own migrant matters… Let us pray this madness ends soon.

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