Chapter 115 – Power Game (part four)


“Kageyama, stretch.” As I said that, my shortsword was covered by a black shadow and stretched to the point it became an odachi… It was a bit hard to deal with a greatsword with my current weapon, so I figured I’d adapt.

“Guess I lost the reach advantage.” Jeru said.

“Please rest at east that I do have both <dagger art> and <sword art> skills.” I told him.

“It’s good that you’re not holding back.” He replied. Immediately after, I rushed towards him and swung the odachi towards his head, he tried dodging it, but I ended up still cutting his arm off… I also ended up cutting a part of the castle’s walls by accident, “That’s quite sharp!” He said.

“And you’re quite fast even in this form.” I replied. I really thought I’d be able to behead him with this attack, but instead I not only got just his arm, but he also was able to cut off my leg with his greatsword while he dodged my attack.

It wasn’t much of an issue for me though, since I just attached my leg back with my threads and the shadow… And apparently not for him either, as he attached his arm back as if it was a completely normal thing. He really feels like a golem right now.

After reattaching our limbs, we clashed with each other again. He made a huge swing with his greatsword that made the ruined castle tremble. I dodged it and tried to behead him again with the odachi, but he used the <Inviolable Iron Fortress> skill, which seemed to greatly raise his defensive power. My slash ended up leaving only a shallow cut on his armor.

“<Roaring Thunder>!” He shouted and a lightning blew me away, throwing me towards the wall… I didn’t expect him to be able to do this kind of thing, how troublesome.

“I’m not used to having this many slashes hit me…” He commented.

“That’s because I had an opportunity to cut you.” I told him while I got up.

“This is really great, isn’t it?” He said.

“It’s certainly quite fun.” I replied.

He smiled at that reply, before lifting a pillar of the castle with one hand… I suppose he is also bothered by the fact neither of us landed a decisive hit yet.

“Hurry up and die!” He shouted as he threw the pillar at me. I used my odachi to cut a part of it away and jumped through the ruins and my threads while throwing explosives at him. Similarly, he started picking up big pieces of rubble to throw back at me, making us both need to dodge projectiles while throwing our own.

Just as we both found a clear opportunity to jump towards one another, an unexpected occurrence threw our plans off-balance, “Don’t you two main targets go offing each other out!”

“It’s been a while, Hannes!” I told him as I dodged his axe swing.

“An acquaintance of yours? Seems like things are getting crazy here!” Jeru commented.

It was nice to see him again, since we hadn’t fought since the event, it seems like they have grown even stronger now.

“I’ll get your head this time around!” Hannes shouted as he and his party started attacking me and Jeru, making this a three-way fight… They didn’t seem to be using any buffs though, yet they were keeping up with us… I suppose they found out our location in advance and buffed each other before arriving.

“Try and get it!” I replied.

“Sorry, but she is mine!” Jeru intervened.

“I’ll kill both of you psychopaths then!” Hannes exclaimed while attacking me again… There were also his party members attacking the both of us, as well as me and Jeru attacking each other… It was getting tough to deal with all that at the same time.

“To think that the top players of each faction would fight-off at once like this…” The spear guy that was with Hannes commented.

“It was certainly unexpected, wasn’t it, Kellin?” Their mage said.

I suppose we should be the top ones when considering how much we did at the last event… This is fun! “I’ll kill all of you!” I told them.

“Well, what to do now? If I kill Rena and the princess, I should break even, but if I then kill those new people…?” Jeru commented.

“… Hey, can I go home already?” The spear guy said.

“… Don’t say that now, Kellin.” The sword guy replied.

It was exciting to think on how to kill them all… This was really way too fun.

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