Chapter 116 – Power Game (part five)


(Cherry’s PoV)

“<Holy Wall>!” I casted a spell to block one of Rena’s projectiles that was aimed at us… It’s amazing that she can still find opportunities to attack our party’s rearguard in the middle of this hectic battle.

“Damn it, I can’t hit her!” Hannes complained.

“Don’t worry, none of us can…” Myra commented.

We certainly didn’t expect Absolutely Inviolable Area to be here together with Rena… And well, for him to be just as powerful and crazy as her. I never thought I’d see someone being able to perfectly block every single arrow Myra shoots at him, it’s almost as if his body reacts automatically to attacks.

Kellin tried attacking Absolutely Inviolable Area, but not only he had his attack blocked, but he was also hit by the greatsword and was sent flying. Eleanor had to throw some flames at Absolutely Inviolable Area to stop him from pursuing Kellin while I healed him…. This is tough.

“Hey, you crazy woman, where did you put the princess!?” Hannes suddenly shouted at Rena. I suppose it was a bit weird that even though she had kidnapped the princess, we hadn’t seen her anywhere so far… Was she hidden somewhere? Maybe she is locked inside a dark basement?

She replied by saying, “Ah, that…? She’s in the sky.” The sky!? Does she mean heaven!? She can’t seriously have killed her!? She was only ten years old!

“You little…” Hannes was outraged… Don’t lose your cool now leader, we need you if we are to win this…

“Like, over there.” Rena pointed upwards… Wait, she meant the sky, literally!?

The princess was tied up to a part of the building that hadn’t crumbled yet. There were lots of threads holding not only her, but that part of the castle in place as well… It would have probably already crumbled otherwise.

… How could she possibly hang a small child up there like that? That’s inhumane.

“Do you even have a heart…?” Hannes asked her… I suppose all of us felt that this was too much even for her.

“I’m a person, so I should have a heart.” She replied bluntly.

“… I’m not talking about that!” Hannes was understandably angry at her reply… Either she was diverting the topic of the conversation, or we were completely unable to establish any form of communication with her… Regardless, it seems like Absolutely Inviolable Area made use of Hannes’ loss of composure and landed a huge blow at him. Hannes was able to barely avoid being hit fatally at the last second, but he definitely took a lot of damage. I instantly casted <Extra-Tier Heal> at him to help him recover.

“Thanks, Cherry!” He said as he got up and went back to the fight with Absolutely Inviolable Area, while Ryne and Kellin intercepted Rena who was going to attack him from behind.

She quickly blew them off though, and was about to stab Hannes, but he dodged at the last second and made her blow hit Absolutely Inviolable Area instead… Though he was able to partially dodge it and didn’t take much damage either.

“You guys are really fun!” Rena shouted.

“I don’t want to hear that from a psychopath!” Hannes replied as he dodged an attack from Rena that blew up a whole column of what was left of the castle. Those two psychopaths and Hannes seemed to be fighting all by themselves, while Kellin and Ryne couldn’t even try to meddle in… Me, Eleanor and Myra weren’t able to do much either.

“We were supposed to be a party, right…?” Kellin seemed to be down.

“Yeah, my pride as a gamer is crumbling.” Ryne felt the same.

“Don’t feel that bad, we’re still supporting him to the best of our capabilities.” I told Ryne… Also, Hannes was still having a hard time keeping up with those two monsters.

“I guess so.” Ryne replied as a huge chunk of the castle fell off from a clash of Rena and Absolutely Inviolable Area.

“Cherry, Eleanor, I’ll make an opportunity for you!” Hannes suddenly told us.

“Got it!” I instantly replied.

“Guess that can’t be helped.” Eleanor also seemed to have gotten his idea. The both of us used every last bit of MP we had left to put as many buffs as we could in our vanguard while also chugging MP potions to recover it. Then, we also made the strongest Holy Wall we could to block off Rena and Absolutely Inviolable Area from getting in the way.

Even then, it wouldn’t hold for long if they could freely attack it, so Ryne and Kellin went back to the fray to stop them, while Hannes also fought to the best of his capabilities to hold them down, and they were clearly having a better chance now.

However, even with their best cooperation, it was hard for them to do much. Absolutely Inviolable Area was still really agile even with that golem-like body, and Rena was well… Rena. Both of them also had an absurd firepower that would definitely kill anyone that they landed a clean hit against.

“Absolutely Inviolable Area being here was beyond my expectations, but Rena, I’m totally going to get you this time!” Hannes told her.

“I’m looking forward to it!” She replied… And now, we’ll clear our quest’s objective, and defeat Rena!

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