Chapter 125 – Ichijouji Komari’s Tutorial


(Komari’s PoV)

“Over here, Komari!” Once I finished making my character and appeared on the square of the Beginners’ City, Seigi immediately called out to me.

“Oh, there you are.” I replied as I moved closer to him, “By the way, my username is Marie. Yours?”

“Masa.” He plainly replied.

“… That’s so uncreative.” I told him.

“As if you’re one to talk…” He said… Come on, I did spend a while thinking of this username, alright!?

Figuring it was not worth the effort to reply though, I decided to change topics, “In any case, let’s try looking for Kako’s acquaintance. She didn’t tell us about the person’s appearance, but they’re probably-”

“You’re Kako’s friends, right?” A woman in pure black clothing that was holding a really imposing scythe suddenly called out to us.

“And you are…?” Seigi… I mean, Masa asked her. He seemed to be quite weary for some reason.

“I’m the person Kako told you about. I’ll be helping you out for the time being.” She explained.

“I see, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but we’ll be in your care.” Masa said while bowing to her.

“Thanks for the help!” I said while waving my arm… Though it’s a bit surprising to see that Kako knows this kind of person, “I’m Marie, by the way.”

“And I’m Masa.” Seigi said.

“And I’m Blossom… Well, for now, let’s leave this city.” Wait, we’re leaving the city!? And she’s not even waiting for us!?

We had to run after her in order to not be left behind… What kind of help is that!?

“Since you’re probably wondering, I suppose I should say it now, but there are no tutorials in the game because the tutorial NPC was killed.” Blossom explained as we moved.

“Eh!?” Both me and Masa exclaimed.

“And since there is nothing meaningful to be done here, it’s better for us to leave right away.” She continued… I did hear that the city was taken over by a player, but I didn’t expect the tutorial NPC to have been killed… Goodness, “Anyways, try calling out <Status> for now.”

“<Status>” We both said as she instructed, and a translucent scream appeared in front of us, showing our equipment, basic stats and some other stuff.

“That’s the default display, you can play with the settings a bit to change its appearance in case you want it to fit the setting better… For example, <Book>.” As Blossom said that, a status screen that looked like an old book appeared in front of her… That’s so cool!

Me and Seigi played with the settings for a bit. I ended up getting something that looked about the same as Blossom’s book, while Masa made it look more like a scroll.

Once she noticed we were done, she asked us, “Alright, now tell me your base weapons and magical elements.”

“I use a sword and fire magic.” Masa said.

“I use a bow and wind magic.” I said.

“That should work for the time being, it’s a decent party balance for starters. I sent a party request to you two either way.” As she told us that, a small translucent pop up appeared asking us if we wanted to join her party, and it seemed like this was also customizable, so let’s change those settings later.

After we accepted the request, she said, “Now let’s get started. I’ll be training you hard up until the next event starts, so be prepared!”

“P-please be kind with us!” I replied.

“Seems fun.” Masa seemed to have already gotten used to her… Also, even though she’s not Kako, she seems to be about as enthusiastic about this as Kako was when she said she’d call her acquaintance. How mysterious.

She then said something a bit unbelievable, “So, for now, let’s search for some players or NPCs to kill. It shouldn’t be too hard if you sneak up on them.”

“Eh!?” Me and Masa said in unison.

“It’s the most efficient way to quickly get levels in the early game. At around level 35 it becomes more efficient to hunt monsters, so we’ll switch to that later, but for now it’s better to go for humans.” She explained… What a weird game, to encourage players to kill one another from the start… “Also, don’t get close to the players that are known as ‘Perverted Gentleman’ and ‘Genocider’.”

“Why?” I asked her while tilting my head.

“Because the pervert is unsurprisingly a pervert, and the Genocider is an absolutely mad woman.” Well, those seem like good enough reasons, I suppose, “and also my prey.”

She started laughing out loud after saying that… She seemed to be having fun while at the same time looking quite jealous and angry… What’s up with this woman!?



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